the challenge

Chapter 1 - the challenge

"So I have a bit of a game for you," Rena smiled as she sat upright, rubbing her boyfriend's shoulders weakly. The boy had been stressed lately, since with Rena's rapidly growing weight he was no longer able to pick her up and spin her the way he used to be able to. The girl promised that she didn't mind, but Joro had caught her once or twice poking her newly formed gut with a bit of nerve in her eyes.
Joro sat up and turned in her arms, happy to see the woman initiate. He gave her an encouraging kiss, smiling when they broke free
"Go ahead, shoot," he asked, slightly concerned that he could feel her tummy rumbling when he leaned in close.
"So, it involves me eating. A lot." Joro didn't even have to answer as his body revealed him. the girl laughed and wiggled her butt down onto the front of his jeans before continuing
"I also know how much you want to get stronger. So how about this. For every cupcake I eat, you do five push ups. and whoever loses has to do whatever the other one wants?" this got the older teen to moan out loud. Rena had just started to gain weight, crossing the 130 line earlier this week. and while she loved when HE fed her, Rena really hadn't branched out into feeding herself yet. the man nodded fast, and she smiled, kissing his forehead.
" Hold on, I'll go get the cakes." this got Joro to freeze. He had just finished a workout, and was a little fatigued. He knew well that gave the girl an advantage, but grinned when she came back upstairs. she was not holding the standard sized cupcakes, but the much larger deluxe ones, and an energy drink for him. She walked over and pressed the cold can to his chest before giving him a playful kiss.
"There. Now we are on an equal playing field. You just worked out, and I just had a bowl of ramen." she pressed his hand to her belly to show that it wasn't totally empty, and sat back, taking a big bite of a swiss chocolate to show that she meant business. The man watched her, not moving his hand off of her belly until the cake was gone.
"Well?" she asked, putting her fist to her mouth to cover an unlady like burp. the man groaned and got to the ground, moaning at the strain in his arms. He wasn't going to be more than 20 of these, if that. He walked to his girlfriend and stood between her legs, giving her a few kisses.
"How you doing baby? that was a pretty big cake. Bet you feel pretty full, with all those noodles inside you huh?" he asked, for the first time since she met actually hoping she would eat less. the woman shook her head and reached for the box.
"Not on your life. But I'll make you a deal. I'll let you feed me the next two like this, if you unbutton my pants for me." he moaned as she wiggled her hips at him, making him grasp the side of the bed to keep from collapsing to his knees. Sure they had found this special interest they could share, but Andrea was a virgin and he respected that. It didn't stop his body from exploding from just these touches, and she knew just how to work him. the man did as he was told, and unbuttoned her jeans, zipper forcing itself down as soon as the tension was broken. the man gasped when he saw the angry marks on her belly, and kissed along the lines of them
"Why didn't you tell me your clothes didn't fit?" the elder demanded, sitting upright to look his girlfriend in the eye, who at first attempted to pull away from the gaze, only to find it too difficult to keep away.
"Well...I don't really get that much in allowance. Ken would be the one to buy me new clothes and..." she bit her lip. sure she knew that she was probably now only a healthy weight, but that didn't mean she wanted to tell her brother that. Joro shook his head.
"That's not good enough. Come on. as soon as I get you massive I'm going out to buy you the fanciest clothes in town! 80 dollar jeans! 30 dollar blouses! all to be outgrown in a month," he laughed. He knew all too well that 80 dollar jeans were hardly scraping the bottom of the barrel, but Andrea was not used to having very much and he didn't want to overwhelm her too fast. He expected her rejection to be based on not wanting fancy clothes, but he got a very different reaction
"If you can walk by the time I'm done, I've fail." she smirked, making an Ahh sound to encourage him to feed her more. He smirked and did so, the next two cakes seeming to go down faster than the first one. But even if she was able to eat faster, it didn't necessarily mean that she wasn't feeling it.
Between the ramen and the now three large cupcakes, the girl was stuffed. Her stomach, that was just starting to round out was hard to the touch, at some points thicker than others because of gas. She arched her back slightly, to try and make it bigger, before bringing both hands down to make a sickly moan. Joro watched her in amusement, pushing down slightly in the middle before reaching for the box of cakes, only to have her shake her head and start to push the boy off
"Not yet. You have to do ten pushups for me to keep going." she smirked. She might look calm, but this break would probably be her saving grace, as she doubted there was any way that she could take another bite. She sat back with her hands covering her belly delicately, watching the other struggle to get down into the down position.
"Its really hard to do that with an erection." Joro laughed out, sweat pouring off of his face. Rena scoffed, rubbing circles on her skin
"I don't think you're going down far enough to feel that." She was meant to be joking, as she had only seen hom naked over a webcam, but Joro must have taken it personally as the next four pushups went nearly to the ground. After the fifth one Joro slowed down considerably, and after the tenth he collapsed on the floor.
"Your....move." the man panted out, mostly to show her that he was okay. The girl froze, not expecting him to finish his set. She pulled out a cake, stomach gurgling out loud just from the thought of it. She started the cake down for a solid 30 seconds, and just as Joro was about to yell at her for cheating, she forced a huge bite into her mouth.
It took a long time chewing, but she finally, finally got it down. But the second that she got it down she retched, leaning forward with her hands over her mouth. Joro Looked up to make sure she was okay, who seemed to be closing her eyes thinking. Finally she pulled her hands away and held them up to Joro, before shaking her head
"I can't do it. Its too much." Andrea pouted softly " I think this means you win." the teen on the ground shook his head, slowly crawling across the ground until he got to the bed where he was able to pull himself up to his knees
"No it doesn't. I couldn't do another pushup if I tried." he laughed, resting his head on her thigh so he could feel the woman's stomach gurgle. she laughed, looking down at him, before finally asking
"So what does this mean? How do we have a tie in a game like this?" she asked, reaching up to slowly pet his hair. The man thought about it, then smiled
"We both get to do what we want?" he offered, and the girl blushed lightly thinking about what he would ask. The boy forced himself up to his feet, hugging his girlfriend to his chest
"As soon as you're up to it, I'm going to buy you a new wardrobe with my prize."
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