the assistant

chapter 1

Down the stairs and to the left, Robin stood; her body facing towards the half open door and her face gazing solemnly back up to where she had come from. “Is this it?” she called, unimpressed by the smell of damp plasterboard and cramped quarters. “Sorry, I simply don’t have room in my office. You will have to make do down there,” someone answered. The familiar and patronising tone rang out needlessly loud. Robin was certain the whole office upstairs could hear. She sighed and placed the large box she was carrying in her arms outside the door to her new work space. The door creaked as she swung it open. Inside there was a single desk, a hard-wooden chair and what seemed to be a computer from 2004. She heard loud thumping footsteps behind her and instantly tensed. Her boss was a controlling prick and seemed to find immense pleasure in seeing her reduced to a tiny work office. She barely knew him and yet within the space of a week she had been leered at, mocked and given menial tasks that ranged from cleaning up after his slovenly habits and picking up items he had suspiciously dropped while he pretended not to watch. “Fitting in nicely are we?” Tony smirked giving Robin a small pat on the rear that made her jump. She silently cursed herself for wearing such a form fitting skirt. Tony’s head brushed the ceiling as he ducked through threshold. He was tall, athletic and unfortunately handsome with a perfectly tailored and expensive suit that hugged his waist ever so slightly. Robin took a breath and stammered, “How long do you think I’ll be working down here then?”. Tony only seemed to grow smugger at Robin’s obvious discomfort. “Well, I’m not sure. I kind of like having you down here. Just across from my office. You’re like a secret pet.” Tony finished his sentence with a loud booming laugh. Placing his hand on the small of Robin’s back he smiled; eyebrows raised. “Now before you unpack that honey, why don’t you go get me lunch. Scurry along why don’t you. Time’s ticking on.” Robin’s mouth fell open and her cheeks flushed but Tony had already turned away. She watched his tight ass ascend the staircase through the doorway as a thought suddenly struck her. She pulled out her phone to ring a local French bakery. Considering her plan, she thought it best to call ahead of time.
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AshBear 3 years
Getting so good! smiley
Whatever1234 3 years
Beautiful story! I haven’t read something this well written in ages! Please continue smiley