the fat defect

Chapter 1 - introduction

Clare and I have been on and off friends. Whenever we had classes together we became close and always hung out, but I was always bad at keeping in touch with people so when we didn't have the same classes we practally became strangers.

I remember clearly the year that it began with Clare. It was our eighth grade year, with a lot of kids entering that intermidate adult stage. Boys horny 24/7 and girls becoming more emotionally active and gossiping plenty.

I was a dark haired kid with fair skin and a rather lanky build, skinny and moderate in height. I've been told by family and a few female students that I had a "innocent, hansom" vibe about me. I was a little self-conscious but it was nothing big.

I remember meeting Clare a few years back in my social studies class. I found out quickly she was very easy to talk to. I would usually make comments about various things that were happening in the class and she would always respond and a conversation would ensue.

Last year my perception of her changed. I became attracted towards her as she grew out of her early youth and into a young woman and my perception of female appearance changed. Her hair was masterfully taken care of, it was a wavy black and she liked to keep it down, reaching her mid-back. Her skin was pale and flawless. She had prominent, round cheeks which led down to a very cute smile and sizable lips. Which of course her beauty didn't stop there; Delicate shoulders, budding breasts, a thin waist that helped pronounce her hips and plumping rear, thighs beautifully shaped with a certain thickness to them which led down to full, rounded calves and dainty, small feet. I certainly spent a lot of time perving over her body when she wasn't looking. Luckily for me I'm perceptive so I know when to stop being a horny animal and switch back to being a good friend and gentleman.

Now in eighth grade and with plenty of classes with Clare, It was really looking to be a wonderful year... And well it was. It was towards the end the year when I noticed something strange. Clare had been absent for three days, and she hasn't been gone for more than two. Before I know it been a week. The school year was coming to an end and I was getting slightly concerned. Finally after a week and a half she came back, but she was different, more quiet and smiling less. After the day ended on her first day back, Clare asked me to walk with her down the street towards her house. She lived in the same direction as I did so It was no problem.

"Hey so Eli, your probably wondering why I've been out for over a week"

"Well of course, biology and English just ain't the same. With a voice like Mr. Harris's it felt like a whole year with you not in it." I remarked.

"Ha yea, I could say the same about you when your gone. Well anyways I've been into the doctors and something really bad came up" Clare looked at the ground and I could see she was getting red.

"If it's too embarrassing you don't have to say anything. Whatever it is it won't change how I look at you" Clare looked up and gave me a brief smile.

"I have something called Jujuts condition" she said plainly.

"What? I've never heard anything like that before" I exclaimed.

"Well its extremely rare, only a dozen or so people get it every decade. It's basically a needle in a mountain of hay kind of odds." I really felt bad and was thinking about possible out comes before I could ask... Loss of limbs, loosing your skin, becoming paralyzed, organ failure....

"Soo what happens to you?" I ask timidly. She looks at me, her face really red and her eyes glassy.

"I get fat Eli... really, really fat. By the time I graduate I'll be too fat to basically do anything" I continued walking ahead silently, my mind running wild with thoughts of my friend's future and our friendship.
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Theswordsman 5 years
Love how this is going
GummieTummy 5 years
This is excellent! I’d love to follow Clare longer through her evolution! I hope you’ll continue! (Pretty please?)
HappyJBH 5 years
Uh hey guys, so this has been dead for awhile. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of writing but I came back and re-read this and couldn’t help but think about future chapters and how interesting Clare’s life in high school will be. Soooo there’s a new chapter!!
Supercode 6 years
Glad you are continuing this! Great new chapter! Getting a bit ahead here, but I would like to see how faculty and students respond to her weight gain when the school year starts. Maybe she could be excused from PE and use the time to have a second (or ev
HappyJBH 6 years
Hey guys, sorry about the very long delay but life is life, kind forgot this story but I'm back. I made a lot of changes, so give it a re-read and ill be working on a new chapter so keep an eye out. Also feedback would be awesome.
PT98 6 years
So good. Please continue. I want to see her get massive.
Supercode 7 years
Great story so far! Please continue this! Also, if that girl is really smart, she's playing a long game, and she'll have that boy "put a ring on it" in several years, but before she gets too fat to walk. She will need someone to take care of her then, aft
Jazzman 7 years
This is Good!
Bruinsean 7 years
It is a nice start.