The Bet

Chapter 1

Michael and Gina were attending Ted and Stacey's annual Super Bowl party. The five couples that regularly attended had all been friends since their days in college. Micheal, Ted, Rick, Brent and Gerard all ran cross-country togehter. Since graduating college seven years ago, they each kept fit and trim by continuing to run regularly. Even though the couples had spread out all over the state, their mutual friendships were enough for them to take a couple trips each year for some time together.

The women for the most part were also in good shape, with Gina being the noticeable exception. She was about 170 pounds in college. It was no secret that Michael preferred heavier chicks, and for him it was love at first sight when they met. Gina had blossomed since they first met, adding about 80 pounds of lusciously soft fat during their relationship. One secret that she had never shared was that she sometimes wished that Michael would grow along with her.

Stacey, Jill, Sarah and Bridget had never looked down at Gina for her larger size. Gina was such a wonderfully vivacious and charming woman that people often forgot about her plus size. The five women had been friends for years, and never once had Gina's weight been talked about in a negative manner.

Michael's favorite team was the Dolphins, and he was especially excited about this year's Super Bowl since the Dolphins were playing. Gina kept teasing him that the 49ers would win, just because she wanted to tweak him a bit. At halftime the score was tied, but Michael was confident that the Dolphins would pull away in the second half.

"Oh yeah, ready to put your money where your mouth is?" Gina asked with a smile.

"How much you thinking?" Michael shot back with a grin.

"Hmm," Gina mused, putting one finger to her lower lip and smirking mischievously. "I think I have something better in mind than boring old money. How about, if you win . . ."

She walked over to Michael, leaning forward to put her plump lips right at his ear. She covered her mouth as she whispered so no one could overhear her. Michael's eyes started to bulge out slightly and his face took a pinkish hue as she finished.

Michael gulped visibly. "Once a week?" he finally rasped.

"At least," she replied with a truly wicked grin.

The guys in the room started chuckling, each one imagining what she promised.

"And if you win?" Michael asked.

Gina's grin widened. "If I win . . . you don't go running for an entire year . . . and you eat every single thing I do."

"Ooooh," the other couples chorused.

Michael put one hand against his flat stomach, clearly envisioning the inevitable effect that would have on his waistline.

"You're on!" he said with a cocky grin, holding out his hand.

Gina giggled as she shook his outstretched hand. "Better hope those Dolphins pull it off, or else by next Super Bowl you'll have forgotten what your feet look like."

"I don't think I'll have anything to worry about," he replied. "This game is as good as won. Hope you're ready to fulfill your end of the bargain."

"We'll see about that," she chuckled.

The group was a little more focused on the game during the second half, since there was now a sizable bet on the line. Michael cheered loudly as the Dolphins scored early in the third quarter, poking Gina in one of her fluffy love handles. She just sat there with a smile on her face as the game progressed, the Dolphins hanging on to a seven point lead.

With 10 seconds left in the game, Michael was nervously chewing on his knuckle as the 49ers faced 3rd and goal from the 8. The Dolphins brought heavy pressure, but the 49ers QB stepped up in the pocket and fired a strike into the endzone for a touchdown! Michael groaned out loud as Gina chuckled quietly. He hoped for a botched extra point but the kick split the uprights. The game was going to overtime.

"How about double or nothing?" Gina asked during the next commercial break.

"What do you mean," Michael asked.

"Well, if you win then it's at least twice a week . . . if I win then it's two years."

"Um, I dunno about that . . . "

"Oh c'mon," Jill prodded. "Sac up, be a man. You scared you gonna lose?"

Michael shot her a glare. After taking a breath he reluctantly held out his hand to Gina.

"Double or nothing," he agreed as they shook.

The Dolphins won the toss and received the ball first. Michael's spirits were high as they drove down the field. They face a 2nd and 4 at the 49er's 36 yard-line, almost within field goal range. A quick pass over the middle was deflected up into the air, then . . .

"No!!!" Michael shouted in shock as a 49er defensive back came down with the ball in stride.

Michael stared wordlessly at the screen as the defender outraced every Dolphin player and ran it in for the game-winning touchdown. His stomach sunk as the reality of the situation gradually sunk in.

"I don't believe that happened," he whispered.

"Tough luck," Brent said, clapping him on the shoulder. "I really thought the Dolphins would pull it out. I guess there's always next year, right?"

"And next year Mike here might look like a football player," Jill tittered.

"Yeah, one of those former football players who had let themselves go and gotten a big, fat gut," Tracey teased.

Gina just smiled as she listened to the good-natured banter from their friends. Each time one of them made a remark about Michael's fatter future, she felt a nice glow of warmth between her plump thighs.
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FrecherTyp 8 years
hehetis is great i love bets and it´s such a nice long story ;-)
Swaggy P 10 years
still a great story...only unrealistic part is the browns winning.....yeah i missed the point
Raido 11 years
Great story, thank you for sharing it.
Nerdy Girl 11 years
I think this has been my favorite story ever on this site
Td0057 12 years
Wonderful story! If only things were that easy. Really enjoy your character development and the teasing. Thanks again.
Balloon 12 years
I love this story! Would you revist it at the next Super Bowl to see who is the next king and queen?
Snr6424 12 years
Thanks again everyone for all your kind words and votes, it's very much appreciated. I'm afraid this is it for this particular tale, but I'm working on uploading another mutual gain story.
Giantjay 12 years
Fantastic story! Very well written, nicely paced, and fully thought-out characters. And of course an awesome amount of WG! Loved it!
Growrnshowr 12 years
One of the BEST stories on here! Please, please continue!! smiley
OniGumo 12 years
This made of so much win that it's nearly indescribable.
Fattyluver 12 years
It seems like every story you write is incredible. Please keep on writing.
Snr6424 12 years
Thanks for your kind words, everyone. I'm really happy you've enjoyed this story. I finally got the rest of it up. smiley
Badhansel 12 years
Yummy story - certainly did it for me! Thanks...
Fatfiction 12 years
I have to agree. This Rocks! It flows so well, great job.
Snr6424 12 years
If it makes you feel better, that's not the end. I got an error message when I was uploading, I'll try to do the rest later tonight. Glad you liked it. smiley