the fatness

chapter 1

,,120lbs is still too much, I'm so fat!", Julia said to hersel and stepped down from the scalef. She stood around 5'4" and didn't look fat in any way.,,I must hurry, or I will be too late for work", she said and put on her clothes and stumbled out of the house to her car. While driving she saw a poster, Julia read :,,want to lose weight? Take part on our study and earn 500$ as a bonus!"
,,When I get home, I will write the number down and call them", she said to herself.
After a hard day at work, she drove homewards, stopped at the poster and called immediatetly the number. A sweet women's voice said:,,Hello, how can I help you?"
,,I wanted to be part of your study and...". In the middle of her sentence Julia was interrupted with the words :ok, just be at 1pm at our building, 71 Rose street. Goodbye!
,,A bit strange, but that was only the first impression. Good that I don't have to work tomorrow.", Julia thought now driving again. She got to the bed early and slept full of expectations. The alarm clock rang and her eyes opened slowly, 12pm! Only one hour left. She got herself ready and left the house. 10 minutes before 1pm she entered the building. The woman at the reception took a bored view on Julia and commented:,,the right door." Julia went through the right door and stood in a room which looked like an operating room. A fat woman in doctor's clothes entered the room, the first Julia saw of her was her belly than the rest of the big frame, she was four times Julia's weight.,,Hello I'm the doctor and explain the procedure to you my dear, by the way I'm doctor James."
,,Ok, say", Julia said.,, We have invented something we call it XX2L-2 and you will get that injected and after 3 months we check the results."
,,Go on inject, I can't wait to show my new athletic figure to my friends."
The needle went into her arm and the fluid made the way into Julia's venes. After the doctor had put the syringe away Julia began to feel a bit tired and looked to Dr.Jones, who put a small box of pills on the table.
,,You have to take this pills once a day to slow down the effect of the injection. Without it would be too rapid for you."
,,Are there any side effects I should know of?", Julia asked.
,,It changes the chemical processes in your brain, you may feel tired, dizzy and you may sleepwalk, but it's for a good cause. Now take that pills with you and we meet again in three months."
Julia took the pills, stood up and walked out of the room. The woman at the reception smiled to her and said:,,Good luck honey."
So she drove home, took one of the pills, ate a salad and went to bed.
The next morning she woke up with a lucky feeling and got to work. There she told her friend Sarah about yesterday.
,,You must try this, then you can get rid off your extra pounds!",,It's worth a try, that belly roll and thunder thighs are annoying and always hinders me to buy the clothes I want! I go there today and will get my victory over that fat.", Sarah said, while grabbing her roll and looking angry at it. The week went on, Julia felt most of the time a bit tired, but she saw her new body when closing her eyes. After the first week was over, she got on her scale and went excited.,,5lbs less than before, awesome!", she thought. But this night Julia lay awake long and had a short night. When waking up she felt very full and thought of her disturbing dream:She had been to MC Donalds and ate ten cheeseburger. She took the rubbish outside but didn't notice that there were really burger wrapping in there...
She continued her daily routine, but something made Julia think constantly about food, good fattening food and sweets.,,Maybe I should get some sweets, a few won't be wrong.", she said loud. She got to the supermarket as fast as possible, when she got to the supermarket checkout her wagon was so full that things began to fall down. Julia had been thinking the whole time on that sweets and couldn't keep herself from eating a box full of marshmallows, and now the empty box smiled to her between the other treats. She paid, shoved everything into her car and got home to begin the calorie bomb banquet. She ripped the first pack of Mars...5 bars laid in front of her ready to be devoured but Julia interrupted in her gluttonous behaviour and thought:,,What am I doing here?? I wanted to lose weight not stuff myself get a fatty!" Something new, dark overwhelmed her normal thoughts and self-control and took total control over her. She shoved two of them into her mouth, as she swallowed them, she moaned, got hot and thought:,,Man, that's better than sex, I got to eat some more...", she devoured the other three and felt that she would get to climax finally if she continued eating. Moaning between every bite and rubbing her bloated tummy, she got to the climax, a climax that she had never felt before...and Julia wanted more. Some chocolate bars were left, she grabbed them, opened the wrapper and took a big bite. Shivers went over her whole body, and she thought:,,Time for some good old handwork.", while continuing eating she opened her pants and her instinct lead her hand under her panties and began her favourite work. After Julia got to the highest peaks of lust, her mind got blurry...
