the boomerang diet

Chapter 1

“If you only controlled yourself around food.” She tickled his double chin and placed a bag of donuts by his side. “That would be a good start.”

He had finally failed another diet his, despite her best attempts in support this time. But the fact that he had failed again, she found more than a little sweet.

“One last pig out.” He stuffed a bite of jelly donut into his mouth. “And I’ll probably take another run at it come Spring,” he confirmed. He then patted his belly affectionately, as if he really didn’t want to say goodbye to it this time. And neither would he be at the rate he had been eating since the diet blew. Every night that week the living room coffee table had been littered with empty trays of treats and snacks that he had devoured.

“You’d be better off gaining another twenty and go from there.” She said, grinning at him, as she sat down next to him on the couch. “At least that’s what I think.” She patted his middle with her hand, then realized it probably wasn’t her best-ever dietary advice. “But you do what you want,” she added, hurriedly, although knowing full well what she had helped him do in the past.

“Roger that.” He opened the carton of chocolate milkshake she had also brought with her to the couch as she picked up her magazine and started to read.

“It’s clear you can’t stop growing, that’s all.” She looked across to eye his belly, now bulging after all the snacks. “You’ll just end up wanting it more and more if you don’t scratch that itch.” She couldn’t help herself but reach across to pat at his belly again. “And you’ve barely got any moobs coming in yet.” She slid her hand up his chest and grasped at a softened pec.

“Not yet at least.” He swatted her hand away before she had a chance to play. He then picked her hand back up and placed it back on his gut. He clearly liked having it there as he would eat.

“You do what ‘you’ want.” She gave his middle a firm confirmatory pat, with a mouthful of grinning teeth behind her statement, because it was pretty obvious he only wanted one thing and would be pretty soon struggling again with his pants. All she had to do was buy a few more treats and he would be blowing back up over the next couple of weeks.

“These donuts are nice and sweet,” he changed the subject, as he took another bite of the next one.

“They are,” she replied, swiping a stray blob of donut jelly from his lip with her hand, before sucking on it with her mouth. “But I think sweetness is all you’ve been craving this week.” She glanced down at his middle, and blushed a little. “Not that it’s starting to show or anything.” Except that it clearly was of course.

“It’ll pass.” He loosened up another button on his pants, which didn’t seem so sure as him they’d pass his thighs ever again if he kept this up.

“I’m sure it will,” she confirmed, before asking, “Are those already too tight?” She then proceeded to peer into the brown paper bag to take a look. “That’s a bit of a pity, because we’re almost out of these.”

“I expect you’ve brought more.” He turned to look at her wryly, that giddy smile writ large on his chubby face. And he was right. She was an excellent shopper as far as his waistline was concerned. But she decided to play it for a ruse nonetheless.

“Not when you’re dieting, remember?” She patted his middle with a sly smile. “And that’s going so well isn’t it?”

“Oh that.” He looked down at her patting his belly again. “I’m guessing this is just a small blip.”

“Very small,” she observed, sarcastically, before leaning down to listen in on his stomach with her ear. “It doesn’t sound to me like you’re even full yet.” She then blew a raspberry on the exposed wedge of skin that had appeared from his t-shirt riding up as he ate.

“Stop that!” He chuckled, before she got up to her feet again, and stood there ready to complete yet another kitchen run.

“What are you craving then?” She asked, her arms now crossed at him.

“Depends if I’m still on a diet.” He was toying with her a little now of course, clearly just for fun.

“Looks like it too.” She patted her own slim waist. “And your ‘diet’s’ been going really well all week.”

“I’ve just been finding a few lost pounds, that’s all.” He did his best not to blush. “You know how it is.”

“Why don’t you tell me?” She winked, blushing a little back. “I guess that fat man’s hunger’s a real bitch when you just want your belly to grow.” She puffed out her cheeks at him and arched her back and pretend to waddle around. “Always wanting more and more.” She began collecting up the empty trays as if she were devouring every one like he had just done. “With a belly that’s never fed.”

