the buffet

chapter 1

(AN: This story contains rapid wg, extreme stuffing, and immobility. Hope you enjoy!)

I had always been, to put it nicely, a "good eater." This was reflected by my pudgy frame. I couldn't help it, I just loved the feeling of a fast food feast resting heavy in my gut. Not just a couple of burgers, no, a full family sized meal.

At the behest of my family and friends, I had made a commitment to lose weight. I had lost about 50 pounds so far, but found no joy in this fact.

As I was coming home from the gym, I noticed that the new buffet on the bottom floor at my apartment had opened.

"I can resist it," I told myself.

But as I walked by, the smell drew me in. It was like I was in a trance. I don't even remember paying, but I knew I was hungry.

"One cheat day won't hurt, right?"

I walked in and began loading plate after plate, bringing them back to the table I had chosen, situated in the back -- closest to the buffet lines, of course.

Pizza, pasta, fried chicken, burgers, hot dogs; the table was soon filled with enough plates to feed six people.

With my first bite, I was instantly engrossed by the food. I needed it in me, now! I ate ravenously, getting up to get plate after plate of food.

I didn't even notice my swelling stomach. At some point, it got so big that I couldn't even reach the table, and had to begin using it as a shelf.

I was surrounded by a mountain of plates when a staff member walked up to me.

"Sir, the buffet is about to close," she said.

"Can I - hic - have dessert?"

"Of course, but please make it fast."

I got up to head over to the dessert table, my swollen stomach gurgling and sloshing as I waddled over. I let my stomach rest on the shelf, and began to dig in.

I made my way through the cupcakes, pies, and cookies. All that was left was a cheesecake, a favorite food of mine.

I took one bite and moaned, it was the best thing I'd eaten all night. It quickly disappeared into my gut, and I began to head home.

I got on the elevator, a hiccuping and wheezing mess, and was met with disapproving stares. I didn't even notice, I was still in a dazed state.

When I finally got to my room, I pulled off my clothes and admired my gut in the mirror. Patting it fondly, I whispered to myself, "You did good today."

Seeing myself so engorged made my cock rock hard. I laid down on my side so I could reach my manhood, but still couldn't quite make it, so I pulled out my vibrator and went to work. I fell asleep full and satisfied.
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