the effects of cake & cream

chapter 1

I slowly drift to consciousness, following a blissful sleep with vivid, exciting yet confusing dreams where I was..... I try and remember as I was enjoying it, but it eludes me, not helped by noises I can hear coming from another room.

I keep my eyes tight shut not wanting to wake fully, and go to shift the position I am lying in. With rising panic I find myself restrained, unable to move. My eyes shoot open wide, trying to understand what is restraining me, I look down, and that is when the realisation hits me and I remember....

What greets my eyes, hidden only by a thin sheet is mounds and mounds of fat pink quivering flesh. Hundreds upon hundreds of pounds making rolls upon rolls, My belly so immense even sitting at the angle I sleep in I cannot see my legs and feet, not for a long time. I know they are still there as I can just wiggle my toes, but the sheer size and weight of them I cannot move them. This is made infinitely worse because that enormous belly spills down to my knees and its weight keeps them firmly pinned down.

I even find it hard to move my head too much, with no many chins and so much fat I can barely move it up and down, and only a little side to side. However from my vantage point I can see my huge man tits sagging down onto my belly. I go to cup one in my pudgy hand, but my arms are so fat I can barely lift them an inch off the bed.

I am restrained, but not by rope or ties, but my own immensely obese body. I have eaten myself into super morbidly obesity, helpless to do even the simplest of tasks, and then I hear the reason approaching...

My heart skips a beat as she appears, carrying a huge tray of pre-breakfast goodies. The most beautiful and sensual woman I have ever seen, crazy hair on top of her head, wicked mischievous grin on her perfect face, and that body... OMG that body, perfectly plump and perky breasts hidden under a cropped top that is straining to contain them, a sexy tummy she has out on show knowing how much I love it, and a hypnotic sway from her hips as she moves.

This is the woman I am crazy for, she makes me feel every positive emotion all at once, drives me wild with desire. I want her with every fibre of my existence, I crave her, I need her. My loins ache for her just at the merest glimpse. I am utterly in her control, under her spell, I do anything and everything to please her. The satisfaction I get from making her happy, from making her horny and bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.

She is the reason I have become this whale of a man, early on she realised my weakness not only for very fattening food, but for being stuffed to breaking point, and that I got turned on by not only extreme gluttony, but also my growing body. Using every trick she could, she persuaded, encouraged and sometimes forced more and more into me, always making me want it, turning me on, fucking my brains out and turning me into a completely helpless feedee, addicted to gorging, addicted to fattening, and unable to get aroused unless I was consuming vast quantities of food and calories.

As she sways into the room, my excitement rises, I cannot stop myself starting to get aroused at the thought of all the food, and of my Mistress from getting off on me gorging on it. She smiles at me and without thinking, I blurt out 'feed me'.

She smiles again, wickedly, places the tray down out of my reach, not that I can move my arms anyway. She starts by making sure I am as comfortable as I can be, helping pull me up a bit more, re-arranging the pillows, leaning over me, her breasts almost close enough to kiss, so close i should be able to lean forward just an inch to get to them, but I cannot...

Once comfortable, she removes the sheet to reveal my nakedness. She climbs all over me, inspecting every last inch of my massive body, caressing it, kissing it and driving me utterly crazy. I am already begging her, begging her for food, for her to reach under my belly and jack me off. She goes to reach under and relieve me, but is only teasing, she shakes her head, moves her tray and straddles me, sitting on me as she grabs some pastries and waves them in front of my mouth. I am desperate for the food, I cry and beg, and finally after a deep long kiss, she rams in bite after bite. I swallow greedily, and just keep opening for more and more.

The feeding session is a blur, I cannot get enough, so aroused, so out of control, so helpless I just eat and eat. It is only when she runs out of food and there is a break that I snap out of this frenzy, and realise she has fed me to the brink. I cry out, my belly aching in pain from so much food. She licks her lips, I know how much she enjoys this control, this power over me, and from seeing me eat myself to the brink, when the pain grows.

I know the sexual release I so desperately crave is close as she climbs off me, I smile and groan in anticipation. But unexpectedly she pulls out the feeding funnel kept behind the bed, pushes the tube into my mouth before I have time to react (not that I could stop her), and opens the tap. She looks into my eyes, as she sees that fear, as I feel the thick fattening liquid filling my mouth. I do not think I can manage, but I have no choice, I have to swallow over and over, each time I cry in pain as my belly stretches yet further.

Only once I have struggled to guzzle down nearly all the shake does she stop playing with herself, and move to relieve me, She fights to get between my fat flabby thighs, and under my huge heavy belly to reach my almost entirely enveloped cock. The slightest touch send such glorious pleasure through me, I want to groan out loud but can only keep drinking.....

As I drain the last of the shake she pushes me over the edge and I cum with huge relief. I collapse back into my pillows, drained, exhausted despite barely moving, but blissfully happy. Just before I drift back asleep, she removes the funnel and kisses me again, then whispers in my ear 'enjoy your rest fat boy, its almost time for breakfast...'
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