the cult of gluttony

Chapter 1

My name is Jane and I have a confession to make, it embarrasses me to say it, but I have a thing for plump bodies. Though I guess ‘fat fetish’ is a more accurate way to call it, even if it doesn’t sound pretty.

I’ll begin by telling you about the before times in the mystical era of 2019, a better time really, the grass was greener and things were simpler. Back then I spent my free time hanging out with my friends and performing outdoor activities in general, but as 2019 drew to a close and 2020 began, something happened. Of course you’re familiar with it: the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a shame really, I spent my last couple of years of high school inside and I didn’t even get a graduation party. But something else happened, as I was never really into videogames, movies, and whatnot I spent my time on social media and I noticed a trend, many of my classmates started to gain weight, indeed the combination of not being able to go outside and the half-assed online PE class (In which many students had ‘broken cameras’ suspiciously often) meant that the pounds started to pile on and on.

Seeing this happen I felt something, at first I tried to deny it and pass it off as disgust, it was beyond me that I would feel something for such an unconventionally body type, one which is seen as undesirable by society at large. But it continued and I slowly began to desire it more and more, a sort of forbidden fruit. I kept watching people on social media balloon up and I couldn’t get enough of it. The boredom of the pandemic eventually got to me and one day I opened my Notebook, opened a browser window in incognito mode, and began searching, that day was the day when the floodgates opened, I was discovering a whole new world I never knew existed, I knew some people had strange or unconventional body preferences but that was the tip of the iceberg compared to what I dove into.

I saw it all – real models of all shapes and sizes! high-quality art! stories! comics! forums! even a site dedicated to weight gain video games! I learned the terminology and the various communities, and I began to become surprisingly tech-savvy as well, both to find more content and to hide my tracks, this was my secret obsession and I did my best to stay under the radar, I had some close calls now and then but as time went on I got better and better. Burner phones! burner emails! VPNs! Safer internet browsers! the tools of the trade, I couldn’t let anyone find this and eventually when I did start my own stash of pictures and other content I did my best to hide it, folders within folders, inconspicuous names, everything. I eventually bought an external hard drive which I hid under a fake bottom I engineered into my bottom desk drawer, it became one of my most prized possessions. Eventually, I began to crave more, I found out that the West wasn’t the only one making this kind of content, it seemed to be pretty popular in Japan too and soon enough I learned to browse Pixiv and by that point, I even used prepaid Visa cards to acquire premium content.

And so time went on, I successfully passed my last years of high school not with a bang but with a whimper, there wasn’t really a graduation party due to the aforementioned pandemic which was quite a disappointment, not only since I wanted to see and speak with my friends like before but because, and I feel kinda ashamed saying this, I really wanted to look at the plump students in person.

I was on summer vacation and soon going to enter college, and in the meantime, I had nothing else to do except continue expanding my stash, at this point, it was a fairly large and diverse collection, and I was pretty proud of it in a weird way. However, that wasn’t a good day, I was especially anxious that day and the contents of my collection just weren’t doing it, I searched and searched online but I couldn’t find anything that did the trick, everything was something that I either had already saved or something that was not quite what I was looking for, I was growing increasingly desperate before I realized what I truly desired: I wanted to feel it, the warmth, the softness, play with it, see it jiggle, I wanted to be face to face with fatness. In these times it was hard to get together with someone and I lost my one major opportunity when the graduation party and ceremony were canceled, so in desperation, I lifted my shirt and looked at myself but alas, I was flat, I didn’t have abs per se but I didn’t have a tummy either. I thought about what I could do, getting fat myself wasn’t something in my interest, I was strictly a ‘feeder’ and I didn’t have what it took to become some ‘feedee’, in short, I’d have to wait until college to even see someone who might be chunky. If only I didn’t have a fetish occupying my headspace! or at least if I had something more manageable, while it’s not the most niche fetish it still wasn’t all that popular from my perspective, at least the rest are better seen by society or are easier to fulfill your desires, I bet even those feet people that get mocked constantly have it easy in comparison.

This soured my mood quite a bit, so I decided to go outside and take some fresh air, at least as much as you could take through a mask. It was fairly empty outside, as usual, and it was quite late, getting dark but I should have enough time for a quick walk, so I started wandering for a bit, at first to the local park and then to some streets nearby, it was then that I remembered something, there was an esoteric shop nearby, I had a goth phase way back before, I prefer to not talk about it, so anyways, I wondered if it was still around, I got curious and decided to check it out.

