the bbq

chapter 1

Finally unpacked, John and Jen sat exhausted on their new couch. John ran a hand through his wife’s long brunette hair as they relaxed their aching bodies from the move. They were both fairly fit, John being a muscular 180 lbs at 5’ 10” and Jen being a slim and lean 135 lbs at 5’ 8”, but the move still managed to drain them using muscles they didn’t normally use.

Their home was finally put together and they could now enjoy all the benefits that homeownership had to offer. John placed an arm around Jen’s slim waist as they looked at the final photo they had hung up, a picture of them on their wedding day. John’s close-cropped blond hair perfectly combed looking dapper in his tux as he leaned in to kiss his bride, arms wrapped around her narrow hips and slim frame. Her long brown hair was done up, arms around his strong shoulders and her white dress stole the show hugging her fit body in a field backlit by the sunshine.

They had married a year ago and in recent months had finally found the ideal starter house in the area they wanted to live. It was a quaint little neighborhood. The houses were smaller in size, but had a lot of character and they were close to the main drag of local restaurants and shops. The neighborhood was comprised of mostly young couples such as themselves and older hippie types that had lived there for decades.

The following week they settled in and got used to their new surroundings. As the weekend hit John was talking to his buddies, Chris and Mike, about having a house warming party to see the new place.

“You should have us over man, we wanna check out the new spot.” Chris insisted.

“Yeah, that sounds good actually, what are you thinking? Saturday? Maybe do dinner?” John asked his friends.

“Sounds great!” Mike chimed in. “Just let us know what to bring.”

“Should we bring something to grill? Supposed to be nice out and we could get some use out of that back patio you showed us.” Chris asked

“Shoot! I don’t have a grill yet. It’s on my list of things we still need, but with the move and everything it’s been crazy.” John replied. He had wanted to invest in a nice grill, but also had sunk most of his moving funds into things that had seemed more pressing at the moment.

“Maybe check facebook marketplace, my sister just got a really nice dining table off there for almost nothing. The couple had replaced it and just wanted someone to come take it.” Mike recommended.

“Huh good idea, I’ll look into it and let you guys know. Plan on Saturday around 4 for now.” Said John.
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Bcain 1 year
Its shelved for now, though I have picked stories back up if I find an angle or get inspired. I just wasn't sure where to go next besides them filling the entire house lol. Glad you enjoyed it tho.
Theswordsman 3 years
If thats after one meal i wonder how big they'll be after the next meal
ThiccamonToa... 3 years
Keep going, such a good read!