the fat fat godfather

chapter 1

Hello, well, I hope you like my story, this is a beginning, soon I will go up more, how can you realize English is not my first language so maybe there are some mistakes, outside of that I hope you like it and love it as much as I do.
Characters are fictional based on real people
Max: beginning of the story 12 currently 21 tall boy, big brown eyes, black hair between mane and short, full lips
Sebastian: beginning of story 27 currently 35 tall boy, green eyes, cropped brown hair, freckles and big cheeks

Hello my name is Max, this is the story of how I became the person of my dreams and how I found the most wonderful man in my life.

It all started when I was 12 years old, at that time I was beginning to realize my preferences and my taste or attraction for men, but I was confused as to the type of men I liked, since I had always had a certain fascination for men bigger (fat) and because of the fact of gaining weight, although he had always been very skinny, having grown up in a family where most of the men were corpulent, it was in a certain way easy to explain why he had this taste, but there was a man Specifically, that although he did not meet the standard of a fat or slightly corpulent man, I had always liked him, he was my father's brother who was also my godfather, his name is Sebastián, the youngest of the brothers of my father, who at 27 years old, did not paint anything bad, with a slim body, green eyes, white complexion, a fairly thick beard and long brown hair.

I had always had a special connection with him, beyond being my uncle or my godfather, he was my best friend, my confidant and the one who supported me in everything, also I never knew that he had a partner, nor did I ask him about his preferences although , I knew a lot about mine, over the years I was growing more and I was reaffirming my preferences and taste for men specifically fat.

My godfather had changed, like me, he looked more mature, I had reached my 18 and he to his 33 years, but something had changed in him he began to see a small belly, because of the excesses of parties , fast food and alcohol, although it was not extreme to me, it began to cause me euphoria to notice that this man for whom I had developed an attraction beyond the affection of a nephew or godfather, was slowly starting to gain weight but I knew not would stop.

I had started researching on the internet about my taste for fat men and I had discovered that this was a fetish and I discovered that I also liked to gain weight, I kept browsing websites and pages on the subject and I realized that there were ways to earn weight and to directly or indirectly fatten a person as always having it eating, increase the calories in their food, add oil or things that make them fat to their drinks, I had finally found a great repertoire of ideas, to make my godfather fatter, of course trying to keep him from noticing.

And that was how I started a plan where I would start to get fat and try to fatten my godfather more without him realizing it, luckily for me he had moved and lived alone he no longer lived in my grandmother's house, so for me it was more It was easy to start with the plan, inventing excuses to go to his house, cook something that did not do anything wrong and spend the weekends at his house making sure that he was always eating something and that we spent the whole day just watching movies, it was not It was surprising that the weight of both of them shot up, of course, he was the one in which it began to be noticed the most.
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