the chubby chick

chapter 1: the chubby chick

She was the chubby chick. She had always been and she was just fine with it. It’s just who she was and everyone around her accepted it.

As a child her parents let her have whatever food she wanted. Extra helpings, late night snacks and tons of junk food found their way into her chubby little belly.

She was sweet and bubbly and had the cutest little dimples when she smiled. And she smiled all the time. After all, she was thrilled with her life and strove to bring the same joy she felt to others.

Fortunately, she was active. She played volleyball and softball in middle school. And through high school she was a cheerleader. Every school had and needed the chubby cheerleader. All they soothe fragile egos. As long she was around, the rest of the squad looked and felt incredible.

Like all things in her life, she happily accepted her role as the chubby cheerleader. It’s what every chubby chick strives for. She ran with the cool kids, had plenty of big football players chasing after her and most importantly, she didn’t have to watch what she ate like all the other girls. As long as she kept up on the practices, her weight sat around 160. And at 5’2” that made her officially chubby.

The few times she really looked in the mirror, she saw chubby little thighs that met at the knee. Her tummy had a small pooch and used to peak out from under her tight little shirts. Even her breasts were chubby. They weren’t big voluptuous boobs. No, they were little sacks of flab with a cute little nipple in the middle. Her butt was dimply and soft. And when those big linebackers plowed into her, it sloshed around like two overfilled water balloons.

After she graduated, she headed off to college along with her friends where they all joined the same sorority. Like high school, the society sisters wanted a chubby chick around and Britt was more than happy to be that person. After all, she was that person.

Classes, tests, late nights and so many parties. Her freshman year was a whirlwind that added 40 pounds to her chubby little frame. As she watched herself steadily expand, she wasn’t so sure she was still the chubby chick.

The chubby chick is always welcome. She’s light and bubbly, soft and plush with curves that guys want to grab onto. The fat friend on the other hand was relocated to the booth gorging on food waiting for the last guy to take her home. The leftover. At 200 she probably qualified as the fat friend but since she could still squeeze into a few sexy outfits and get a cute guy she was just extra chubby right now.

The following year she joined a softball team and cut back on the junk food which helped her lose 25 of her freshman 40. And that brought her back to chubby, where she’d spent her life, where she was most comfortable and where she felt she belonged.

She graduated with honors and quickly got a job at a start-up. She thrived at the company and over the next year she helped it grow into a company worth millions.

But the job came with a cost. The long hours and late nights meant no more softball. And because people worked round the clock, the company provided food. Soooo much food. It was always there. Donuts every morning. Burgers or pizzas for lunch. The dinners were massive feasts. And the snack room was stocked with every sweet treat. Much of it made its way into her chubby belly.

It was also at the company where she met the man of her dreams. A tall handsome developer that treated her like a princess. He was kind, patient and funny. He wined and dined her (adding even more food into her growing body) and took things slow. They had so much in common and shared the same dreams. A big family in the burbs. Like her, he was a foodie and took her to the best restaurants.

On their 5th date, she invited him over. They were barely in the front door when he pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply. She immediately felt herself grow moist.

She guided him toward her room and by the time they landed on the bed they were both naked. He was strong and muscular. His large hands pulled her in close. And he touched in a way no one else had. Most guys avoided her chubby parts but not him. He touched her all over and treated her chubby parts with the same affection as the rest of her. She felt for the first time like some accepted ALL of her for what she was.

His hands made their way to her womanhood and as he rubbed her moist muff her breathing grew heavier and heavier. And when he finally entered her, it literally took her breath away. On the second thrust, she squealed with unbridled passion and came hard. He smiled and continued thrusting faster and faster. She orgasmed again. And again. She had completely lost herself to him. For what felt like hours, he worked her over until she had lost track of how many times she came. It was a blur of lust and passion.

Between the endless food supply at the office and her budding relationship with the man of her dreams, her weight started climbing up. All those calories evenly distributed themselves onto her body. She swelled out but not down. Unlike some girls, who become lumpy or oddly figured, she puffed up and out.

But she wasn’t worried about it. She was making insane money and had found true love. After 9 months, they moved in together. Life was good and getting better every day. For their year anniversary, he took her to an exclusive restaurant that had a special tasting menu. Inside was a room with a single table that overlooked the water. He asked her to really enjoy herself tonight and she did. Course after course came to their table and she savored every morsel. He ate but not nearly as much as she did. She would do anything for him and if he wanted her to eat all this incredible food, she was going to. For hours she ate and the courses went on and on.

She had never eaten like this. Her stomach stretched so tight it was painful. Her jaw hurt from chewing. Even her tongue was tired. When she finally asked how many courses were left, he said as many as you want. That’s what made this place so special. She asked for dessert and he smiled. Course after course of the most amazing sweet treats made their way into her expanding belly.

After 4 hours she asked if she could stop. Her shirt was stretched out and she looked 9 months pregnant. He gently rubbed her food baby then dropped to his knee and asked her to marry him. Her eyes filled with tears as she said ‘yes yes!’

The following morning she was standing in the bathroom on the scale for the first time in….she couldn’t even remember. And what did she weigh….175? Yeah, that was it. The dial spun and stopped at 250. That couldn’t be right she thought and stepped back on. 250 again. She was stunned.

She stepped off the scale and for the first time in a long time really looked at herself in the mirror. Her chubby thighs looked thick and her hips wide. Stretch marks were forming on the sides of her tummy. No, not a tummy, a gut that was beginning to cover her privates. It oozed out her sides, pushing her arms out. Her breasts, though still small, were growing larger and wider. Spreading out across her chest and around her back. She turned around, following the roll around to her back. Her butt was wide, lumpy and dimpled with cellulite.

Reality hit her hard. She wasn’t the chubby chick any more. She was fat. As her mind raced on what to do, her fiancé slipped into the bathroom and hugged her from behind. His member pressed into her fat ass he hardened. His hands explored her fat body and she realized for the first time what made his touch so special. He made her feel like a woman. A big fertile woman ready to be taken by her man. The realization made her incredibly horny and she bent over the sink offering herself up to him.

As he entered her she looked up into the mirror again. Her breasts, belly, even her chin wobbled back and forth as he thrust. In the reflection, she didn’t see a cute little chubby chick. But she didn’t see a big gross blob either. She saw the future. What every chubby chick is destined to become. A Fat Wife.
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