I arrived and sure enough, it was still there! It was open as well, unusual as shops tend to close fairly early these days, I decided “Why not?” And went inside. There was a “limited shop capacity” sticker due to Covid but the shop seemed empty apart from the owner so I entered, the shop doorbell rang and the owner, misses Willow greeted me:
“Ah Jane, what a pleasant surprise! I haven’t seen you in a long time, come on in.” she greeted me
“Thank you, I was walking by the area and I wanted to see this shop again” I replied

After some chit-chat, I began looking around. It was stocked with about what you can expect from this kind of store: books on spirituality, metaphysical stuff, the occult, tarot reading, etc. I was walking around the store when I saw some tomes on a display table, both sides didn’t feature any title or description and the spine was lacking a name, I got curious and I opened one up and peered inside, it was empty, blank writing pages. I asked the owner what the deal was with them and she told me:
“Ah those, they are just regular writing notebooks. I picked them up since they have a neat design, they look like the ancient tomes you see in the movies.”
“I see” I answered
“We also have some calendars, a notebook with squares for math, a pocket-sized notebook, a–”
“Thank you but I’m fine, just browsing”
“Well then, let me know if anything catches your eye”

I kept looking at some of the notebooks. They had some nice-looking designs and came in a variety of colors. The paper inside was fairly high quality too, it had a sort of texture and an off-white color. I was looking at the various notebooks, there was a red one, a blue one, a green one, an amber one, I picked up a purple one and opened a random page, to my surprise there was something written inside ‘JANE’ in big black letters in the center of the page, that’s my name, I stared at it for a few seconds before asking:
“Are these notebooks supposed to have something written on them?”
“Hmm? No, I don’t believe so. They should be completely blank. Maybe it’s the name of the company or the designer?” She replied
‘JANE’ huh... a bit plain for a company name, no logo or slogan either, and no last name for it to be the name of an artist. Perhaps an alias? No, there must be another answer…
Perhaps some kid scribbled on them without you noticing?” I asked.
“I don’t think that’s likely, they came in today and I’ve kept a watchful eye over them”
My heart nearly skipped a beat, they came in today? Out of all the notebooks on display, I grabbed this one and the page I randomly open up to had MY name on it? Granted it wasn’t like it had my full name, address, and social security number but it still felt like it was too much to be a coincidence, perhaps they–
“We’re closing! are you going to purchase something or not?” The store owner asked
I was indecisive, should I buy a notebook based on just a mere four letters? It must be a coincidence, there’s no way that was meant for me–
“So?” The store owner insisted
Seemingly by itself, my body began to move, I grabbed the notebook and headed to the cash register
“Cash or debit?” She asked
“Cash” I said as I pulled out my wallet
It was surprisingly expensive but I suppose that’s fair considering the size and the overall quality of it, luckily I had just about the same amount of money in my wallet, I finished paying and began to head home.

I arrived home, greeted my parents, and headed upstairs to my room. I closed the door behind me, sat on the bed, and began to look through the notebook. It was blank, I couldn’t even find the page that had my name written out, I checked and double-checked but I couldn’t find anything written. Did I grab the wrong one in the rush? That can’t be, I know for certain there was only one purple one, the one I bought. Did I get pranked? Is this a scam? It can’t be, it must be around there somewhere, I’ll keep looking for it.

The vacation came and went and covid began to die down, but I never found the ‘JANE’ page, for a time I would occasionally try looking for it again but to no avail, not soon after I forgot about it and left it in my shelf, besides, I had more urgent matters at hand than some piece of paper, I had to prepare for the beginning of college life and the move to the dorms.

I didn’t have much to pack other than my clothes, some materials, my computer, and of course, my external hard drive. As my parents drove me off to the college campus I began to wonder, what is this year going to be like? will I find anyone who meets my desired body proportions? could I really afford to indulge in my strange obsession? While I was pondering all these topics in my head I was surprised to learn that we had arrived, the trip went by quicker than I expected. I got out of the car, grabbed my stuff, and hugged my parents goodbye.

I entered my dorm and I began to unpack, it was quite a nice place, if a little small, though I guess that’s the tradeoff for being a private single-person room. The lights flickered from time to time, did they really have power problems in this building? Didn’t the website say that these buildings were new? Whatever perhaps it was just a faulty bulb. With my clothes and essentials packed away, it was time to go to sleep and rest up for my first day of college.

