the ever-queen

chapter 1

February 18th, 3795 of the Red Dragon Calendar

In a large botanical garden located near the center of the Duchy of Fahr
Young Master Darius Fahr was engaged in a casual discussion with his father Duke Thurkhell.

“I am glad you brought your friends from the academy home to visit, but make sure you finish your summer assignments while you are here. I find your magic theory grades rather average”.

Darius rolled his eyes. Time to switch the subject before this old thing gets into it. He quickly glanced around before a misshapen lump caught his eye.

“By the way Father, why do you keep that ugly slave in our manor? She is far from the standards of our typical servants. Just yesterday Shane mocked me when he saw her."

Thurkhell chuckled, a wide smile appearing on his handsome - well maintained face . Even as he approached his 4th decade of life he still remained one of the most handsome men in the land. If only you knew who she once was, he thought.

“Well putting aside some other reasons that you are not old enough to know about, she is quite a good magic theory teacher”
“That servant is a mage” Darius exclaimed in shock.
“Of course not, she is a mere servant. She has no magic power, just a good understanding of theory. Feel free to consult with her for help with your homework”

Darius nodded before stalking off to track down his friends. He made a mental note to question that ugly slave.

After all, he was curious how such a lowly thing mastered what even he struggled with.

What was her name again?

37 Years Earlier, Year 3758.

As Thurkhell was dragged into the throne room, he took in the magnificent sight ahead of him. Tall marble columns adorned with carvings of dragons and phoenixes girded a gold plated walkway. Lords and Ladies in all their fineries kneeled on the side, the sheen of their diamond jewelry reflected in the dragon shaped pools interspersed between the pillars. A mithril throne stood proudly at the center of the room. However this all paled in the face of her.

A beautiful and lithe woman who looked like she had just stepped out of a painting sat on the throne. Her skimpy royal robe allowed Thurkhell to see muscular, well trained calves that narrowed into toned ivory colored thighs. Flaming red hair cascaded down a face that could shame the moon and dim the world. She was more muscular than traditional beauty standards, but pleasingly so. She did not have the figure of a muscle-bound idiot, but rather that of a trained dancer or assassin. Atop her figure sat two twin peaks: bountiful breasts that were impossibly perky.

She leaned forwards and waved her hands, dismissing the two handsome men washing her feet. Her eyes that reflected the creation and destruction of myriad universes focused in on Thurkhell.

“Hmm, a handsome man indeed. He is worthy of joining the harem."
She flared her immeasurable magic, silencing the jealous murmurs that sprung up.
"All of you leave! I will now enjoy my latest toy. Prepare a fourth-class room for him in the eastern palace"
A court minister stood up and bowed
“As you command. What about todays sword practice?”
"Reschedule it for tomorrow. Now leave me"

All the lord, ladies and court attendants filed out to the exit before turning around and bowing.
“All hail the ever-queen, Elizabeth Diarmata!”
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