the brief tale of my wedding day

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I hate weddings propoganda. There isn't anything sexy about abstaining from food and ramping up the exercise before being tucked into a white dress. My fianc� always said he never cared about my weight but when I failed to drop enough pounds before our big day he got leery about getting hitched.

At my final dress fitting surrounded by women of generations past and a smattering of friends I broke down and sobbed. The dress I ordered true to size wouldn't need to be altered at all. My heart sank. The gorgeous, plump seamstress pulled me aside and put a calloused paw on my ample waist.

"There is another way. Come out with me tonight." I thanked her for her kindness and ended up at an all you can eat buffet with her and her hefty brother. He wore a suit but you could tell he wasn't trying to hide an ample belly. It jiggly slightly as he walked, begging you to rub it. The seamstress looked equally alluring in a too tight shimmer tank that exposed ample stretch mark lined cleavage.

"Mark, this is the sad bride from earlier." Mark beamed biting a thick, pouting lower lip. "You two behave." With that the seamstress left, leaving me with her brother. What an inconvenient blind date and this close to a nearly called off wedding.

It was one of those places that serves you all of the meat you can swallow. Mark took the lead in ordering. Mountains of meat splayed in the table. I protested reminded of my fitting earlier.

Mark pulled his chair closer to mine and rubbed my thigh. He whispered, hot breath in my ear and down my neck, "Let yourself go." Those were the magic words. The liquor flowed, the smiles broadened. The bellies swelled. Mark rubbed his own, inviting me to feel it's hardness and weight in the middle of the restaurant. I rubbed it tentatively.

"Feed me dessert." He stroked my face. I gave in. Feeding him methodically, bite after bite of heavily frosted cake until I flushed with desire. I don't know what world I stumbled in but it felt delicious.

At home my fianc� noticed my newly descended stomach. As I rubbed it in the mirror he scowled. He reminded me that there were consequences to gluttony and called off the wedding. He moved out faster than my mind would allow me to process. Everything was already paid for. The dress came home with me today. I rubbed my stomach, it felt more right than my fianc�. Distraught I called my new friend Mark.

He came to my rescuing with three gallons of ice cream and all of the ice cream toppings you could hope for. Mark rationalized that he didn't know what flavor I liked. We opened each carton and put spoons in each. We poured toppings directly into our mouths sharing sticky maraschino cherry flavored kisses. Getting over heartache never tasted so delicious. Just when I thought I would burst Mark began spoon feeding me whipped cream. The tiny tantalizing bites turned me on in a way I'd never felt.

He unbuttoned his pants to expose his hardness and give that delicious full belly a rest from the confines of clothing. I rode it with melted ice cream all around. Fingers slick with toppings and cream went through his full head of dark hair. His roughly 300lb body gave in easily to the pleasure that only fullness and climax can provide.

He grabbed handfuls of my ass leaving hand prints of our gluttony. "A snack for later he mused."


The only things I couldn't cancel on such short notice were the cake and my dress. A hulking mass of 8 layers worth of buttercream, red velvet, chocolate and vanilla. Mark and I hadn't seen one another since our ice cream fueled midnight moment.

I threw on the dress. It no longer fit. Me having gained 20lbs in a week full of eating my sorrows and trying to recreate what it felt like to have Mark. I called him and explained the cake situation.

He'd be right over. He came in a tight tee shirt exposing visible belly outline and a hint of nipple. "We have to finish this." I thought about my years of dieting and how food made me feel so alive. The hell with it, bring on the cake. Mark and I ate hunks with our hands, giggle at the way crumbs fell onto my breasts. Laughing at the absurdity of doing this in a wedding dress. Even though the back was opened, I could feel the dress strain against my 40inch waist.

Mark nuzzles my stomach calling it sexy. He massaged it gently while I fed him from the layer of red velvet. He asked how he could help make today better. I undressed and he smeared frosting over my nether regions - licking and slurping each last bit of frosting until i climaxed and crumpled onto a ball.

I hadn't know food and sex could feel so natural, feel so mutually fulfilling. My wedding day came and went. Mark came and went but he opened me to a world where weight gain is sexy and encouraged. A world where I get to rub bellies and have mine rubbed. Thank goodness for that seamstress.
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