I turned off the light and entered my bed, hmm, the bed was surprisingly comfortable yet something felt wrong. Time went on and I couldn’t shake the feeling nor fall asleep, what was it? Did I forget something? Clothes? Check, wallet? Check, hard drive? Check and stored safely, toothbrush? Check, pen? Check, notebooks? Check– wait, did I pack all my notebooks? I got up and switched on the light, I then began to look through my bag, one, two, three… I’m missing a couple, oh maybe I accidentally put them with my books, I checked a different area of the bag, a physics book, biology, and math, these were ridiculously expensive by the way, what’s the deal with that? Wait, what’s this? the purple notebook… I don’t remember taking it, I haven’t thought of it in a while and I haven’t really used it since I bought it. It has a lot of pages, around 500 I think, so I guess it will do as well as any notebook, at least until I replace the ones I forgot to pack. I’ll just put it in my backpack and go right back to sleep, or at least try to, as I immediately tripped and dropped the book, it landed open with the pages facing the ground, urgh, I hope they didn’t become too dirty, I picked it up and as I turned the notebook around and prepared to close it, I noticed that it was open to the ‘JANE’ page, the one which I had been searching for so long.

Just as I realized what I was seeing, the lights began to flicker heavily until shortly after they turned completely off. It was then that the ‘JANE’ letters began to glow purple, I placed the notebook on the ground and began to back away, wait a second, what if it’s just glow-in-the-dark ink? I crawled closer and slowly approached my arm until my hand touched the letters, a bright flash occurred, it blinded me and I backed away in shock.

The light faded from my eyes and saw a purple light emanating from the notebook and illuminating the room, soon after a figure came from the darkness, it was a… demon? It had the body of a small young woman, smaller than me even, it had a purple skin tone and a pair of wings on its back, it began to speak to me:
“Salutations moral Janel! Bow before me! I am the Insatiable! The Great Lady of Excess! The High Priestess of All Things Edible! Sovereign Ruler of the Culinary Arts! Lilith, The Grand Arbiter and Supreme Empress of Gluttony!”
I tried my best to hold my laughter but I accidentally let out a chuckle
“HEH? Y-You dare laugh at my performance? You mere insignificant moral–”
I couldn’t hold it any longer and began to laugh, the demon recoiled and seemed embarrassed, I then began to speak:
“Salutations? Performance? You are a very silly demon I must say”
“I-I’m not a mere demon, I’m the Supreme Empress of Gluttony! W-Why aren’t you afraid of me moral?”
“Moral? This is the third time you’ve said that, I think you meant to say mortal, and something tells me you aren’t the big shot you claim to be…” I talked back
“E-Eek!” the demon recoiled as I stood upright and approached
“You’re a mere succubus aren’t you? I’ve seen the depictions, you must be quite a young one too, judging from your inexperience and small size.” I observed
“I-I might be a bit young for a demon but I’m still 214 years old! You’ve only lived a fraction of what I have!” the demon protested
“Let’s just skip the semantics, what do you want? How do you know my name? Answer me swiftly and honestly, there’s a church on this campus near the dorms.” I responded
“Eeh!” she squeaked “W-well then, what I need– I mean, what I want is that you feed my hunger for gluttonous energy, in other words, I want you to fatten up your classmates.”

