the bed and breakfast

Chapter 1 - part 1

Jewel Monty sat in front of her computer cycling through the endless amount of hotels. Looking at one after another after another. She just couldn't find the right place for her to stay at during her trip to Washington D.C. It was either too far, too expensive, or just too... unsafe. Then she found it. A small bed & breakfast in Arlington. small enough that it only took in one guest at a time, right in here budget, and it looked absolutely beautiful. She could not pass it up. Quickly she booked it, she knew this trip was going to be special and it was going to be.

When Jewel arrived she was met by a middle aged woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She had a plump figure to say the least, with a hourglass figure she had a rack to be envied. The woman greeted Jewel with a wide smile, "Hi, you must be Jewel Monty. Well welcome to the Little Ol' B&B. I almost forgot to tell you my name, I am Didi Henston, owner and sole proprietor of the Little Ol' B&B. Please come inside, Let me take your luggage."
Jewel replied, "Oh thank you Didi." Jewel stretched towards the sky, lifting her shirt far enough up to reveal her toned belly.

Once inside the house Didi set down her bags in the front hallway and set off towards her kitchen. A question for Didi popped in Jewel's mind, "Oh Didi do you know where the nearest gym is? I was looking around during my taxi ride and I could not find one." Didi came back with a large plate of chocolate chip cookies, "Hmm, let me get back to you on that. But please have some cookies, I just made them so they are fresh out of the oven!" Jewel hesitated for a moment before gently lifting one off the plate, "Well I really shouldn't but I guess I could have one, but just one." She bit into the cookie to find out that it was perfectly made, gooey yet crunchy at the same time. It made her 'mmmm' at the first taste.

Didi asked, "Why don't I take you to your room and leave you and these cookies to settle in." She led Jewel to her room and set down the plate of cookies on the nightstand next to her bed. After a little wave goodbye Didi left Jewel to herself. Jewel looked around and began to study her surroundings, on her left was the bed and nightstand which held the cookies, in front of heart the end of the wall was a desk where she could set up her laptop to translate her clientele's business. And finally to the right wall which she was closest to had a door which led to the bathroom she presumed.

Jewel set down her baggage on the bed and entered the bathroom. To her surprise it was fairly large with a tub/shower, a fine toilet, and a sink with a large mirror hung above it. She looked at herself in it, a 5'8" blonde haired, blue eyed, fit 27 year old woman. Slowly she began to strip off her grimy travel clothes, first with her shoes and socks, then her shirt displaying two well-sized breasts held up by a pink bra. She dropped her pants showing off a small but rounded butt. Finally both pieces of her underwear went off, the mirror now exhibited a fully naked and athletic woman who was ready for a shower.

The next morning she woke early due to the time zone difference and decided to get some work out of the way. She grabbed her laptop and began to type away. It wasn't until 1 hour later when Didi's head entered the room, "Hi there busy worker. I cooked up breakfast and it is awaiting you in the dining room. Come when your ready!" Jewel looked up surprised and tried to cover up her naked top half with the covers on the bed. Her face flushed, "Oh, um I will be out there in a second." Jewel was quick out of her flannel pajama bottoms and into some leather pants and a black t-shirt.

She walked into the dining room to find a large breakfast set out before her. Large plates of eggs, bacon, pancakes, muffins, and cinnamon buns. Next to them was a an equally broad pitcher of orange juice. Jewel's eyes were wide at the feast, unable to think of what to say. Didi stood at the other end of the table, "Nice to see you out and dressed." Jewel flushed a little bit in embarrassment at the last part of her sentence, I see you have set up a big breakfast for us."
"Oh, it's just you, I already ate. But please try to eat as much as you can It will be sitting in trash a long time if you don't and you will need all the energy you can get for sightseeing today. So dig in!"

Jewel sat down in one of the chairs with a dish and began to select food from other plates. Making a big pile on her plate. She mostly took the muffins sue to her favoring them more than any other breakfast food. She was going to eat today.

She finished it only one hour later ending with one last swig of OJ. Jewel glanced at the table before getting up, their were still a lot of food left but she was just too full. Once up she saw that her tummy had distended a good 2-3 inches, "Whoa, I need to watch it on the calories from here on out." With breakfast finished she grabbed a satchel that lay inside one of her suitcases and headed off to go sightseeing.
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Casey 6 years
Cant want to see what will hapoen
Casey 6 years
Cant want to see what will hapoen
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Please continue ❤❤
Tommmy 6 years
Wonderful so far pleas continue it soon. Huge changes I’ll bet