the fall of a prom queen

chapter 1

When Karina finished high school, her mother gave her an ultimatum: either you go to college or to work.

College? No, thanks, no more education ever again. Karina was number one cheerleader and class of 16' prom queen. She dated only cool guys from wealthy families. And marrying one like them was her plan to make a living. Perhaps Konrad, with whom she was together for nearly one year, will become her husband?

As long as Karina was Konrad's girlfriend, she didn't need to worry about a place to live in. His parents were loaded, they rented a small apartment just for him. Still, she needed a job.

There were not too many jobs for people like her, youngster without any particular skills. The only realistic option was to hire herself in McStuffer, chain of cheap and unhealthy fast food. So she did. "Well, it's only temporary, isn't it?" Karina thought.

- Hi, you must be Karina . Welcome on board - chubby man in his early thirties approached her when she arrived to begin first day of work. - My name is Jacek, we are going to work together on most shifts. As for now, please talk to Andzelika. She will give you some training sessions.

"OMG, is this like obligatory to be fat in this job?" went through Karina's mind when she saw Andzelika. If Jacek could be called chubby, Andzelika was undeniably obese. Braces and thick glasses complemented her nerdy image.

- Oh, hi, come here - Andzelika invited Karina to sit next to her cash register. - It's good to have a new friend her.

"I doubt that we ever become friends" Karina thought. In high school she and other popular kids used to mock and bully the likes of Angelika.

- Yeah, sure... - Karina mumbled instead - So, tell me, what's it like with this job?

- You know, lose all hope to earn anything more than minimum wage here - Andzelika turned on POS terminal in the meanwhile. - Working hours are long, mangers and customers can be real douchebags sometimes. But there are also some special benefits. For example, you get free meals and you can take home as much leftovers as you wish.

- OK, I guess that's something - Karina smiled. - Less money spent on food, it could help me a lot in planning my budget right now.

"On the other hand, I'm not sure if it's so great" a strange fear suddenly came over her. Truth was that she loved to eat and she loved it too much. It was always very hard for her to resist temptations and keep in shape. Karina's mother was even stricter about diet. If at home she had been allowed to eat more than defat yogurt and vegetables, who knows if the path of becoming the leader of cheerleading team would be open to her. And now she was not living with her mother anymore.
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