the boats

chapter 1

"Where am I?" The woman asked... Looking at her surroundings.

The last thing she remembered was responding to an invite to a table from across the bar. She didn't know what such a handsome man could see in a 5'2 chubby bunny like her, but she had thought it worth the try.

Her head was swimming. Her drink must have been spiked.

She tried to sit up... Only to realize she couldn't raise her arms. She looked down and realized she could see her torso.

"Oh my God!" She shrieked, upon discovering the mechanism she found herself in.

It was a simple jacuzzi bathtub, one she would normally enjoy finding herself in except for the fact the top had been fully encased in wood, with only a tiny hole cut in the top for her head. She tried to move her arms and legs only to feel tight cords binding them to the side of the bathtub. Forcing her to lay as close to spread eagled as the confines of the tub would allow.

"Good... You're awake piggy." Came a feminine sounding tenor as the tall, gangly man from the bar walked in.

"I hope you're comfortable... Of course it's far too late to make adjustments to your tub, so you'll just have to make do if not... But still... It would be nice for you to find your stay as comfy as possible.

"What are you doing?" The woman cried out, doing her best to shake and struggle. It was no use, the cords bound her limbs as far away from the rest of her as possible, she had exceptionally little free range of motion. Her heart sped up to a rapid pace as she realized just how helpless she was.

"What are you going to do to me?"

It was then she noticed the wafting smell of garlic and tomato and a large pizza was placed on the roof of the tub.

"Why my piggy... You're my first guinea pig... You're going to test my boat fattening chamber. You see... Ancient Persians used this as a method of execution... It was very British and horrible, but in it I saw potential. I have no desire for your flesh to be eaten by insects! Far from it! I want you to eat in order to grow more flesh."

He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

"By the time I'm done with you... You're going to fill this boat."


She had tried to resist, to pull her head away... But with only 30 good degrees of motion and no limbs to throw up in defense... It wasn't long before she realized it was hopeless.

"Now pig bitch!" The man called as he reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair, eliciting a frightened yelp.

"Either way this is going inside you... You can make it easy or hard on yourself. Cooperate, or I'll be forced to lock your head in place with a wooden box and outfit you with a mechanical jaw frame to ensure you won't have any choice but to open that pretty little mouth."

With an abundance of tears... The fat woman, who's name the man hadn't even bothered to learn began to relax and chew.

The feeding went on and on... One slice followed by another, with the only reprieve being the occasional swig of diet Pepsi the man poured down her throat straight from the two liter. After about the fifth slice however... The man noticed she has slowed down considerably. After the 7th, she stopped altogether.

"Please... no... more..." She said, struggling to take full breath with the expanded girth of her distended stomach pressing against her torso.

"I'm... Full..."

"Irrelevant." The man said. "If I could be satisfied by full... You would be allowed to feed yourself. Your purpose is to eat until the food is gone, whether you believe you have room or not is inconsequential. Now here comes the chuchu!" The man called.

The woman tried to resist. She simply closed her mouth around the slice as it took up all available room in her mouth, swelling her cheeks out like a chipmunk. She refused to chew though, she was full... Surely he could tell that.

To her surprise, the man simply smiled, reached into his pocket... And snapped a clothes pin into place on her snout.

"The only choice I have offered to you..." He said as she blinked back tears from the sharp pain on her face, "up until this point and going forward is when you chew and when you breathe. You just lost that privelage."

His hands sprang forward and closed the too of her head and her jaw. She tried to spit out the masticated pizza, but he was too strong. Her lungs burned, starved for air as she struggled to breathe. She started to choke on the pizza as she attempted in vain to breathe around it.

Finally as the room began turning red, she realized she had no choice and began to chew. Every bite felt like swallowing a bowling ball. She needed to belch but was given no oppertunity as she forced down bite after bite.

Finally there was no trace of pizza in her mouth. The man let go and she inhaled a desperate, raspy breath.

"You have three slices left..." The man added. "So I will permit you three more breathes. One for each slice." He said with a devilish smirk.

She made two last desperate, throaty gurgles before she found her mouth completely impacted with pizza.
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Nesthicc 4 years
Karenjenk 4 years
This is a great start. harsh and cruel... just like my last BF
Theswordsman 4 years
And i thought waterboarding was rough i am curious to see what happens next