the aunt influences she

chapter 1

Laura was very tired, as her mother had started a crazy diet to keep herself in shape, because for her being fat was an abominable thing and she started doing everything to avoid that, her mother Alana was a tall and slender woman around 1.85 meters, a typical milk that made everyone around her delighted with her beauty, but with her daughter it was different.

Laura was a short girl at 1.60 meters tall, slender and with beautiful blonde hair, unlike her mother, she didn't care much about her weight, since all her life she was thin without making any effort, but her mother started to bother her with this diet.

"I don't want to, mom, I'm already tired with this madness of yours to get fit, every day you make me do these tiresome runs" said Laura angrily.

"But daughter, if you continue like this you will never look like mm, look at my flat belly and my defined body, I bet you will love working out when you have a body like mine". He said as he ran his hand over her curves in a super tight gym suit. "I don't want to know anything," Laura said, furiously locking herself in the bathroom with her cell phone.

After much insistence that her mother left, Laura then decides that this was the last straw and thinks of a way to spend the vacation that was already coming from her mother, after much thought she had a brilliant idea.

Laura remembered her aunt, who before she left the state always visited her and was very understanding with her, so Laura decides that she would spend the vacations with her aunt, the only problem would be how to tell her mother this, Laura thought it best not to ask for her mother but to speak for her aunt to convince her mother to come live in her house, Laura picks up her cell phone and decides to call her aunt.

Luckily she still remembered her aunt's number, so while her mother was still not back from her walk she called her aunt, "Hi, hi aunt it's me Laura, it's been so long since we talked," Laura said happy to talk to her aunt after so long.

"Hi Laura how I miss you, how is my prettiest niece ever" Says her aunt also very happy to talk to Laura.

"Not very well Auntie, ever since my mother started a crazy diet she wants to drag me to some hellish races and make me eat some boring vegetables during the day, and I was wondering if I couldn't spend some time there to get rid of my mother". Laura spoke in a low, whining voice.

"But of course, you should come here, Alana always with her crazy things, but dragging you along is too much, let your Aunt Larissa talk to your mother and buy plane tickets to come as soon as possible" Her aunt said indignant at what her sister was doing to her niece.

After two days and the trip would be in 2 hours, Laura decided to put on a short t-shirt that fit her well because she was skinny and a yoga shorts that her mother had bought her, Laura then said goodbye to her mother who had convinced herself that her daughter was going to spend her vacation at her aunt's house to see some friends.

On the plane it was easy for Laura to snuggle into the seat since she was very thin and could fit two Lauras in the seat, Laura could not contain herself with excitement to see her aunt.
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