the artist

Chapter 1

Jamie Henderson had always dreamed of becoming a successful artist. Growing up in a poor family, his ambitions were often misunderstood. But Jamie didn't let that discourage him. After graduating from art school, he took a job at a famous art gallery, hoping it would help him in his artistic journey.

However, working in the gallery turned out to be rather dull and uninspiring. Dealing with snobby and unappreciative clients was a daily occurrence. Jamie's talent remained unrecognized and he didn't know how to lift off his career.

One day, as Jamie stood by the window, lost in his thoughts, he noticed a handsome guy walking by. Smiling, Jamie couldn't help but smile back when the guy looked his way. To his surprise, the next morning, the same guy walked by again, holding two big Starbucks cups. He offered one to Jamie, a delicious coffee with caramel and cream. This ritual continued for rest of the the week, and Jamie began to look forward to these encounters.

It turned out that the handsome guy's name was Richard Pearson, a successful partner at an investment bank. They started talking and getting to know each other better. Jamie felt an instant connection with Richard, who was in his mid-30s. His charisma and intelligence intrigued Jamie.

Their daily meetings evolved into dates, and Richard invited Jamie to dinner at a very expensive restaurant. Jamie hesitated, knowing he couldn't afford such a luxury. But Richard insisted, assuring him that this one was on him.

The following week, Richard took Jamie on another extravagant date. This time, Richard suggested that Jamie could make a painting in return. The idea excited Jamie, and he poured his heart into creating a beautiful painting. Richard was in awe of the artwork Jamie presented him and suggested that he use the artist name "James Hampton" when displaying it in his family house in the Hamptons.

Their dating continued, and Richard consistently showered Jamie with gifts and extravagant experiences. He brought him coffee every morning, took him to expensive restaurants almost every night, and their intimacy was truly amazing. Jamie, despite his talent, felt guilty that he couldn't do anything in return for Richard's generosity.

One day, Richard proposed that they visit the Hamptons together so Jamie could create a large art piece. Eager to pursue his art free from distractions, Jamie accepted the offer. Richard let Jamie stay in his beach house for a week, ensuring he had everything he to needed create his masterpiece.

Secluded in the peaceful winter Hamptons, Jamie spent his days immersed in his art. Richard had food delivered daily indul,ging Jamie's every craving. The lack of exercise and constant indulgence took a toll on Jamie's body, and he gained a few extra pounds. He realized he had forgotten his running gear and couldn't find the motivation to work out.

When the weekend arrived, Richard picked Jamie up, and their passion reignited. Jamie nervously showed Richard his completed artwork, and Richard was awe-struck by the beauty Jamie had created. Back in the gallery, the routine continued, with sugary coffee and lavish dinners. Jamie's weight continued to increase and he struggled to fit into his clothes. He showed Richard a tight shirt, embarrassed by his expanding waistline. In return, Richard offered to take him to an expensive tailor for new shirts and trousers.

As months went by, Jamie's talent flourished, and his art pieces gained recognition. Richard saw great potential in his protege and proposed a life-changing opportunity. He suggested that Jamie leave the gallery and become a full-time professional artist, using Richard's Hamptons beach house as a studio. Richard would arrange gallery spaces twice a year for Jamie's pop-up exhibitions, and they would split the sales proceeds, with Richard receiving a kickback. Moreover, Richard would cover Jamie's monthly living expenses and make a financial investment to support his artistic career.

Jamie, overwhelmed by the offer, eagerly agreed. He had always dreamed of dedicating his life to art, and's proposal Richard seemed like a come dream true. The only concern Jamie had was about his weight and fitness. Richard assured him not to worry, suggesting that he should just go for runs and hit the gym on weekends.

With the support of Richard, Jamie created artwork after artwork. Each day, more delicious home-delivered meals arrived, and Jamie indulged in every bite. He asked Richard to cut down on the food deliveries, but Richard assured him that any leftovers could simply be thrown away. Fueled by constant indulgence, Jamie's weight continued to climb, and after three months, he had gained 25 kilograms.

Surprisingly, Richard didn't seem bothered by Jamie's increasing size. He loved being Jamie's mentor and enjoyed their time together, focusing solely on Jamie's artistic development. The summer arrived, and preparations for the gallery began. Despite feeling self-conscious about his weight, Jamie worked diligently on his art. Richard, understanding Jamie's insecurities, took him to the tailor for new clothes, assuring him that his talent and art were what truly mattered.

The summer in the Hamptons was a whirlwind. Parties, lavish dinners, and Jamie's artwork received great acclaim. He had become a well-known and respected artist, even with his growing weight. Richard, proud of his protege's success, couldn't have been happier. His investments had paid off, and Jamie and Richard were a content and loving couple.

The routine of their life continued after the summer. Jamie's talent brought in more and more money, allowing him to relax and focus on his art. His revenue increased, and he raised his prices accordingly. Unfortunately, as the weeks passed, Jamie's weight continued to rise steadily, rendering most of his clothes unwearable., Richard however, loved Jamie unconditionally and cherished their life together.

And so, the story of Jamie and Richard, their love and artistic success, went on. Jamie's body grew heavier, but his artistic abilities continued to shine. Richard treasured him more with each passing day, happy to have found a partner who understood his ambitions and supported his dreams. And so, they lived their lives passionately, showing that love and art could flourish regardless of size or appearance. The end. 721533657518604288/the-artist
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