the big bet

Chapter 1

Georgina sat at her desk and sighed as she looked up at her booths thermostat; it was hot and muggy as she hated the heat. Georgina worked in an office complex and was not liked in her office. This was down to the fact that she was a bitch to many of her co-workers and had used her charms to get where she was instead of any skill or hard work. Georgina was 34, tall and slim with a great ass and perky DD cup breast that many hoped weren’t real, but unfortunately for them they were. Her waist length dark brown hair dyed blond matched her bluish grey eyes. She was attractive but her personality was vile as she had a favourite target at work, Lucy Brown. She too was 34 and had started the same time as Georgina; only thing was Lucy was a nice, kind and caring person who was a hard worker. But she didn’t have the same assets Georgina did; one of the biggest differences between the two women was their weight. Georgina was only 120 pounds whereas Lucy was 580 pounds. Lucy was shorter and had a massive double rolled low hanging belly and wide hips as her ass was as wide as 6 people and shelved. Her legs were dimpled and cellulite covered as her flabby ham like arms looked painfully tight in her work clothes. She had no neck either and had a huge double chin and puffy shoulders as her cheeks were so full her eyes looked small on her face.

Georgina sneered at her as she thought it was disgusting how someone could let themselves go like that and get so obese and whale like. She often pinned mistakes she had made onto her too as once when she had spilled coffee accidently on the photo copier and the boss was angered she had told him that Lucy had knocked it over with her fat ass, and he docked Lucy’s pay for the repairs. Lucy as a result was a haggard looking woman who turned to food for comfort which had only made her put on more weight. Tonight was the annual staff drink party as Georgina strutted out as she saw Lucy waddle into the elevator before she chuckled and slapped her fat bottom.
“Don’t break the lift will you?” Georgina quipped before she headed for the stairs. Lucy just stepped in and ignored it with a devious smile on her face that Georgina didn’t see. As they arrived only one or two other people were there as they saw they were having a poker game.
“Oh looks fun mind if I join?” Georgina asked and they nodded as then Lucy waddled over and asked to join too. With the four seated they began to play and drink as Georgina began to drink to excess. Lucy only had a couple as she wanted to make sure she was sober for her plan.

Lucy had been bullied her whole life, but never as badly as at her work place. She hated Georgina like nothing else as she wanted her to get her comeuppance. She was out one day when she passed by a gypsy and got her fortune told; it was there that she found her best course of revenge. As hand after hand was played the two other co-workers one after the other dropped out and went to get another drink as it was just Lucy and a very drunk Georgina left.
“Care to make this last hand interesting?” Lucy asked as Georgina with her slight dazed look smiled,
“What do you have in mind whale?” she asked as Lucy just grinned.
“How about if you win I’ll do whatever you want for a week, and if I win… get all this and the experiences that came with it” Lucy said patting her belly. Georgina just laughed and then took a swig of beer,
“You must have drank too much but why the hell not” Georgina said as she shook Lucy’s hand and felt herself sober up quickly as if she hadn’t touched a drop that night.
“Wat the hell was that?” Georgina asked herself but Lucy had dealt the hands.

Georgina was suddenly nervous as she felt anxious and sweaty as she looked at her hand, it was no good. It was a dud, she’d have to bluff her way out, she bet and put her chips in as Lucy just grinned and pushed her own chips forward. Now was the moment of truth, had they both got duds. Georgina placed her cards down and Lucy just smiled as she put her down and Georgina felt her stomach drop as Lucy had a royal flush.
“No, I lost” Georgina said as Lucy just stood up and waddled off as she said,
“I hope you have a good evening Georgina”
Georgina felt funny and ill as she decided it was best to head home for the night. She refused to believe Lucy’s bet was real, no she was just feeling a little off, drank too much, yes that was it. She called a taxi home and went straight to her bedroom to change into her sweatpants and a t-shirt and a hoodie she left open. She put her hair up into a loose bun that left her bangs over her forehead. She felt a pang of hunger as she went to her fridge and pulled out a glass of her fruit smoothie that she made herself as she went back over to her counter and leant against it leaning over to drink.

