the bridesmaid

chapter 1

I hadn’t seen my cousin for 10 years though as children and teens we’d been close and we had kept in touch. Her wedding day would be the first time since we turned 18 that we’d see each other again.

As the bridal march started and we all stood I noticed the two bridesmaids for the first time. One of the girls was enormous, easily twice as wide as the other. Both girls had their hair up, the fat girls blonde as opposed to her friends darker hair. I’d say the hairstyle exposed the big girl’s neck but it was more of a thick roll of blubber that bulged at the base of her skull just below the hairline and formed a deep crease with her fat padded shoulders, where the tied ends of the halter dress peeped out.

No shoulder bones or shoulder blades were visible on her beautiful upper back, encased beneath thick fat. Her upper back blubber bulged sensually forming a crease with lower back rolls that curved thickly around her sides. The Moss green dress emerged from between these thick folds of flab then stretched out over a massive butt shelf.

Her friend’s dress in contrast billowed and clung to a pair of well sized but firm buttocks, her slender shoulders and prominent shoulder blades in stark contrast to her obese friend’s rolls of back fat. Where the dress floated around the slim girl, the dress clung and stretched over the big girl’s huge body.

As my cousin, the bride, neared the front we all turned. I turned a little less so I could admire the big fat bridesmaid in motion and get a side view of her magnificent figure. As she turned I noticed the size of her upper arms, massive blubbery pillows, at least four times the thickness of the other bridesmaid’s arms. The flab jiggled as she moved and dropped thickly over her dimple like elbow.

The halter top of the dresses appeared crocheted and accentuated the slim girl’s ample breasts, draping from them in an almost straight line to her ankles. The top of the massive girl’s dress stretched tautly over flabby breasts that seemed to merge into a thick roll of blubber that curled around her side to become one of her gorgeously thick rolls of back fat.

The contrast in the size of the bridesmaid’s turned me on immensely, I’ve always had a preference for the fat female figure, all those extra curves and softness. Where the dress fell, floated down from the slimmer girl’s breasts it clung like a second skin to the massive upper belly of the obese girl. It accentuated the size of the huge roll of blubber that surrounded her, pushing her flabby arms outwards.

The deep crease between her upper and lower belly had sucked in a little of her dress and as she felt it she gently pulled the fabric from between her fleshy rolls and doing so noticed me watching her. Her big deep blue eyes ringed with dark eyeliner and long lashes thick with mascara met mine, I smiled and she smiled back, her full lips parting, her white teeth flashing and her fat cheeks dimpled and as she turned her face back to the bride I watched the thick, soft roll of fat under her chin quiver.

I was two rows behind them and got a lovely view as we all took our seats again, the huge girl lifted her belly apron to sit. I now noticed her massive arse was seated on two chairs and still generously overflowed both sides. I gawked as her back fat bulged and folded. Her bum was so big it kept her back nearly a foot away from the chair backs. I could not take my eyes off this vision of obese beauty.
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