the contract

chapter 1

It was a big commitment, packing up and moving to the city, changing jobs, leaving everyone behind. But the opportunities for Jasmine were massive. Literally massive. After years of watching from her computer screen, seeing women she wished she could be, Jasmine was finally going to work towards her goal.

Jasmine had always been the 'girl next door', pretty and fairly athletic. But she knew she was also fairly boring, always playing by the rules and never one to rock the boat. What she wanted was to do something for herself; something daring, self-indulgent and something she had always wanted, no matter what anyone else thought.
'Fatmaker56' was the best feeder Jasmine had ever come across online. Jasmine had watched with awe as he fattened several girls with ease and turned small trim figures into huge curvaceous ladies. He proudly displayed them on his profile page, a symbol of his prowess as a feeder. Now Jasmine looked down at her own flat stomach and felt that familiar stirring in her underwear as she imagined what was going to happen to her.

It had taken a while to work her way onto Fatmaker56's radar. He was a gorgeous hunk of a man who could have had any girl he wanted. But, luckily for Jasmine, all he really wanted was to see girls grow fat for him. He was the type of guy girls threw themselves at and he always got results, which was most important of all. Jasmine's first few emails were ignored, he was far too busy with his real gainers for sure; but eventually Jasmine won him over and got to know him better, discovering his real name was actually Scott. Jasmine learned from Scott, all his fattening techniques making her hornier and hornier to have it done to her. To be fattened and dominated by Scott. To be a fat girl.

The offer came out of the blue. Scott's current gainer was disappointing him. She'd not been fattening fast enough. Scott had an opportunity for Jasmine; come to the city and be fattened. Come to the city and be turned into a real woman. Jasmine had given notice on her apartment before the end of the day.

It didn't really make much difference to Jasmine, being here in the city. She worked from home anyway and at the age of 29, she was ready for some distance from her family. She sat on the train on the way to Scott's apartment, feeling so excited, she didn't even care how reckless she had been, packing up her whole life and moving 300 miles for a guy she had never actually met. That was the hold Scott had over girls like her.

The carriage was fairly empty and she spread her legs out wide, imagining a huge belly on herself, taking up the entire seat. She imagined the looks people would give her, with her fat belly peeking out under her too tight t shirt. She looked down at her breasts and flat stomach and grinned widely. They had no idea what was going to happen to them. What Scott was going to help her do.

Jasmine was starving. It was Sunday morning and she had been told not to eat before coming. Scott's place was pretty easy to find. She buzzed outside the building and was let in straight away. She crept up the stairs feeling butterflies in her stomach, her legs turning weak at the thought of what she was doing. Finally she reached Scott's door. She breathed in deeply and knocked.

Scott opened the door. 'Hi' Jasmine smiled enthusiastically, but Scott didn't reply. He looked her up and down, surveying every inch of her.

Scott really was a gorgeous man and even better in real life. Jasmine knew she was attractive too, being fairly tall and well proportioned, but it wasn't what Scott liked to see. Scott liked bellies and love-handles, chubby asses and double chins. It made Jasmine horny to see Scott looking her up and down, working out how he was going to add all those things on to her.

All of a sudden, Scott grabbed Jasmine by her shirt and pulled her inside, closing the door swiftly behind them both. He pulled off his shirt and then tugged at Jasmine's top until she was shirtless too. Then he kissed her passionately, throwing her up against the walls, on the way to Scott's bedroom. Once inside, Scott threw off his pants and Jasmine tugged at her own, shocked at how lucky she was getting, so fast. Before she knew what was happening, Scott was rounding on her, pushing her on to the bed and thrusting himself inside until both of them came in a heaping, sweaty mess on Scott's bed.

Jasmine panted, gazing around at the mess of clothes scattered around the room and the sweaty feeder who had just fucked her. 'Did you enjoy that?' asked Scott, impatiently. Jasmine realised it was the first thing he had actually said to her.

'Yeah!' marvelled Jasmine, shocked at her good fortune.