She felt her hunger take hold as she was so hungry and couldn’t believe she had chugged it. She was panting as she felt bloated and gave a blech as she put the glass down and felt funny now as she felt a bubbling in her stomach. She put her hands on the counter thinking she was going to vomit but instead she felt her belly suddenly make contact with the counter top. She stood back and looked down as she gasped in horror at her belly, it was round, and still growing, like a slowly inflating balloon.
“What the fuck no…no no no no” she said as she pressed her belly with her hands frantically trying to push it back in as she was panicking and breathing heavily. She ran for her phone as she dialled the emergency number only for her phone to not connect and for her to panic more as she thought about how she would have explained this anyway. She gasped as she felt the seat of her pants tighten as her hips and ass were widening too as she put her hands to her ass and again was trying to push them back as she was panting and beginning to hyperventilate. She tried to take a few steps abut felt her movements hindered as her thighs were begging to fill the space between her legs and her sweat pants were skin tight now. She felt tears run down her face as she tried to run and heard a RRIIIPPP as the seat of her sweat pants tore open and revealed her ultra-tight panties holding on for dear life underneath.

She was forced to waddle due to the restrictiveness as she made her way down the hall and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her belly had filled out more as she looked 9 months pregnant. She felt her top tighten around her chest and arms as she knew they were now begging to inflate as she felt her top and hoodie get restrictive too. Her breasts had gone up to EE cup now too. She then saw her face, her angular face was disappearing before her eyes as her cheeks were filling up up and a small layer of fat developed under her chin. She screamed again as she put her hands to her face, this couldn’t be happening to her she couldn’t be getting fat. She had to guess she had put on around 50 plus pounds already as her clothes were painfully tight and holding on but she heard seams popping and creaking close to breaking point. She looked down at her orb of a belly that was now showing a good foot of skin as her shirt continued to rise up its surface. “Fuck….Fuck…..Fuck” she said as her top rode up more as her belly spilled out and dropped over her waist band and began to hang as her sides were rounding out too now. Her belly gave a sudden loud growl as she felt a massive pang of hunger and a bubbling in her belly again as she froze and was torn between going and hiding in her room and going back to the kitchen.

Her belly gave a loud growl as she felt herself lose control as she turned and began to rush to the kitchen as she heard popping and tears as she did, her sweat pants were giving in from the sudden movements. it was like she was watching everything from behind her own eyes as she was not in control now. She waddled to the fridge and opened it as she collapsed on the ground. All her healthy food was gone replaced by junk food and greasy fattening foods. She tried to stop herself as she reached out and began grabbing food and shoving it in her mouth as she was using both hands to gorge herself.
“Stop please for the love of god stop!” she screamed in her head but she had no control. She knew what was going to happen now before it did. She was grabbing food and shoving it in making a mess as various crumbs and sauces dribbled and fell on her as she ate and grew bigger with each bite it seemed. She felt another few pounds on her frame as her hoodie was creaking loudly as was the torn sweat pants that were ripping fast to make way for her growing thighs and ass. Her hoodie was painfully tight as she was ballooning up quickly now begging to rip and tear as it loudly broke apart as her arms and back fat began to push through the fabric. She gave a guttural belch as she moaned and groaned like an animal as she ate.

She watched as she felt the tatters of her sweat pants fall away from her and watched as her hands began to fatten up before her eyes as she pushed more junk food into her stained mouth. She must have been 100 pounds heavier than when she got home now as other things began to catch her attention from behind her own eyes. Her kitchen was changing, it wasn’t just the fridge now as more fast food packets and bags appeared all over as if she’d been gorging herself on the stuff for years. She could only imagine how the rest of her flat was changing too now as the words Lucy said came back to her clearly. “You get all this and the experiences that came with it” Now Georgina knew what she meant, her whole life was changing before her eyes. Her mind was racing as she felt like she was having a nightmare and was hoping she would wake up any minute now. She watched as she began to make noises like a pig as she felt pressure in her upper body as …RRRIIIPPPPPP…she felt her hoodie tear down her entire back. Her panties snapped as they had lost to her cellulite ridden ass that was as wide as three of her a few minutes ago. She scarfed more and more down as she felt her bra straps digging in and then snap as she felt her breasts push themselves over the confines of the cups. Her breasts were only being kept by the ultra-tight tank top that had become a crop top and makeshift bra.

