the belly the sequel

chapter 1

Jen and Jane were in their bedroom, though the family’s house had several bedrooms the twins shared a bedroom. Both were wearing just bikini panties and tight t-shirts pulled over their bulging bellies. Jen patted her belly, “Jane I really want us to get huge like mom.” Jane giggled patting her own bulging belly, “I know, I get so turned on looking at mom’s belly I get embarrassed.” “Let’s go talk to mom, we have all summer to stuff ourselves and get really, really fat bellies.”

The girls went downstairs, teasing each other about how fat the bottoms and bellies were. They came into the kitchen, Sally, their mom was seated at the kitchen table, having just finished a three thousand calorie breakfast her massive seventy two inch belly bulging against the table.

Sally looked up, “Good morning girls, can you fix yourselves some breakfast, and I’m too stuffed to move right now.” The twins giggled both poking their mom massive belly, “Sure mom.”

They fixed themselves twelve pancakes each and a pound of bacon and plopped their chubby bottom into chairs on either side of their mom and started eating. The pounded down the food, giggling trying to eat faster than their twin, Jane said, “Mom we want to get really, really fat and big like you.”

Sally sighed, “Girls, you know how I feel about your starting on Belly Perm, you two will get huge, even before you get married and pregnant. I really want you to weight until you’ve married and had kids of your own.” “We know that mom, but we both get aroused looking at your amazing belly. There are several girls at college who are already on one or other of the distension formulas, we really want to get huge mom, please!”

Sally sat for a while and thought; “Well they are nearly nineteen now, and I know of other girls their age who are on one of the distension formulas. It would be fun to stuff them all summer too, and maybe I can cut back, I’m nearly immobile now.” Sally looked at her adorable, plump twins and thought, “they really would look so beautiful with huge bellies and bottoms.”

“Girls, okay, I agree I will start you on Belly Perm, today!” Jennifer and Jane, both shrieked, “Mom, thank you, thank you, we are going to have so much fun. Jane asked, “Mom will you feed us?” Sally giggled, “You know I will!”

Since Dave’s company had bought out Belly Perm, they petitioned the FDA to relax the controlled aspect of Belly Perm’s approval, it was now available over the counter, but only to eighteen and older women.

Sally called in an order for several cases of Belly Perm, formula no. 4, which not only enhances abdomen distension but increases fat retention on thighs and buttocks. She also called into their grocery store and doubled her usual order. She also called Dave at work and told him what was going on. She didn’t want him coming home to her and girls lying around in the family room with huge distended bellies and not know what was going on. He supported Sally decision to put the girls on Belly Perm. She had Jane and Jennifer get on Walmart online and order panties and t-shirts in increasing sizes.

The girls were so giddy thinking what was going to start happening. Sally mixed up two shakes for the girls and had them drink them down. She ordered eight large cheese pizzas to be delivered. When the pizzas arrived she put five in the oven to stay warm. Then she and the girls laid into the other three and started to gorge. She made the girls eat three pizzas each, she had two. Sally fixed the girls ice cream sundaes and had them eat those.

Jane and Jen sat at the table their bellies bulging against it, rubbing their engorged bellies. Jane burped, “Burp, oh my God, Jen, this is so awesome, and we are going to do this every day, all summer, we’re going to be so huge!” Jen giggled, “I can’t weight until my belly and bottom are fat and round and I waddle like mom!”

Sally true to her word fed the girls soft drinks, chips, nuts, and cookies all afternoon. When Dave got home he loaded their adorable bloated daughters and rotund wife into the SUV and drove to the buffet. The girl had had another Belly Perm shake before Dave got home to stimulate their appetites. After two hours of gorging he loaded his expanding women into the SUV and hauled them home.

Jen and Jane staggered to their bedroom, Jane giggled, “Jen, wasn’t this the best day ever?” Jen patted her bulging belly sagging over her bikini brief, “Jane this was the best and to think we are going to do this every day!”

Dave poked Sally’s huge belly getting a little jiggle, “So, what made you decide to give in to the girls.” Sally sighed patting her amazing belly, “Dave, they were so adamant about starting on Belly Perm, they’re so envious of my figure, and besides Belly Perm isn’t prescription only anymore, I just felt they deserved to get as fat and big as they want too.” Dave replied, “I agree honey, they are so happy getting to eat all they can.”
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Dustman 1 year
You should post thev1 where the pregnant woman lives with her grandma and eats and eats and eats
Bigbellybob 1 year
Wow this is so hot. I’d love to see more from this story!
Jack Power 1 year
continue, please