“Interesting. What about the topic of my name on the notebook? It all happened perfectly for you, I assume you were looking for me in specific, correct?” I questioned
“Well, yes, I’m not able to reveal you much about the inner workings of the demon world, there is a sort of no-speak law, I believe you may call it a ‘Non-disclosure agreenment’, right?” The demon questioned
“Agreement, not aGREENment, but that’s close enough, carry on” I replied
“Whatever” the demon nagged “I am not allowed to tell you much, like if I tell you a secret weakness and you decide to betray us or you get captured that would mean big trouble for us” The demon explained
“Reasonable” I replied
“What I can tell you is that everything that has happened so far has been carefully planned, you didn’t encounter a page with your first name written on it by mere coincidence, you have to understand that everything in this world happens for a reason. Your previous assessment of me was true, I’m… I’m just a young succubus on its first real mission here on the mortal plane, but don’t think I’m a wimp!” The demon continued
“What makes you say that?” I questioned
“I was hand-picked by our father, our leader, to lead in this important mission! That means I must be special! Preparations were laid months in advance, that notebook is no mere notebook but a freshly forged artifact filled with potential. They bound me to it and sent it into the mortal realm. It got added to just the right set of regular notebooks, got shipped to just the right store, at just the right time, all of that for it to fall in your hands, you should be proud, mortal!” The demon explained
“Fascinating, I can’t imagine the levels of foresight it must have taken. By the way, my name is Jane, you should know that already. So, tell me, what exactly makes this artifact so special? It looks like it’s completely blank, I couldn’t even find the Jane page until now.” I said
“Alright, I’ll call you Jane, but only if you call me Lilith instead of just a mere demon or succubus. And about the tome, you see, this is the first tool we are giving you to aid you in your quest to fatten your classmates. Simply rip a page out of the tome and crumble it up and hide it in your hands, think of a food item of a relatively similar size, then open your hands, and tada! You have conjured a calorie-dense version of that food item.” Lilith explained
That’s just a nickname or an alias, she’s young but I doubt she’s stupid enough to have given me her real name, whatever the case, I could figure that out later.
“So… that’s all? I mean it’s good and all but it would take me a long while to fatten up even a single person with only that. And what would happen if I ran out of pages?” I complained
“Hehe, don’t worry about that, you see, this is just the beginning. This tome is filled with potential. As you fatten people up and gather gluttonous energy the tome and I will grow in power. You may have been chosen, Jane, but that doesn’t mean we’ll hand you our artifacts. Prove yourself worthy and we will grant you many gifts and blessings.
So then, do we have a deal?”

Author's notes:
Greetings! I'm excited to share my first attempt at writing with you, it's a fairly run-of-the-mill college story with magical elements, inspired by shivaakaid's Thin College story (Found in Curvage and DeviantArt), all with his blessing, and with his writing advice. This story has a lighter one in comparison and while it starts at a slower pace, I have many exciting and fun elements planned, and I hope you will stick around as the story ramps up.
I welcome any suggestions, criticism, and ideas you may have, so please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me. Thank you for reading!
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SoftFeedist 1 week
This was an absolute blast to read! I really enjoyed Jane's attitude how everything tends to go not quite how she wanted, although she never seems to complain too hard about the results
Camillefactory 4 months
One of the best stories around here
FlabbyGabby 6 months
Please continue; this story has so much potential!
GreenTrinket... 6 months
Thank you for your feedback! I do plan to continue it in the future when I get some more ideas. In the meantime, I'll be writing the sci-fi story I mentioned over at my DeviantArt.
Ubat 6 months
I’m really curious of weight development in main character, both in numbers and how it affects her clothes/look. It seems like she must have gained plenty of weight from recent events.
GreenTrinket... 6 months
We'll get to the numbers when we do the round of housekeeping near the end of what I have written out. I think you'll be most pleased with the numbers. 😉
Henryrinn 6 months
One of the best story I have ever read keep going please
GreenTrinket... 6 months
Thank you! It's such an honor to hear this kind of praise.
LeandroAlex 6 months
man i think you should continue this story up to colossal weights because it has so much potential. You can for example make Cassy exchange earrings with someone or Amelia keep another object .
Ubat 6 months
I'd prefer the main character to still gain against her will, unintentionally, probably try to lose it, but fail at this and maybe even accept this state, but don't turn into a feedee.
Ubat 6 months
About suggestions, I don't like stories, where the main character eventually finds a feeder, gets super enormous and enjoys it (and most stories are like this...)
Ubat 6 months
This story is so great!
GreenTrinket... 6 months
Thank you very much for your feedback!
Piturekapiteka 6 months
Omg it's here! I've been following this story on deviantart, literally just left a comment there 10 min ago. It awesome
GreenTrinket... 6 months
Thank you! I wanted to post this story on DeviantArt, Curvage and Fantasy Feeder due to my own experience of discovering stories that were exclusive to each platform.
ThePatchwork... 6 months
When introducing characters, do tell us what they look like. Narratives run on theaters of the mind, so the more information, the better!
GreenTrinket... 6 months
I'll keep that in mind, I have a bad habit of making character descriptions but forgetting to actually write them into the story.
Weighgainer 6 months
This is sooo good. Thin College is one of my favorites and this story has all the thinks I liked about Thin College, while still feeling unique.

Really good job so far.
GreenTrinket... 6 months
Thank you! I was a bit worried that it might be seen as too derivative but I'm glad to see that people like my spin on it
Kexickus 6 months
I dig this one so much!
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