the desk job

Chapter 1 - the beginning

I'll begin my story with a little background. I took notes of my weight gain and the weight gain progression was well documented in a journal. The ending is an exaggeration but the beginning is a true account of the effects of my weight gain. My weight gain began after my fifth year of university, when I graduated and began my desk job. I had always been on the scrawny side. I was about 5'9, and entered college at a skinny 130 lbs. During university I had gained a considerable amount of weight. I began weightlifting during university, and enjoyed smoking weed. I was still in generally good shape when I graduated, about 160 lbs. I had definitely become somewhat chubbier throughout college. I exercised often, and despite my slightly chubby stomach, I was well built and in decent shape.

I began my career shortly after turning 24, in the summer after finishing up my last year of schooling. I worked in a financial industry that had long hours, and we often ate dinner at our desk (from restaurants, and at the company's expense). I quickly went from doing very little, and having ample time to exercise, to working 50 hours a week. I got to the gym once per week, maybe. I was also living by myself at the time. I was lonely, as I was still adjusting to not being around my college friends constantly, and probably started eating to console myself. While in college, especially toward the end, I was very conscious of what I ate. I was well aware of my fat fetish, but I had limited interest in gaining myself. I had always thought of myself as more of a feeder, although I had never acted on it with a girl, or told anyone about my fetish.

Just a couple of months or so into my new job, I began to notice how tight my pants were. Soon my "comfortable" pants became tight. By the time the holidays came around, I had already gained some weight. At this point, the weight gain was still unnoticeable to me, and I didn't realize that I had been gaining weight. That Christmas, while home for the holidays, my mother gave me a Men's Warehouse gift card. A few days later, I ventured to the store and tried on some suits. Standing in the dressing room I glanced at the full length mirror. I immediately noticed that I had a slight double chin and a noticeable bulge in my middle. Not large, but definitely more prominent than I'd had during my college beer drinking days. I bought some new pants, and to my surprise, I had gone up from a 30/31 waist size to a 32. Even the 32s were a little bit tight.
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