the delivery thief (quick)

Chapter 1 - the greed of a man, the weight of the consciousness...

John was an average working class man, coming from a middle class family, he lead a pretty normal and comfortable life, living with his girlfriend and working as a delivery guy for different food apps, he did his best to make as many deliveries as possible in a day, but somedays his laziness and greed got the best of him, he would usually sneak into the bags of food and try to snack on some of the smaller items like fries, nachos or chips, on other occasions, he would outright steal whole burgers and let the blame fall on the restaurant, as the apps he worked for didn’t provide much information on the data of the delivery person, he always got away with it.

Even with John’s constant snacking, he still had a pretty average built, scrawny even, with a five o’clock shadow, somehow he managed to stay thin with all the extra meals he managed to steal.

Coincidentally enough, he met his girlfriend by stealing from her order, after a long discussion over a missing burrito, the two ended up falling in love a couple weeks after the incident

As the meal thief kept digging into the orders, local restaurants started to get furious at John, and because the apps always do nothing, one business owner took things into their own hands. Erin was the owner of a local burger shop called “Kitchen Witch”, she was sick of losing potential customers, so she planted a bait for the hungry delivery boy, after preparing the food and setting up the unusual large order, she put a spell on the whole order, one that would make it smell irresistible and persuade whoever saw it to consume it on sight, also, the person who ate that would become very very fat.

As Erin set up the ritual, she declared:

“{i}Heavy is the consciousness of the consumer of this meal
And heavier is the body...
The owner of the hungry mouth that consumes this meal
Will meet their faith as their body bloats,
Becoming a larger version of who they once were
Immense, heavy, titanic shall they be!... {/i}”

She concluded the ritual and waited for the delivery man to come by...


John drove up to the restaurant to pick up the order, little did he know what awaited him... he got in his car and drove off to the location, as he drove, he was caught off guard by the sheer smell of the food, every time he breathed in, he had a almost orgasmic sensation. As always, he thought about stealing bits some items of the food but reconsidered after seeing how large the order was, that thought quickly faded away as he felt the smell of the delicious meal that awaited him, because he felt bad about who was going to receive the meal, he sent a cheeky excuse to the person who ordered and dug in. Opening the bag, the man was caught off guard by how appealing the food looked, he took one of the fries as to not create much damage, and couldn’t resist taking another one, when he noticed he was taking handfuls of every piece of food on the package, chicken nuggets, fries, mozzarella sticks and the burgers, he started to savor every bit of the meal in front of him.

As John started to come off the food craze that just hit him, he started to feel the weight on his consciousness, looking at the damage he had done, there was no way to fix what he had done, however, as he took one of the last bites on one of the burgers he felt a tightening feeling around his whole body, he finished the remains of the burger and realesing one last burp, he felt a warm tingling sensation, suddenly his clothes started to get tight and he lifted his shirt to realize, he was getting fat by the minute.

Panicking about what to do, he froze as he watched his once lean stomach stretch into a large, round and soft belly, violently ripping through his t-shirt, he tried to hold his gut in an attempt to stop the accelerated growth but to no avail, simultaneously he rose on the seat of his car as his ass grew in all directions, covering all of the remaining seat, before getting stuck between the steering wheel, he pulled the lever and his seat went all the way back, his legs expanded stretching his sweatpants to the limit, making it look like they were vaccum sealed, his arms started to cut through the sleeves of the shirt before ripping through them violently, as he stared in awe, it became harder to look down feeling the growth of his chin and of the gigantic man boobs, as he thought the growth was slowing down, he felt a burp coming up, tried to hold it down to avoid growing more than he already had, but failed making it go even stronger than it would, as he belched he felt his whole entire body surge out once more, as the expansion continued, the whole car shook and violently dropped down, out of the windows he could hear the hissing of the tires slowly realeasing air, having popped from the weight of the behemoth of a person now sitting on the driver’s seat.

Not knowing what to do, he looked out of the windshield to notice he was not far away from his house, unable to drive considering the sheer size of his body, John attempted to walk out on to the street, a task he would soon find out had become pretty difficult to execute. Reaching for the door handle with some effort, he was able to pull on it, causing the door itself to violently open due to the pressure built by the blob of a man that occupied the tight space, grabbing on to the side of the car he did his best to leave the enclosed space his body grew into, with many failed attempts, the structure of the car started to bend down and groan from his sheer weight, he let out a frustrated moan, muffled by the adipose layer around his neck. The frame of the car groaned loudly, about to give up, John collected all of his strength to try to get out of the now tiny car, with a loud groan from the frame and from him, he was able to land a hefty step and then another one on the ground.

Finding his balance, he took a risky step and nearly fell on the asphalt, trying to feel his own body, he started to slowly waddle toward the sidewalk, every step he took caused the floor to shake and make the pavement crack, further more along the way, he started to breathe heavily from the effort he was making. Getting close to his front yard, he stomped along the path in his lawn to reach the front door, however he realized he was simply too big to fit through it. Hearing the stomping outside, his girlfriend rushed to see the commotion outside, as she opened the front door she was flabbergasted at the site of the mammoth of a man that stood beyond her, taking a closer look, she noticed that it was actually her boyfriend. Struggling to get inside, Ian, while trying to fit through the door got stuck on it and ended up ripping the frame apart, busting through it.

Now inside, his girlfriend escorted him to the living room to clear up what happened, and, as Ian lowered his body to sit down, the weight that he now carried made the couch groan loudly and was more than enough to snap it in half. Being accommodated at the broken sofa, Ian explained the situation to his girlfriend through muffled words, he was extremely embarrassed to be seen like that by his girlfriend, they brainstormed how that could ever possibly happen but couldn’t rationalize it. At the end of their conversation, Ian’s girlfriend asked if he wanted anything and all he could say was: “I’m kinda hungry”.

As John’s new life began, he started to embrace his new fatness, not knowing if willingly or not, he now had an almost insatiable hunger that made it look like every meal was a feast. He had to quit his job considering he was now unable to do it. Right after the incident his girlfriend tried some methods to get him to lose weight, like diets and special methods, all to no avail considering sometimes he would end up even fatter than before, after a while it became hard to even measure his weight considering no scales were able to measure such a massive weight. Now a huge young adult, he started to look for more sedentary jobs, he could do online. Everyday, it would be evident that he had woken up considering that every step he took made the whole house shake vigorously. Ian’s fatness was the consequence of all the food he had stolen, now he was paying the price for his greed, a greed that made a large impact on his apetite and his waistline...

I’m sorry if the story is written badly, this story was a bit rushed, hope you enjoy!
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