the doorman

chapter 1

Lucy lived in the 5th floor in one of the most amazing apartments in the city of chicago. It was a fancy building and since she had a nice job in the fashion industry, she could afford to have an apartment there. It was the kind of expensive place where they even have a doorman that takes care of your plants while you are on a trip or walks your dog if you have to do extra work that day. His name was Charly and he was a nice 35 year old man, Lucy didn't know him much since he had just taking the job about 5 days ago,
Lucy was a true master piece of a women, she was tall, slim, pretty, more than pretty, she was a bombshell, blue eyes, pretty black hair, nice skin... She had it all.
She had been on a trip and she was coming back on Charly's 5th day of work.
For Lucy, meeting charly when she arrived and he opened the door, was not a big deal, it was just someone else. But for Charly, this was a true change in his life. As soon as she opened the door of her cab, he saw her long slim legs getting out first, that already had caught his attention, but when he saw her, his mind blew. She was the perfect girl. And he was ready to get her to a whole new level of perfection... He could imagine how she would look with 5 more pounds... then with 15 more.. maybe 20.... 30... 50... 100?! Anything she could take would be amazing!
He helped her get her luggage to her apartment.
For the next two weeks Charly planned the time she left to go to work and the time she came back to the building, he also bought fat gaining pills, as well as powder and liquid mass gaining shake.
After a couple of weeks he was ready to start taking his plan into action.
It was monday morning and she had just left when Charly took the copy of the key to Lucy's apartment, like every doorman, he had the keys to all the apartments, in case on an emergency, he could use it to open them. This was not an emergency, but it was the perfect moment for him to use the key. He went up to the 5th floor and open the door. The house was really pretty, a little messy, clothes everywhere, since she worked in the fashion industry she got a lot of clothes for free, clothes they had used in a runway or some kind of show or photo shoot. This way, most of her clothes were really nice quality and with nice designs. He went in, and went straight to the kitchen start his "cooking". He first took at the powder things she had, like oat flour, or fat free chocolate powder and mixed it with the mass gainer powder. Then mixed her milk with the fat gainer shake and changed it into whole milk instead of skin milk. And finally powder the pills and spread them into all the other food she had prepared in the fridge. He made sure he left everything looking the same, and then he left.
He kept doing this for the next couple of weeks, making sure everything had some king of fat gaining product, and also changing her milk, changing her fat free chocolate powder with the most calorific one he could find.
After a couple of weeks he could see some changes in her figure, not really noticeable, but just that her hip bones were starting to disappear, under a cover of fat, and her but looking a little fuller. He was okay with the progress but he needed more. It was then when he decided to also take into action the plan B.
So that night, he entered into her apartment before she arrived, and hid under her bed. He then waited there until she had gone to bed and had fallen asleep, then he came out, trying not to make any sound and using chloroform he put her into a way deeper sleep. He then prepared some fat shakes and started putting them on her, not too much, just a couple shakes, a total amount of 1000 calories or so.He then left.
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