'Good,' snapped Scott, springing up from the bed. 'I find it's much better to get that over with straight away. Ensure you've got a clear head before the contract.'

Jasmine watched Scott's beautiful ass cheeks walking away to a desk just outside the room. 'The contract?' asked Jasmine.

'Yeah, the contract,' Scott continued, fishing out a small stapled parchment. 'The terms of our arrangement. What I expect from you. What you can expect from me,' Scott went on, delivering the paper into Jasmine's hands. Scott was right, now the sex was out of the way, it made it a lot easier to think clearly about this. Ten minutes ago, she would have signed straight away without even reading.

'What is it you expect?' she asked, timidly.

'It's a simple contract,' began Scott, seemingly not bothered that both of them were still completely naked. 'I demand a minimum of 1lb gained each week; and I do mean minimum,' he cautioned. 'Your weigh in time will be 8am each Saturday morning. You are not allowed to eat beforehand. I have set a target weight of 300lbs. If you fail to gain the minimum of 1lb each week, there will be an undisclosed consequence. Any more than three failures result in the termination of the contract. Failure to comply with the consequences will similarly result in the termination of the contract. Fairly simple really,' he sighed.

'300lbs?' gasped Jasmine, her eyes wide. She was only 120lbs and had never been more than 130lbs in her whole life.

'Problem?' asked Scott, not amused.

'No, not at all,' mumbled Jasmine, but she could already feel herself getting turned on again at the thought of being so hugely overweight.

'Good,' Scott replied joylessly. 'There are also some other points. No relationships during the contract term. No posting on social media. That sort of thing. Want a pen?'

The butterflies in Jasmine's stomach were reaching unbearable levels as she was handed the pen. This was it. How many girls like her had been here, signing away their slim bodies? She breathed in, placed the pen on the paper and scribbled her signature. Once complete, Scott snatched it away and filed it in his desk. When he returned, he carried a measuring tape in his hand.

'First things first' he droned wrapping the tape around Jasmine's waist.

Scott measured everywhere; no part of Jasmine's body went unstudied and undocumented, with Scott writing it all down in his notebook and taking pictures on his phone. Next Scott brought out his scale and placed on the floor in front of Jasmine. 'Hop on,' he ordered.

Jasmine could see herself in the mirror as she stood on the scale. Her toned and slim physique about to be fattened and bloated. There was no turning back. She couldn't wait to get started on feeding. A real-life feeding. She remembered all the things Scott had told her online about what he liked to do to make sure his fat girls overate.

Jasmine was breathless with anticipation but, without warning, Scott suddenly presented her with her clothes. 'That will be all for today. I'll see you in six days time for your first weigh in. 8am sharp and at least 1lb heavier.'

Jasmine didn't know what to say. She simply got dressed and let herself out as Scott ambled about in his apartment, seemingly engrossed in far more important matters. It may have been short, but Jasmine had done it. She had finally committed. She had signed a contract and had sex with the hottest feeder in the world.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Reading this again, I find the whole consequence thing so profound. Beautiful story.
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
Excellent! You write so well, and this story has everything a romantic feederism story ever needs. Nice job!
Juicy 5 years
I’ve assumed all along that Scott planted Julian and was watching for her IP to show up, knowing she couldn’t wait until the end. I’m psyched to see the end of consequence three! The dominance isn’t my thing, but I love the story anyway. Well done!
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Anyone else think of pacman when he said she lost another life?
Giantjay 5 years
Really enjoying this, and the cliffhangers are well done - I can't wait to see what chapter 9 brings!
Nok 5 years
good basic story, and interesting, but that stuff in chapter 5 is more than just erotica, it's actually kinda profound on several levels. Really, really cool
QuebecFA 5 years
I'm eagerly awaiting Chapter 5 and what her punishment will be for her second strike!
Bradypig 5 years
Excellent! I can't wait for the consequence. It's so nice to see a well written story.
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Interesting start.
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MOST promising. Keep it up!!
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OMG! This first chapter is AMAZING!!! Can't wait for more smiley