the boss wants growth

Chapter 1

The deadline for sending the presentation was in a few hours. As I was holding the mouse with my right hand, trying to realign an image on the last slide, I held a donut in the other.

Although there was a lot to criticize about my job—the long hours and stress most notably—one thing I was grateful for was the free food. Not only did we have free lunch at the cafeteria and snacks around the office, but dinner was often ordered from restaurants nearby for those who worked late in the evening. And, as my tightening pants showed, I had taken full advantage of these perks.

While I had been in pretty good shape in college, my first year working in an office had clearly had an impact on my waistline. Although nobody would have considered me fat, I had softened up quite a bit around the middle. I still wore the same pants I was wearing in my last year of college, but anyone could tell that they were due for sizing up; my stomach and my love handles were bulging out by an inch. But, so long as I was wearing the same pants, I could hold on to the idea that I hadn’t let myself go that much.

“Hey, Jim! How’s the presentation looking? I’d like to take a look and make a few edits, if necessary, before the meeting,” my boss said in a soft yet directive voice.

Hannah was standing next to me, looking at my screen. She stood closer to the desk and took control of the mouse, reviewing the slides. While her eyes were fixed on the computer, I used the occasion to look at her.
Her long brown hair was attached in a ponytail. She was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt over her slim body. She looked professional, yet feminine. Strong, yet soft.

“Earth to Jim, are you still there,” she said, jokingly.

Shit. She was now looking at me and obviously noticed that I was staring at her.

“Yeah, sorry Hannah. I was thinking about some points I could add to the fifth slide,” I lied.

“Of course, you were,” she replied, not believing a word of my cop-out.

Before leaving, she asked me to send it to her email and gave me another assignment for the next day. Alright, another late night at the office it is then.

I worked another 3 hours, until everyone had left, or almost everyone.

“Still here?”

I turned around and saw Hannah holding bags of takeout.

“I ordered Chinese for everyone, but it looks like you are the only one still here. Hungry?” she asked.

I stood up and followed her to the conference room, where she took multiple plates out of the bag. She clearly was planning for more employees to stay late considering the amount of food on the table. More for me, I guess.

I sat at the table, filled my plate, and started eating. Hannah did the same. While she stopped after her first and only plate, I refilled mine a second and a third time. As I finished my third plate, I gave up, completely stuffed. I laid back and looked up, noticing Hannah staring at me.

But what I saw in her eyes wasn’t shock or disgust. She looked completely engrossed in my recent indulgence.

“Wow, I guess I was hungry…” I said, embarrassed. I tugged my shirt, which was straining against my full stomach.

“You sure were,” she replied, smiling.
I could feel my cheeks fill up with blood. Before I could find a response, she added:
“There are still a few donuts from earlier. Do you still have some room left? I don’t want to throw them away.”

“I don’t know about that, I’m pretty full… But I guess I can eat one to avoid waste…”

She smiled and left the room. How could she want me to eat even more, I thought. I had already made a spectacle of myself, eating way more than any sane person.

My pants were digging into my stomach, so I decided to subtly unbutton them when Hannah entered the room. She paused, looking at my unbuttoned pants, and put the box in front of me.

“It’s a good idea to make some room. There are still three in here. I expect you to finish them all big boy!”

Big boy? I felt my dick get hard. Was she just teasing me or was she enjoying this? She sat next to me and handed me a donut. I ate it slowly.

“You sure have quite the appetite. No wonder you…” she stopped herself, looking at my stomach.

Was she going to comment on my recent weight gain? Was she aroused? How could such a stunning and successful woman be aroused by this? I finished the last donut and pushed the box away.

“I’m done. I’m going to explode if I eat any more.”

“You’ll be done when I say you are” she replied, grinning.

She took a donut and brought it to my lips. I took one bite and another. Before I knew it, her hand was empty.

“See, I knew you still had some room. There’s just one left. All that eating was impressive, but I know you always try to go above and beyond…”

I couldn’t. My stomach hurt from all the food. My appetite had grown in the last year, but I had never gone that far. I put my hand on my stomach, slowly massaging it.

“Let me help with that,” she said, placing her hand on my stuffed belly.

She began slowly rubbing it, stroking the layer of fat I had accumulated working for her. I was now rock-hard under my pants. She grabbed the last donut and fed it to me, her other hand never leaving my growing belly. As I finished the last donut, I felt a mix of embarrassment and pain, but also, strangely, arousal. I couldn’t believe my hot boss had just stuffed me and was now massaging my belly.

“Good work Jim,” she said, caressing my belly. “I think you’ve deserved to go back home. See you tomorrow”. She got up, threw the leftovers, and left.

I arrived home at around midnight, my stomach still hard from all the food. As I laid in my bed, I thought back at the events of the evening, my dick immediately getting hard. I grabbed my chubby belly. How could I have acted like such a pig in front of my boss? And more importantly, did I just imagine it or was she into it? I masturbated, imagining Hannah feeding me and touching my belly, and came all over myself.

“What is wrong with me?” I thought, before falling asleep.
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GrowingLoveH... 1 hour
Well, well, what does she have planned next for him?

Well done. Thanks for writing this bin looking forward to more.
Garfield 3 days
A very good start, what happens next?