the biggest queen

Chapter 1

It would have been the day of their viewing, beeing viewd by the King oft he Heavenly Gates. Th richest in all of the five Kingdoms.
Princess Dia wok up, her belly tight from the previous knight, of drinking Beer and stuffing herself with three huge Turkeys. She was easily the most beautiful of her twelve Sisters, with her creamy pale skin, the deep blue eyes and her thik dark brown hair. Glowing with passion in every way. Her bussom was her biggest asset, constantly dreading to burst her corsett. She stroked her fat belly.
Her Mother tried to controll her Daughters waistline, but she had just surpassed the 200 pound mark.
The Princess called for her Maid, to dress her up. She struggeld a bit to stand up. An rubbed her gut once more. Her Belly was so round that she looked pregnant.
Her Maid put her chemise on, which she was in the process of outgrowing again, it laid tight on her. It needed two maids to lace up her corsett. However it only make her look plumper, she smiled. The knights an Stable Boys desired her, seeing her as a reborn fertility goddess. And she loved getting fucked by them, she did´t care if she would get pregnant. In that case her father would send her away, where she could truly let herself go, living like a pig only stuffing herself, and getting fucked til she popped out a babe every year.
She liked to look into the mirror, imagening how fat she could become, and that while already now, she was to fat for some chairs.
When the corset was tightend she breathed out. And suddenly her whole gut popped out, ripping the Corsett at its seams, she could not but laugh in shock. Her maids tried to find another one that could fit her, but she fas by far the fattest she had ever been.

As she stood side by side with her sisters she looked naked in the Silk dress, that was ridiculously tight on her, making her look only bigger and more swollen.
her sisters were pretty girls, but nothing in comparison to the huge princess.
She didn´t care to be chosen as King Eliaths Bride. She couldn´t imagine a single man to give her all the pleasure she needed. She had seven lovers, and even seven man weren´t enough.
As the King came into the hall, she gasped for a Moment. He, was gorgeos with his green eyes, chiseld chin and blonde Hair. Next to him was a girl, much bigger than Dia, even though much shorter.
„Greetings your grace, these are my 13 beautiful daughters, all to your service.“ Said her Father.
The King looked bored until he came to her, he looked up and down at her. He took a stepp and grabbed her overhanging belly. Dia felt how it became hot and wet between her swollen thighs.
„This one has a fertile feel to her.“ He said with a foreign accent „I want her.“

It was at this evening that she and her belongings were put in a carriage tob e brought tot he heavenly gates, her future home.

It was at her first night in the new castle. She sah that all the maidens were pleasently plump, neerly as big as she herself. She was put in a dress, transparent and only a few ribbons of fabric. A skirt only hiding the bare minimum, and a bralette cutting into her bussom, and her backrolls. Her belly hung over the waistband. Jiggeling with each of her steps.
The fat girl from the viewing greeted her „I am Princess Ilana, the Kings Sister, i am very happy to greet you, after all we are soon to be sisters.“ She took Dias Hand an walked to the dining hall with her. The Table was filled with huge dishes of Meat, the only fruit to be seen, was an apple in the mouth of a grilled pig.
Dia was seated next to the King, who looked at her, the fire of desire in his eyes „You are indeed gorgeos my Princess,“ he said „But you will be a queen, and as such you also need to be the propper size of a queen. You will double your weight.“ He stood up and grabbed her nacked belly, „You my dear Princess, are the Mirror of our lands fertility. Eat up now.“
A Maiden came to her, with a huge Meatpie. In a similar dress to Dias, her jiggly little pot belly pressed agains the princess while she reached for a Jug filled with cream. She was about to hand her a spoon, but Dia said „another one come here, your future Queen should not need to lift a finger.
She leend into the chair, while two maidens stood beside her, feeding her so fast that she feared she would pass out, either because she forgot to breathe during bites or because of excitement, since this felt like she was born for it.
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