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Chapter 1: The Grocery Shop

Marco's grocery shop was a popular spot in town, and he knew most of his customers by name. But there was one customer he noticed more than others: Rana. She was a super cute Arabic girl with long dark hair and olive skin. Lately, she had been coming into the shop every day, buying a huge amount of food.

Marco's eyes lingered on her figure, as she walked in, taking in the way her fat butt cheeks jiggled as she walked, the way her breasts bounced with each step. He felt a mix of fascination and concern, a desire to understand what was happening to her.

Six months ago, Rana had been this gorgeous petite woman, that had instantly captured his heart. Her cute face was framed with dark wavy long hair, her long black eye lashes made here wyes look dark and mysterious, her gorgeous facial features like smooth olive skin, pouty lips and feminine jaw line and nose made her the cutest girl Marco had ever seen. Her body was also quite thin, yet feminine, and she had come every so often buying healthy groceries. Then something had changed. She had started buying large amounts of junk food instead of her healthy meals, and the changes didn’t take long to take effect. she was rapidly gaining weight, and Marco couldn't help but notice. Were it not for the junk food, one would have thought she was in her 7th month. But the way she tried to conceal her gain spoke of hidden gluttony. Today, she walked into the store wearing tight-fitting jeans that accentuated the roundness of her butt cheeks. Her ass, once toned and firm, had grown into something else entirely. Those heavy, ripe butt cheeks wobbled and jiggled with every step, as if they must weigh a ton. They bounced like two plump melons, a sight that was both shocking and captivating. Her tits also looked like two inflated balloons that strained against a loose pullover that did a poor job at attempting to hide her gain.

Marco's eyes followed her as she made her way through the aisles. He observed her closely, taking in the details of her appearance. Her buttocks, heavy and soft jiggled with each step. How was it possible that such a small woman could sport such a fat derrière? He felt that he shouldn’t stare at her juicy butt but his primal instinct prevented him from taking his glances off her.

As usually, soon Rana's cart was filled with chips, cookies, soda, and other comfort foods. Marco wondered what was going on with her. Was she aware of how much she had blown up in the last half year? Was she deliberately fattening herself up? He wanted to ask her, but he was too shy to start a conversation. Part of him wanted to save her, from whatever was causing her to eat so much. The other part wanted to see her, blow up, turn into a fat pig, ready to be slaughtered. She was on a good path to turn her beauty into ruins, if she continued like this. Soon she would not just be chubby anymore, but moving into “fatty” territory.

Every day, Rana came into the shop, and every day, Marco seemed to notice her body had grown a little bit more. He knew she would keep getting fatter and fatter if she continued like this. He wanted to help her, to say something, but he didn't know how.

Each day, she seemed to expand a little more, and Marco couldn't help but think she was spiraling out of control. She was a shadow of her former self, and it was clear she didn't care.

Rana had become a regular part of Marco's day, a mystery he couldn't solve. He looked forward to her visits, even though they left him with more questions than answers. He knew he should talk to her, reach out to her, but he couldn't find the words.

Her cart was always full of junk: chips, sodas, sweets. It was no wonder she was piling on the pounds.

Marco watched, partly in shock, partly in morbid fascination. She reached up to grab something from a top shelf, and her shirt lifted, revealing angry red stretch marks that marred her once smooth belly. She quickly yanked her shirt down, but not before Marco had seen the evidence of her indulgence.

She quickly yanked her shirt down, but not before Marco had seen the evidence of her indulgence. Heart pounding, Rana glanced around the shop, fearful that someone might have caught that brief, revealing moment. When her eyes met Marco's, she was shocked. It felt like she was naked, her sins exposed.

Marco's eyes trailed over her curves, pausing momentarily on the spot where her shirt had risen, then met her eyes again. There was no doubt he had seen. Her newly fattened belly, her secret that was becoming more and more impossible to hide. She felt a sudden jolt of heat building between her thighs - and there a was a flash of something in his eyes, something raw and primal. The atmosphere in the room grew thick with tension.

