the clinic

chapter 1

Stacy was fighting the usual struggle to lose weight. She wasn't super fat, but at 146 pounds, she wanted better for herself. She had never been super skinny, as she had a naturally curvy build. Stacy just wasn't comfortable in her skin, she wold wear baggy tops and never took off her cover up at the beach. She hated the gym, and she liked to eat which made things difficult. She tried exercising a little every day, and not over eating. No matter what she did Stacy seemed to stay at the same weight. Stacy confided in a friend, who suggested a therapist who might be able to help Stacy out of her slump. When Stacy met with the therapist she was relieved to hear how not alone she was, and was referred to a doctor who ran a clinic studying weight loss. Stacy set up an appointment at the clinic for the very next week.
When Stacy called the clinic she was given an appointment with a Dr Jameson. She was told the appointment would consist of a thorough physical exam, in addition to the consultation. On the morning of the appointment, Stacy arrived to the clinic a few minutes early excited to get working on the new and improved Stacy. The receptionist led Stacy into a large exam room and instructed her to disrobe and change into an exam gown. Stacy did as she was told and sat on the exam table waiting for Dr Jameson to come in. A few minutes went by and finally there was a knock at the door followed by the entrance of a middle aged man. Stacy was a little surprised, she had forgotten to ask about Dr Jameson, but had assumed the doctor was a female. She blushed suddenly embarrassed and fiddled with the front of her gown. "I'm sorry Ms. Roberts, I are you uncomfortable? We can call off the consultation if you would rather." Stacy felt more at ease as she noticed how soft spoken Dr Jameson was and how genuinely kind he appeared. "No, it's ok. I just assumed you would be a woman. But I'll be fine." "Oh that's wonderful, as long as you don't mind we will get started. Please step over to the scale for me." Stacy got up and walked over to the scale, and held her breath waiting for the digital display to settle on a number. "146.7 lbs" read Dr Jameson "That's a bit overweight for your height and frame but not extreme. Now let me get your vitals and you can tell me about your lifestyle and goals." Stacy headed back to the exam table where the doctor proceeded with the usual; pulse, blood pressure, listening to her heart and lungs with a stethoscope. They discussed her diet and exercise habits. The next part of the exam involved an physical ability test. Dr Jameson had Stacy perform some basic exercises, and finally led her over to a treadmill in the corner of the room. He explained he was going to do a quick check of her physical stamina, and that this would help him determine the best program for her. Standing on the treadmill, he placed several electrodes on her chest and abdomen. These would track her heart and respiratory rate while she exerted herself. Stacy wasn't used to running and she was horrified that she would make a fool of herself or even flunk the test, if it was possible to do so. Dr Jameson turned on the treadmill and instructed Stacy to adjust it to her abilities if it became too fast. It started out a brisk walk, nothing more than what she was used to. This wasn't so bad, she thought. The treadmill started moving faster and felt like it was inclining. Stacy felt her thick thighs and ass jiggle as she began jogging faster to keep up. She wondered what the doctor would think and was he watching her backside? No.. of course not, he was a professional after all. Little did she know that Dr Jameson was in fact watching intently. He was low key watching everything about how Stacy's body moved. Stacy worked her way up to a full out run, and she hadn't run since high school. She kept it up for a few minutes before her lungs started to burn. She hit the button Dr Jameson showed her to slow the machine down. "Are you feeling ok? You may keep slowing down if you would like. Not too fast, gradually work your way back to a walk. I should have all the data I need." Stacy was relieved, she could feel her large breasts heaving a little and again prayed that the doctor was not judging her body too harshly.
"Ok Stacy, please have a seat back on the table. I will take a few minutes to review your results and will be back with you shortly. You may put your clothes back on." Dr Jameson said and promptly left the room. Stacy sat impatiently waiting for the doctor to return. At last he came back into the exam room with a folder in his hands. "Well, after reviewing what we have talked about as well as the results of your physical exam, I think I have found the perfect program for you!" "Oh great!" Stacy exclaimed "what comes next?"
"Well, I think our inpatient excelerated program will work nicely for you."
"Inpatient? That sounds expensive. I'm not sure I would be able to do that." Stacy said mournfully.
"Oh I think we have a great option for you. See, we do studies here on the effects of weight changes on various aspects of life; fitness, sexuality, emotions, etc. so if you would be willing to participate in one of those studies, then you will not have to pay out of pocket for your time here." explained Dr Jameson.
"Oh, really? I think I could definitely participate!" Stacy exclaimed.
"Great! So on your way out the receptionist will set you up with your arrival date. I look forward to working with you on this study while you are a resident here." Dr Jameson smiled and shook Stacy's hand.
Now it never occurred to Stacy that Dr Jameson never used the term weight loss in regards to the study. As it turns out, Stacy wasn't entirely clear on what kind of a study she agreed to participate in. Stacy was assigned a date and time to return to the clinic the following week. She went home to pack and plan for this new adventure.
to be continued...
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