Julia woke up at 10 a.m. at the next day.,,I feel so bloated and what was yesterday?" She walked into the the bathroom and stepped on the scale. She had gained the 5 lbs she lost and 5 extra pounds. She looked shocked on the display and then her hands went all over her body searching the place where the pounds went to.,,That must be this damn pills. I must throw them away...", she thought. Meanwhile Julia couldn't find any differences and clothed herself. As she put on her skinny jeans she barely got them over her ass and she knew now where it went. She grabbed her booty, it was softer than before and jiggled slightly when walking. Unable to button her pants Julia went into the kitchen, took the pills and threw them into the garbage. She didn't know why but the jeans stretching over her butt made her proud and a smile hushed over her face. She went took the pills, and threw them into the garbage.,,I have to throw all the calorie bombs away so I don't even have the temptation in my kitchen.'', Julia thought. She opened the fridge, took out the whipped cream but something dark inside her resisted and she opened her mouth, and guided the can to it. As Julia's mouth filled with the cream, she moaned and she emptied the whole.can. But now her hunger had awakened and she grabbed another can and a bar of chocolate, while fighting a fight in her head, that she had lost long before. The cream in the second can found her way into her belly and the chocolate bar had found the way to his creamy friend. Her belly bloated and she took off her jeans and rubbed her belly. Suddenly Julia had an unsatiable appetite for pizza, took her smartphone and called the pizza service.,,How long does it take to deliver 2 family pizzas? I'm starving here!", she said loud to herself and looked at the clock. 10 minutes! Her belly grumbled angrily waiting for new tributes, waiting to be streched with loads of food so it could be stuffed with more. The bell rang, she quickly put on her jeans and opened the door.,,I'm here with the two family pizzas, having a party today, huh?", the delivery guy asked.,,No, just me, now take the money and give them.", Julia said. She paid, took the pizzas and closed the door, got into her living room, placed them on the table and opened the boxes. She felt that something was missing. She got to the fridge, took the two pound butter box, a knife and went back to her pizzas. Julia cut a piece, smacked the butter on top of it and shoved it into her mouth. It was like an orgasm in her mouth, and she ate another piece in the same way.,,If someone would see me now he would think I'm pregnant, but this combo is too delicious", she excused the orgy to her rebelling logic and conscience. After one pizza Julia was ocerstuffed and could feel the calories making her ass bigger and her legs to thunder thighs, at least she thought so. With a lot of willpower and belly rubs she managed to eat the second family pizza...the result was a food coma she didn't know before. Julia felt that she should take a nap after this exhaustion, she hadn't the power to stand up and fell soon asleep on the couch. Julia was woken up the next day at afternoon by the grumbling noises of her belly. She went to the bathroom, put on her clothes and weighed herself while massaging her belly, 132 lbs it read. Julia thought about going to mc Donalds to "get a snack". Even the thought of calorie richtig food made her wet. Her skin tight jeans were at their maximum capacity and the it would be only a matter of time until poppig the button of them. As she put on her tight top her bloated stomach was clearly visible. Julia got to her car and up to the drive-in. There she ordered 10 cheeseburgers, 2 20 boxes of chicken nuggets, 4 milk shakes and some ice cream for the way home. As the woman at the counter reached the food Julia said:,,That's what my baby needs now, it's hungry...",, Pregnancy food cravings, I know them, in which week are you?", the woman said.,,I'm not pregnant, my belly is my baby and needs a feeding!", Julia said and smacked her belly, and it jiggled slightly, which aroused her. The woman stared confused and speechless at Julia and handed the rest of the food out. As she got finally home, Julia sat down on the couch and began to unwrap the first five cheeseburgers. She stared at them with a lust, she was the hunter and they were the prey...She took a big bite and half of the first burger disappeared in her greedy mouth, then the other half disappeared, and the other four followed. Julia unwrapped the last five with trembling hands. As she swallowed the sixth her button popped off.
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Jenemc 7 years
This is a good story but it needs major editing
RoyalCorpulence 7 years
It's fine. You really need to separate your paragraphs though. I got lost so many times.
Becomingfeed... 7 years
Partly, but the focus will come back to Julia
Fredi 7 years
wonderfull more blease!!!!!!!!
Pd500 7 years
I'm enjoying this outa control binge!
FrecherTyp 8 years
hehe that was kinky lol forgetting about her own stuffing the day before a lovely idea ^^ for rthis little julia ;-)

i hope you continue
FrecherTyp 8 years
mhmm...^^ hehe interesting i wonder what´s happening ;-)