the belly beauty

chapter 1

The belly beauty

I saw her once. I did not remember where. It might have been in town. It might have been at the store. Or it might have been in a dream.
Even though I did not remember where, it was still as though I had known her, meaning that I had been dreaming about meeting her and experiencing what she all is about.
For certain, it is obvious that we have some things in common. And those things are being good people. And it is eating, eating in the sense that it is so nice to buy, make and consume good meals. There is something about the layers. The layers of the meal, think about the stages of starter, main courses, desserts and then cakes. Coffee and snacks. It all builds up into one big, complete experience.
Then there are the layers of feelings: This belly beauty girl wants it all, I get the sense that she wants the experience of being able to relax and enjoy, and let the thoughts flow and the talk flow too, at least as much as is sensible to say in between the other duties of enjoyment the mouth so delightfully goes through.
There are those signs that show her and me have so many of the similar interests. She expels the beauty for me by having the amounts of feminine beauty fat hanging on her sides, pushing forward on her belly and bulging on her behind.
It is so lovely. And it is not (only) superficial at all, since those looks shows and tells a lot about how the habits and feelings are inside: The soft and heavy belly assuming those wonderfully wide and expanding curves shows that she doesn’t hike a lot, it shows how she is more into resting and relaxing, enjoying the pleasures of the kitchen and the sofa. It shows that she likes to experience good feelings inside, and spend time getting rest and letting the body digest, while giving time for the pretty processes to happen. The goodness is so nice, and the beauty of building up a fat belly gives smiles and shows that there has been a lot of nice and good time spent for pleasure.

The nights off and together were like taken out of a dream. A dream of good emotions and social and very certainly physical fulfilment. Filling our bellis through the experiences of taste and goodness coming in.

People do different things to not only pass time, but to let the passing of time contain enjoyable moments and experiences. For her, it is so lovely to experience the taste and fulfilment of foods, inside and outside.

The morning can start with a nice smoothie, of full milk, blueberries and oatmeal, letting the strong colour of the berries make it all purple and cover the milk’s whiteness while retaining the coldness. The slightly acid berries do so well down her throat, and the milk balances it all out, so that it is both sweet, slow running enough to have time to fill the taste buds at the back of the tongue for precious moments while it runs down, while the oats gets to swell up and make a slight feeling of fullness in her stomach,,,,,,, it is so sweet, both the drink and most of all her!

Obviously, these small sensations of fullness can’t last for long, it is just a temporary cure while we remember last night’s late fast food run. The drive-thru is so good, and so convenient, for saving the legs so they can rest, and the car seats are so good for positioning her belly so it can relax and be ready for filling.
There is this certain place where at least one of the shifts usually is very well staffed. Late at night there are hardly any customers either, and naturally there is a synchronization going on: We visit frequently, and the staff gets used to our custom. And they do well: We order several things and items: Burgers, fries, cold drinks, hot coffee and ice cream desserts. The things are freshly prepared, and not only that: The preparations of each thing is started at different times so that it all is ready at the exact same time, making the fries freshly cooked, the coffee so hot and the ice cream firm and white and cold, perfect combination, and very much in line with the supposed science of fast food, where they say that salt, sweetness and savoury and fats make up the appeal for the instincts of tastes’ desires. Seems to work!
And work very well, since we obviously order as if there were a minivan full of people, not only people in the two front seats. But her curves explain: Her belly bulges so nicely. The stomach on top and the fat, heavy soft belly down below, covering her lap so nicely. It is obvious that this collection of beauty, feminine fat is no coincidence and certainly not something that is the result of politely ending each meal after having «normal» portions and serving sizes.
And do you know? At least one staff member seems to be catching on. More often than not, they seem to be throwing in extra burgers and fries without charging. Very well, it is not a good practice to be throwing good food away, and certainly more pleasurable to be giving something away! I figure that the way they are standing there in the window looking at the people in the passenger car outside and below, they are looking downwards and at an angle, so they really can’t see faces, but they see bellies. And they see big bellies! So, they very well can see what is going on and the correlation between the large and frequent visits and the look of their customers.

Getting home is easy when driving. I let her go straight to the sofa sand spread out and stretch out later on in the early afternoon. Naps are always good, and there are a lot of nice things and good meals to dream about. After all, the more good meals one has, the more man might be interested in having even more of them and even larger ones of them!
She dozes off, and I get to work in the kitchen. The nap time makes time for some baking, and I have some serious pizza making in mind. It always seems to have to be an increased and enhanced version for her to be able to fill out her afternoon apetite….. and to fill out of her trousers, which are best left alone although they are already of the extra, extra big kind.
It seems that the supposedly «normal» family sized recipe doesn’t quite cut it anymore, it just seems a bit too thin and too neat. So nearly automatically, I am used to a «times two» in everything. That is, two times that which is supposed to be so called normal for four or five people. So here we go, with a couple of pounds of nice meats, a couple of pounds of cheese altogether, and a nice and hefty crust. All with the local spices on top, the dense tomato sauce and then the fresh tomatoes on top and the onions and the spices….. the area of the baking sheet, or sheets, is large and it is thick. But so is she, and her smiles are wide but her belly is even wider and more so.
I make sure to have sample bowl son the side for her while it is all cooked: Some meat sauce to enjoy right out of the pot, and the freshly grated cheese to taste all of its salt and fatty flavour. There is not much happening of this phrase «spoiling your appetite before dinner» because some certain beauty bellies are capable. Very capable of filling up thoroughly. And given time, is certain that she will get through these kitchen starters, the meal itself, and then even some snacks later on, just to remember how there are several parts of the belly that are hungry and want to be filled up.
There is a very certain and specific feeling to it for her, and I can see and feel and hear that it is so enjoyable for us: She is breathing heavier, and feeling more of gravity simply affection her fat and her well-filled belly on the sofa. The stomach is getting its joy, and filling, front and back, right and left, up and down. There is perhaps even also some stretching going on inside it! There is this thing that we have come to know: That a healthy, hearty appetite leads to heavy eating, and eating more seems to be expanding the belly and growing the appetite, so that eating a lot and getting fatter and putting on weight just increases the hunger for good food and relaxing and makes it expand even more. And she loves it, and I love it!
The goodness of it all fills the mood. There is a spark her eyes that moves the emotions. The bodies are heavy. With her being so fat and so full, there is not a lot of physical movement but the emotions are running around inside, and the feelings of joy, enjoyment and fulfilment are jumping around inside her nerves, and some of them are taking the leap over to me.
It is so pretty to look at, how her bright smile is widening her soft, sweet cheeks and it is impressive how her belly below is widening somehow in sync with her smile, in a much, much larger size. It is a pleasure to see the goodness she says she is feeling and experiencing, and the simple width of her taking up more room sideways and forward is such a delightful proof. It is a visual signal that she shares a lot of thoughts and ideas with me! This enthusiasm for making those large amounts of good foods do their job inside her, and the wonderful effects if has on her figure is such an amazing thing. It is most like a local, personal version for us of the saying «going somewhere». It is a pleasure staying put if we rather are «growing somewhere».

Her turquoise tank top might have to be dismissed for the afternoon. They will have to either leave or be torn, because there is something happening for her and in her. Her appetite is growing, and that belly and those amazing side bars of fat are only going to grow along with her enjoying all the good things she keeps having in mind.
The good feelings are all there, whipped up by her pretty smile, riding along that huge, feminine beauty belly.
She is doing so well, and feeling so well!
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