the fat reunion

chapter 1

My wife and I had been invited to a family reunion at her aunt and uncles place at the lake. What was different about this reunion, was that it was to last nearly three weeks. Katie’s aunt and uncle were retired and financially quite well off. They were also obese, coming honestly by it. They all were fairly short and as they grew older had gained quite a bit of weight. The other family gatherings I had attended had seemed nothing more than an excuse to eat all day. When I heard that this one was to be nearly three weeks I was a little worried.

Katie told me about it after returning from a visit with her mom. She said that Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave wanted to have a reunion for everyone at their “cabin” by the lake. Their “cabin” was a small estate with a six thousand square foot house and several acres of land right on a large lake in the Midwest. I didn’t really have a problem with her side of the family, they were always a lot of fun. The parties they threw for family occasions were always a great time with free flowing booze and especially food.

Both Katie and I had gained weight recently. I was getting older and it was harder and harder to keep up exercising. I was now at 200 lbs. at just under six feet tall. Not really fat, but a bit flabby especially around my waist and butt. Katie was short and like the rest of her family leaning toward becoming fat. She had gained nearly fifty pounds during our nearly twenty years of marriage and to me she looked fantastic. But she was very self conscious about her weight and appearance. Katie wore clothes that usually were lose fitting and unflattering and her underwear consisted of baggy briefs and unflattering bras. I liked tight bikini cut briefs and I also had a couple of “Speedo” style bathing suits that I liked to wear if we were not going somewhere where we were known.

Katie showed me a couple of two piece bathing suits she had just bought for the reunion. I was stunned. She told me that her mom and aunt had told her to be proud of her nice “married” body. I said I could not agree more. She also bought some bikini and high cut briefs for herself, I noticed that they were in her current size and several pairs in larger sizes! I asked her about them, she just giggled and said “you’ll see dear.”

The day we left for the lake, Katie wanted to stop for some refreshments to take along. She usually never wanted anything to eat or drink on the way, because she always said we will get more than enough to eat at Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary’s.
I asked why the snacks, she just said she felt a little hungry, that’s all. She got me a rich latte and herself a chocolate shake and two boxes of donuts. I was surprised, but certainly not disappointed, I had always wanted to see her get bigger like her mom and aunts. I had to partake also and enjoyed the indulgence too.

Katie was dressed in a surprising revealing outfit. Capri style black stretch pants and a tight t-shirt style top that exposed her midriff. I thought she looked great, she didn’t seem the least self conscious about her appearance. She made sure that the only bathing suits packed were her new two piece ones and my “Speedos”.
I should have suspected that this “reunion” was going to be a very fulfilling family experience in more ways than one.

We arrived at the “cabin” and were greeted by the rest of her family, her sister, Maureen, who is quite fat, and her husband Paul, a big guy. Her Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave, both of whom looked even bigger than I remembered. Katie’s Mom, Megan was there, a rounder version of Katie, and her Dad, Rob. It looked like a plumper convention! There was of course food everywhere, along with Uncle Dave’s rich dark lagers he loved to brew and drink.

We were told to change into our swim suits ASAP and join in on lunch. Katie and I went to our room and changed. I loved her new suits, the brief accentuated her plump tummy and round bottom and the top lifted her breasts up. Katie is a “pear”. She watched as I pulled on my “Speedo”. She giggled and tickled by round butt and the rolls over the waist band. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Matt, I think you are going to really enjoy this reunion.” I said, “I would love to see more of you.” She giggled, patted her plump little tummy and said, “Oh you will, dear, and I think I will be seeing a lot more of you too.” She poked my growing paunch and giggled again. I’m starting to suspect a set up here!

We headed down to the dining room, where the rest of the family were already digging in to a stack of pizza boxes that had just been delivered. I had on my black “Speedo” and a t-shirt. Katie had on one of her new two piece suits and a t-shirt also.

We sat down next to Maureen and Paul, who were already laying into a box of “meat lovers” pizza. They pushed a couple of boxes of pizza to Katie and I, Maureen said, “eat up they’re nice and hot.” Even though we indulged on the way to the “cabin”, we were pretty hungry and started in on the rich pizzas. What had started as just lunch, began to be an eating contest between Katie and I and Maureen and Paul. They were both a lot fatter than we were, Maureen weighed forty pounds more than my Katie. Paul had a good fifty pounds on me.

We stuffed ourselves for nearly an hour and a half. I had eaten twelve slices and several large glasses of Uncle Dave’s lager. Paul had managed to get thirteen slices into himself and nearly a liter of Coke. Katie had nine slices, while Maureen had ten and a half. We all looked like would explode, our bellies were so bloated. We staggered out onto the deck to sit in lounge chairs and begin digesting the huge meal we had stuffed ourselves with.

I looked over at Katie, her tummy was sticking way up and she lay in the chair. She had her hands resting on her tummy, lightly rubbing it under her t-shirt. She looked over at me and said, “this feels so good, I can’t believe how much I just ate, you ok honey, your belly looks really full, I’m proud of you for trying to keep up with Paul, you really did well.” She reached over and patted my bloated belly.

Around three, I got up to use the facilities, I felt a lot better afterward on by way back out to the deck. I noticed that Paul and Maureen had started snacking on large plates of Aunt Mary’s goodies balanced on their ample bellies.

I was just about to lower myself onto the lounge chair when Katie asked me to fix her a plate of snacks. She reached up and put her hand up between the leg opening of my suit and my butt and gave a little pinch, and said, “fix one for yourself too, dear.”

I dutifully walked over the Aunt Mary’s table and started fixing two plates of wonderful goodies. Aunt Mary came by on her scooter and made sure the plates were overflowing with the richest things. Uncle Dave insisted that I have another large glass of his dark lager. I returned to Katie, I asked, “where should I put your plate honey?” She answered by patting her tummy, “right here, dear” and giggled.
I set the plate down on her plump tummy, she looked and smiled, “bon appetite” and starting eating the rich treats. I lowered myself back onto the chair and started in myself. I ended up refilling both of our plate two more times and four more beers from Uncle Dave.

I was rubbing my bloated belly when Aunt Mary announced dinner. I couldn’t believe we were going to eat again today. I helped Katie up, admiring her tummy which she seemed to stick out for me. She bumped me with her tummy in my butt and giggled, “time to eat up dear”.

Aunt Mary came by on her scooter as we were heading into the dining room. She looked at my bloated belly, poked it, and said, “well, its about time that you filled out Matt, you look so much better with a nice big belly on you.” “Oh great,” I thought to myself, “now I really know what going on. Well if Katie keeps gaining, than so will I” and patted my belly.

We sat down, the table was covered with platters covered with freshly cooked hamburgers, cheeseburgers, brats and hot dogs thick warm buns on another platter. Rich sweet salads, French fries and onion rings in big baskets.

I dug in with abandon, I stuffed myself with cheeseburgers and brats in thick buns. I had several servings of French fries and onion rings smothered in ketchup. Katie seemed to be trying to keep up with me, I was getting really turned on watching her just stuff herself. In the past she was so careful about what she ate, she was a fast eater, but always watched the portions. Now she was eating like there was no tomorrow. The more I watched Katie eat, the more I wanted to eat.
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