She paused for the first time as she was panting heavily and sweating now as she was covered in grease, cream and various sauces and crumbs. She came back to her own senses as she felt tears down her now rather chubby cheeks as she was full and stuffed and felt like she was going to pop. She sat back and lay against the open fridge door as she was belching and looked like a heavily pregnant hippo now. Naked from the waist down and her belly large and round like a beach ball. Her breasts were sagging a little as they were at least in GG cup size now as they had ballooned with the rest of her. She was huge, and looked every bit a slob as she felt her belly begin to digest as she knew another wave of hunger would strike soon, she could feel it. She was going to get even bigger she knew that as she looked at the tatters that used to be her panties and sweatpants. She watched as her belly slowly deflated a little as more room was being made as she saw her ass spread slightly under her like she was sat on a spreading flesh coloured beanbag. The thing that scared her most was that now she was back in control momentarily she could taste all the flavours in her mouth, and they all tasted soooo good to her.

Was it always this good? Was this why there were so many fat people, because this stuff was sooo good that you’d want to eat all the time? No what was she thinking? This wasn’t her. She wouldn’t let it win, no she would fight it, her belly gave a loud grumble as she felt her gaze going foggy again as she knew her hunger was about to strike. Her belly growled loudly now as she felt starved again as she once more by instinct grabbed more food and shoved it in her mouth. This time she was fully aware of the taste as she felt her mental resistance slipping little by little. What was worse she could hear her fat ass growing now as she felt the pain her top and torn hoodie were causing her now as more tears were appearing on her arms and back as her fat was winning the fight for the space. With an almighty grunt she felt a final pop and a relief as her hoodie finally broke down her back completely now spilt in two, the hoodie was only clinging to her arms for the moment. Her arms were straining and pushing through various torn gaps that were still getting bigger as her fat pushed through as she was eating. She was looking to be pushing 300 odd pounds now as she couldn’t help but notice her ass and belly were spreading out as her belly had begun to soften more and the round orb was now creasing across the middle forming an upper and lower belly.

She reached out and found her hand clasping at nothing but an empty shelf as she looked around and saw she had eaten everything in reach. She felt her body move itself as she rolled onto all fours for a minute she felt her belly settle on the cold floor underneath her. As she straightened up on her flabby knees to reach up as she felt herself drop again after a few sends under her new weight, she had no energy as she was huffing and puffing. She needed that food, her every pang of hunger made that clear as she spotted a new addition in her kitchen. A chair had appeared in the corner and a sturdy looking one too as she gradually and slowly stood and waddled over to pull it over. She placed it in front of the fridge and sat her bulk down, everything in reach now as with an almighty growl from her belly she began to grab at the food again like a starved woman as she groaned and simply heard herself say,
“So hungry…need food” as she moaned and bit into the greasy fat burger. It took a few bites before Georgina realised that for once she wasn’t seeing the scene from behind her own yes, but was in fact in full control and still eating.

“What am I doing?” she asked herself as she looked down and saw her corpulent form on display as her hoodie sleeves were in threads and thin strands hanging on over her arms now. Her belly gave a rumble as she felt a pang of hunger as she was trying to fight the urge to eat, but felt herself loosing as a voice in her head simply told her to give in, it was delicious after all, she had always denied herself why not enjoy it? She sighed and moaned as she couldn’t fight it anymore, it was all too good as she shoved the rest of the burger into her mouth and felt pleasure envelop her as she had never known before. It was like a bolt of lightning through her body that she had never felt before, and it was a feeling she wanted to feel again and knew what she had to do in order to feel it, she had to eat no matter the consequences. She needed it, she wanted it and couldn’t, no didn’t want to stop now.
“Food, give me more” she moaned as she felt that jolt again in between her legs as she reached out for the rest of the food in the fridge and picked up pace as she wanted it all and didn’t care how messy she looked now. She couldn’t resist it anymore; she shoved slices of a thick giant chocolate cake into her mouth as she felt her top begin to pop and felt her fat push through the newly torn gaps in the white fabric. She grunted and felt her top straps digging in uncomfortably as she was growing fatter faster now as she pulled the rest of the cake out and shoved her face into it and began to inhale the creamy chocolate fudge.
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Beatlemaster... 8 months
This is a delightful weight swap story. It's nice to see Georgina found a way to be happy with her new size.