the chatroom hypnotist

chapter 1

The elevator doors closed, it’d been a long day, and Kyle was looking forward to going home. As the whirring slowed and the ding sounded, he stepped out into the parking garage, his chubby body straining in a button-up shirt that was altogether too small for his growing mass. Wiping sweat off his brow, he walked to his car, feeling his thighs rub against one another and his small moobs wobble with each step. Finally arriving, he let him body fall heavily into the seat, tired from hours of work, and in desperate need of some rest.
After a monotonous and boring ride home, only split up by a quick fast food drive through for dinner, he’d arrived. His apartment was nothing special, not super dirty, but not very well kept either. As he entered his dingy apartment and chucked his satchel at an armchair, he mused with what to do with his free time, if anything at all. This was the point at which he felt the familiar sensation of his needy cock, desperate for attention.
Figuring there was nothing better to do, he turned on his phone and opened up an online sexting chatroom. Resting a hand on his belly, causing it to wobble slightly, he began to search for someone to help release his pent-up desire. Searching through the annoying bots and jailbait teens, was getting quite boring and he’d just gotten up to get some snacks when something caught his eye. It wasn’t the usual start, not a “hi” an “asl” or a boring announcement of the other user’s gender and age, no, this was something entirely different, his cock throbbed as his eyes read the words; “You are nothing, nothing but a dumb, horny pig”.
In his mind, there was no decision, he simply answered with an “Oink”.
“Good boy, you’re searching for release, aren’t you?” the mysterious stranger typed.
“I am” Kyle responded excitedly, his dick stiffing in his pants.
“Very good, how would you like me to show you a release you’ll never forget?”
“I’d love that more than anything”
“How much do you need it my little piggy?” the stranger typed
“It’s the only thing I need”
“Good boy, that’s just what I wanted to hear”
After exchanging details, they continued their conversation on a generic social app. Kyle was almost shaking in anticipation, he’d been searching for someone for so long, not just that night, but for weeks, it might even have been a month since he’d found someone willing to help on the chatroom. Already jerking, he opened the stranger’s first message; “Hands off”
Instantly he obeyed, fully trusting this enigmatic stranger’s judgement over his own. His cock throbbed as he watched the typing animation, equally nervous an excited as to what it might be.
“Play this on your TV for me cutie” was the next message, followed by a URL.
Opening the URL on his TV caused a huge spiral to take up the screen. His needy dick flooded his body with lusty feelings at this development. Shaking with horniness and anticipation, he confirmed that it was done and awaited his next instruction.
“Good piggy, now put your headphones in and answer the call”
Kyle obediently did as he was told, slipping his headphones over his ears and answering the call. On the other end was a deep voice, almost like honey to his ears, it said:
“Hello Kyle, are you ready to become fully mine?”
“Yes sir” he answered quietly, his pathetic little pig dick throbbing with delight, begging to be touched and teased.
“Very good my pet, now just listen to me, my words slowly replacing your thoughts…”
Kyle felt as his whole body relaxed even further, flooding with numbness and feelings of desperate horniness.
“Rub your belly, feel how soft and round it is, all you want is to make it bigger, don’t you”?
“I do” Kyle replied, his hands mindlessly tracing his gut, feeling how supple it is and letting his hand sink into it, imagining being even fatter as his cock throbbed even more.
“You know that I will fatten you up well, don’t you? You desire to be mine, my fat little piggy. You don’t need to think anymore, just obey and get fatter for me”
A dumb smile grew over his face as he let the words sink in, altering his mine with every syllable, exposing his truest, deepest desires. “That’s all I want”
“Good piggy, we’ll meet soon enough, but until then, I want you to eat until you feel like you might burst, and when the feeling goes away, eat more. I want my precious little piggy to be fully stuffed every waking moment, after all, you’ve got to get nice and big for me”
“I do” Kyle lazily confirmed, as if his words were not his own.
“Until we meet, I have arranged for all your food to be delivered and all your bills to be paid. You will be spending all of your time fattening up for me from now on. Now there’s just the small matter of your job. How about you write a letter of resignation so you can begin the process of being the pig you were born to be?”
“I will, Sir” Kyle replied, just as dazed
“Good boy, now I have to go, but don’t worry, we’ll chat again tomorrow, until then, goodbye and eat well.”
The disconnect sound rang lightly through the headphones as Kyle smiled to himself, opening his laptop to begin writing his letter of resignation. His mind happily imagining the future that awaited him as the mysterious man’s personal pet pig.
Half an hour in, the door rang and as he opened it, he found a large crate of fast-food and assorted treats with a note nestled in the middle, it read “Enjoy, my pet.”
Kyle smiled as his cock grew in his now replaced pants, this was going to be amazing.
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BulkBrit 2 years
Nicely written. I look forward to following this pigs growth.
Chubbybunnyw... 2 years
I like how this was written & it's an original premise!