the doctor's visit

Chapter 1 - part 1

Cindy waited patiently on the examination table, the cushion covered in paper squashed beneath her weight. Her legs dangled from the table hanging in the air a few inches from the floor. Her thighs looked enormous when she was sitting, her short shorts cutting into them, looking nearly ready to burst at the seams. Her belly hung out of her tight tank top spilling onto her lap as she leaned back on the table. Her breasts could barely be contained by the straining shirt, showing so much cleavage others in the waiting room had been uncomfortable. Her heart was beating quickly, the anxiety mounting. She had been dreading this appointment from the second she knew she had to make it. All she needed was a simple allergy prescription filled, but they insisted since it had been almost a year that she come in for a routine check-up. Cindy was healthy. She had never felt better about her life, or herself. She had a very lucrative work-from home job, a handsome and charming boyfriend, Jason, and her own apartment conveniently located above a great Italian restaurant, across the street from a pastry shop, and cattycornered to the local bar.

This past year was the best of her life financially, psychologically, and sexually. Those, however, had affected her physically. Life was good to her, and her waistline began to show it. Her work from home status allowed her to lounge around most of the day, log on to her work account, and do what she had to do in pajamas. Going out was another story. Every few weeks she had noticed another article of clothing that didn't fit. Her job and her financial status provided her the freedom to shop whenever she pleased so she would make frequent trips, sometimes buying the same thing in multiple larger sizes. This was not without error though. In her haste to meet her friends at the bar a few week prior she grabbed a pair of jeans she believed were her current size 22, but after pulling them up in her haste, quickly realized they were much smaller. Intrigued she continued the struggle, jumping, squeezing, and sucking it in, her belly wobbling, her immense breasts bouncing of it like a trampoline and nearly hitting her in the face. She finally managed to just squeeze into them by lying down, sucking it in, and pulling with all her God given strength. She buttoned them and felt the pressure of the clip digging into her waist. Laboriously, she stood up and stared at herself in the mirror. The pants were so tight a roll of her blubbery belly hung over them. She felt the strain of every fiber, feeling them pulling apart against her immense butt and thunder thighs. As she looked at herself she felt strangely erotic, almost turned on at the sight of her bloated figure. She sighed in pleasure, and released the final bit of breath she had been holding it and heard a POP! as she witnessed the button that had been digging into her fly and ricochet off a wall.

"Oh Em Gee," she sighed to herself, the pants still super snug around her midsection, but now feeling slightly less confined after her exploding button, "I've gotten so fat I'm popping buttons!"

She was embarrassed, but her she felt her panties getting wet. Why was she so turned on by this? Why did she find the fact that she ruined a $120 pair of jeans erotic? Or the fact that she had gained so much weight such a turn? She pondered this as the sight of the button caught her eye, lying next to her bed looking like a bullet casing that hit the floor in a crime scene. She shuffled over, the strain of her pants preventing her from walking correctly, and bent down to retrieve the button. She heard a low groan and then a sudden RRRIIIIPPPP! and felt the cool air hit her large bottom. She quickly stood up, forgetting about the button, and looked at her backside in the mirror.

She was aghast to find not just a rip, but a large hole on the seat of her jeans, her black lace thong swallowed up by her soft and jiggly butt cheeks, visible through the breech. She moaned to herself in a combination of mortification and pleasure. "I guess I can't wear these out."
Cindy slipped the busted pair off and threw them to the side of the bed between her dresser where the button had been, but not before looking at the size of the pants that she had obliterated. "Okay..." she said to herself, "so I'm not a 16 anymore." She went back to her closet, this time checking the tags this time to make sure a similar incident wouldn't occur and picked out the biggest pair she could find, a size 22, that were tight, but nothing compared to the previous pair. She put them on, found a cute blouse, and proceeded out for a night of food, drinking, and friends.

Cindy felt a pain in her lower lip and realized she was biting down on it thinking of her mishap just a few short weeks ago. The sensuality of the memory was so fresh in her mind she had practically relived it right there on the examination table of the doctor's office. She looked down at her protruding belly resting on her thighs and gave it a soft and sensual rub. It had become incredibly erotic to her to rub her belly, feeling the softness, feeling the tenderness, brushing over her stretch marks. It had become her favorite thing to do after a day of non-stop eating, or a night of intense beer drinking. She had nervously shared this information with her boyfriend, Jason, whom she noticed had began looking at her differently as she continued growing larger.

"This is weird... but I kind of like it," she started tentatively, after a night of bingeing not only movies, but cookies, cakes, and ice cream. She didn't want to make eye contact as she explained her seemingly uncanny feelings about her expanding girth to her boyfriend, so instead looked down at bloated gut extending out.

Jason smiled, "What's not to like? It's the greatest comic heroes of all time in a two and half hour epic film!" He motioned toward the TV screen.

"Not the movie, you big dope!" She giggled, the tension seemingly relieved for a moment. "This..." She lifted up the shirt that was straining to contain her stomach. Her stretchy yoga pants came up to her belly button, causing a handful of fat to spill over. She pulled it out and finally felt free. She didn't know if it was the constrain of her pants or the feelings she was sharing with Jason. Cindy gave her pudgy stretch marked belly a grab. "It feels so nice, you know?"

Jason stared at her, jaw nearly on the floor, as she continued, "I've noticed you looking at me differently. Like a puppy dog, or something. And whenever we're intimate, you seem to pay more attention to it..."

"I'm sorry, I mean, if you don't like it, if it makes you self-conscience or whatever I can totally just stop. Ignore it, focus on your, uh - " he paused and looked at her voluminous breasts that had grown a minimum of two cups sizes over the course of their relationship and finished, "--other assets."

Cindy moved from next to Jason on the loveseat and climbed on top of him, straddling him, her bare belly exposed and pressing up against him. She flipped back her long, dark hair and kissed him passionately. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her love handle. "It's a whole lot to ignore, don't you think?" She whispered in his ear seductively, while starting to grind on him. "I know you like it, Jason. And I want you to know I like it too."

Jason moaned in pleasure, getting excited at both Cindy grinding on him and her words. His open invitation would not be declined. He grabbed Cindy by her chubby love handles and forced her down harder on him. He ran her hands over her fat tummy, his fingers sinking into the softness. He ran over her stretch marks intently, as if he was reading Braille. She whispered in his ear, "I want you to play with all of this fat."

The thought of how perfect, how intimate, how sexually liberating that encounter had been was interrupted by footsteps coming down the hallway of the doctor's office. Cindy composed herself and sat up a little straighter, sucking her protruding gut in a as much as she could. Her heart was beating with excitement from the milestones of her sensual weight gain journey just moments ago, but now from fear and dread of the doctor. The footsteps grew louder and louder and then stopped. She heard the doorknob turn, the door creak and in walked the doctor..
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