the blossoming bunnies

Chapter 1

--- Inspired by Casino Bunnies by HopeTG ---

“Hit me,”

Sighing the dealer flipped over the top card, revealing a jack. Sure enough, Chloe had hit 21, winning her fifth hand in a row.

“Blackjack!” yelled Chloe, hugging Marie as the two of them drunkenly laughed.

“No, that’s only when you hit 21 with your first two cards,” said Sara. Her words fell on deaf ears as laughter drowned her voice. Realizing her words would only be ignored, she shyly sulked in her seat, quietly smiling at the success of Chloe’s plan.

Chloe blew a kiss to the enamoured dealer, tossing a chip into the middle as a tip. The dealer blushed as he gathered the cards for the next round.

Unbeknownst to the girls, a group of silhouettes monitored their every move from above the casino floor. Their room was cold and sterile, with steel walls dimly illuminated by the static glow of countless screens. The hum of machines vibrated through the walls, as hundreds of servers maintained the impenetrable security system of “The Blossoming Bunny”.

A silhouette zoomed into Sara’s face on the screen, watching as she adjusted her glasses into place. Across the table, Marie formed a mischievous grin in recognition. The dark figure smiled from behind the screen, by now he had analyzed enough information to understand their routine.

“Hey, I’ve got one here,” he called out.

“Where, table 36?” another silhouette asked.

“No, 24,” the first silhouette responded, pulling the video footage up on a large central monitor. “Sir, should we call it in?” he asked.

Silence fell upon the room, none of the dark figures dared to speak as they waited for an answer from above. The silence persisted as footsteps echoed in approach against a metallic floor. From an overhead steel canopy, a man approached the railing of the overhang. A pale light shined behind him, lighting a halo around his head. The rest of his figure was shrouded in darkness, as if he was enveloped by the shadows that surrounded him.

The leader of the silhouettes surveyed the screens, his eyes cold and calculating as he took in the girl's faces. His face was a void to peer into, empty and emotionless. He spoke low and menacing. “What do we know about them?”

The first silhouette consulted their monitor, accessing the girl’s personal information from the servers.

“Three girls. Their names are Chloe, Sara and Marie,” the figure began, his voice monotone and callous, “No significant connections or affiliations to protected organizations.”

The leader nodded, “Continue”

The screen flashed to display an overview of each of the trio with various personal statistics. A hidden video feed of Chloe appeared next to the information, revealing her features to everyone in the room. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her back in loose waves. Of the three, she was the most dressed up. She wore a short, tight dress that showed off her toned legs and hourglass curves. Which gave her an aura of confidence as she sipped her drink and playfully chatted with the inexperienced dealer.

“The first, Chole, seems to be the leader of the operation. The computer estimates a height of 5’7’’, and a weight of around 145 lbs. She was recently hired at a law firm, but remains under a probational term for the next 3 months.”

The group watched as Chloe won another hand, blowing a kiss to the flustered dealer.

The screen shifted to a feed of Sara, who timidly tried to hide in her seat as she studied the cards on the table. Her soft, lightly brown skin, illuminated her in a golden aura. A pair of thick-rimmed glasses rested on her dainty button nose, giving her a cute, nerdy look. A pair of honey-brown eyes hid behind the glass, sparkling with intelligence. Her dark, curly hair was styled back in a formal, braided bun, leaving only a few clusters of hair to accent her face. She wore a thick white sweater, its fabric was decorated with intricate rippled patterns. Black leggings completed her look, accenting her cute ass.

The silhouette continued, “The second, Sara, is the one counting the cards. She uses various signals to communicate the odds to Chloe from across the table. From my analysis, it seems that the height of a particular gesture symbolizes the corresponding probability of a bust. The computer estimates a height of 5’2’’ and a weight of 134. Her current employment is with a New York brokerage firm, dealing with high capital transfers”

The screen flickered once more, displaying Marie’s beautiful face. She was undeniably hot, with a sculpted figure, sparkling ocean-blue eyes, and an innocent smile that could light up a room. Her face was dotted with a smattering of freckles that gave her an innocent, girl-next-door look. Tight blue jeans rested on her pale skin, accentuating her already pronounced butt.

“Finally,” the silhouette began once more, “ we have Marie. While I’m certain she’s indeed part of the group, I don’t believe she’s actively involved in the scheme of the other two. We could spare her from…”

The void of the leader’s face engulfed the silhouette in a menacing glare. The silhouette swallowed in fear as he struggled to gather himself.

“Re…regardless, the computer indicates a height of 5’4’’, and a weight of 142 lbs. She’s self-employed, working as a freelance writer remotely.”

The room became infected with silence.

After a moment, the leader finally spoke. “What year was each of them born in?”

“All three in 1999,”

The leader paused for a moment, contemplating.

“Should I call security?” asked another silhouette.

“No, give them the VIB treatment,”
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