“Promise you don’t mind?” He asked, a hint of vulnerability now in his cheeks. “Feeding me up a little more?” He had that cheeky little grin on his face, his hand resting on his gut.

“I did such a good job of it before, didn’t I?” She smiled, thinking back, and dipped her head down again to plant a big kiss on his gut. “And I think your belly knows it too.” She gave it another firm prod with her finger, in an attempt to measure the thickness of those new pounds.

“I think it’s rumbling for extra treats again.” He grinned at her, now fully aware that he was admitting defeat to her as far as his weight was concerned.

“Still hungry huh?” She asked, teasing him a little more, then playing a little with her hair in her hand.

“I can’t help that I like all my treats.” He licked his lips at her as she started putting on a little show.

“Snacks first.” She smiled back at him, then playfully pouted towards him a kiss. “Then maybe treats later. You know the rules.”

“Another twenty pounds huh?” He asked, as she began to pick up all the empty trays again.

“Yes,” she said, then made her way toward the door. “But then I’ll help out no more, okay?”

“And we’ll both stop?” He asked her.

“I will,” she tried to hide her sly smile. “But if you go for forty, I’ll step in and make it so.”

“I’m not that greedy.” He chuckled, then stuck out his tongue.

“Oh yeah?” She held up the empty trays in her hands, then looked back towards his unbuttoned pants.

“I’m just a waistline full of wise choices,” he replied, and then contentedly patted his gut.

“I’ve made you very wise indeed.” She eyed his belly again, then she picked up one last empty tray. “And you’re getting smarter by the day.”

“So forty pounds then?” He asked, and gave his belly a firm shake in his hands. “That doesn’t sound like a lot of extra weight to me.”

“You kidding?” She asked, before adding. “I’m only throwing out some numbers here.” She winked at him, knowingly. “But from where I stand, they all seem to stick.”

“I like that talk.” A hint of color rose to his cheeks. “Do you think I’ll really look fat at an extra forty pounds?”

“Does a bear eat salmon in the woods?” She giggled, then puffed out her cheeks at him. “Not even you could hide forty pounds under that shirt my lovely.”

“I thought I was carrying it well a few weeks ago,” he replied, referring to one of her earlier statements about his gain.

“You are.” She chuckled, before adding. “But forty pounds is forty pounds. And that’s all gotta go somewhere you know?”

“Belly no doubt.” He looked down at his middle, before stifling another large belch with his hand.

“And your thighs.” She blew him a kiss, before adding. “And that ass of yours.” She dropped her eyes to her own.

“Will I waddle, do you think?” He asked.

“A noticeable belly bounce I would say.” She smiled back, before she headed out the door.

“What should I eat next then?” He shouted after her as she went, and she paused to glance back over her shoulder.

“What do you want?” She asked, not wanting to force his choice this time. If that diet was well and truly broken, that choice was going to be his.

“Something gooey,” he sucked on his fingers, then licked again at his lips.

“Like a cake?” She shouted.

“A little softer,” he replied. “And perhaps maybe a little warmer too!”

“Savory then,” she offered, her eyes now beginning to light up at the treats.

“Melted cheese?” He asked, dropping a big hint.

“Pizza,” she confirmed, with a satisfied nod to herself. “But if I put one in the oven right now,” she raised her voice, and re-continued her walk. “Your middle will be blowing right up.”

“I can manage a few more pounds” he shouted, a sleepy grin now on his face, and already with more treats to digest on the way.

“Sure you can!” She shouted back at him. “How about some snacks while you wait?”

“Excellent idea.” He patted his belly. “Chef’s choice,” he shouted back.

“You’re demanding tonight, aren’t you?” She tried her best not to blush, as she opened the pantry door. “That might come in handy soon enough,” she whispered, beneath her breath, and grabbed the second bag of fresh donuts, which she had already bought.

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