Rana's face flushed with embarrassment and vulnerability, but there was also a hint of defiance. She knew he had seen her, really seen her, and the thought of it made her wet. She bit her lower lip, a gesture that did not go unnoticed by Marco.

The young man's breathing became shallow, and his eyes darkened with lust. The memory of the angry red stretch marks on her belly contrasted sharply with the thought of how fit and slim she had been when she had first entered his store. He imagined what it would be like to touch her, to feel the softness of her little pouch of fat.

Trying to regain some composure, Rana began to unload her cart onto the conveyor belt, each item a testament to her insatiable cravings. But her movements were slower, more deliberate, as if she was putting on a show just for him.

Marco was entranced. He watched her every move, every packet of junk food a statement. Every bag of chips a promise, that her belly apparently was not yet fat enough. The air between them crackled with an energy that was impossible to ignore.

Clearing his throat, Marco finally broke the silence. "You've got quite the haul today," he commented, trying to keep his voice steady.

Rana smirked, her confidence returning. "Well, a girl's got to eat," she replied with a sly wink.

There was a charged silence between them. He could see her chest rise and fall more rapidly, her full breasts straining against the fabric of her pullover. "God, she must feel so warm, so soft", Marco thought. The electric tension in the air was palpable, and Marco's mouth went dry.

Rana bit her lower lip, her dark eyes still locked onto his. There was an unspoken invitation there, a beckoning. Marco felt acutely aware of the erection in his pants.

Without breaking the eye contact, Rana slowly licked her lips, giving a soft, almost inaudible sigh. The atmosphere around them was thick with desire, and Marco's thoughts raced. He imagined the softness of her curves, the weight of her newly gained pounds, the taste of her lips.

She took a deep breath, breaking the moment. "Before... Did you see something you like?" Rana whispered with a shy smile, her voice dripping with seduction.

Marco, caught off guard, stammered, "I... I was just... I mean..."

Rana leaned in a little closer, her scent intoxicating. "It's okay," she murmured, her voice a sultry whisper, "I've noticed you watching."

Marco's eyes darted briefly to her midsection, the image of those stretch marks fresh in his mind. "Yeah, I noticed," he said, his voice dropping to a whisper, laden with implication. "You definitely seem to enjoy... all this", he said pointing at the groceries.

Rana's heart skipped a beat. The audacity of his remark caught her off guard, and the obvious fat shaming made wet. Meeting his gaze, she replied, "Oh, I do. Every delicious bite."

His eyes flicked to her moist lips, lingering there a moment too long. "Then I'm sure I'll see more of you again soon," Marco teased her.

"Careful, or you might just get more than you bargained for," she laughed.

As she turned to leave, Marco's gaze zeroed in on her ass. The tight jeans she wore made her butt cheeks look like two round, juicy melons, bouncing and quivering with every step. The way her flesh jiggled was hypnotic. Marco imagined ripping those jeans off, revealing the soft, warm flesh beneath. He wanted to grab those cheeks, to feel their weight in his hands, to bury his face between them.

His mind was flooded with fantasies. He imagined bending her over right there on the counter, hearing her moan and gasp as he took her from behind. The image of her naked, her body exposed and vulnerable, was overwhelmingly erotic. He could almost feel the heat of her, the softness of her fat ass pressing against him.

By the time Rana had walked out of the shop, the bulge in Marco's pants was quite evident.
The sight of her, so voluptuous and ripe, had ignited a fire in him that he'd never felt before. He was stunned by his own boldness and the intensity of his desires. The shy, reserved Marco was momentarily replaced by a man consumed with raw, carnal desire. He imagined Rana continuing to indulge, to grow even softer, rounder, and the thoughts only fueled his fantasies further.
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LLP 1 month
I like everything except the words ..."for slaughter". Not into vore or thinking about death. All else is a great story.
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feedback appreciated!
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Great start! 👍 I'm looking forward to reading more!
Woldock 1 month
thank you!
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This is absolutely amazing. Will there be any other chapters added to this story?
Woldock 5 days
Maybe, still pondering about where to take it ultimately
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Fantastic Start!
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