the fatness: marcus

chapter 1

Now Marcus laid there, cuffed, not able to escape in the hands of Madeleine. She decided to begin with some brownies with caramel pieces and a milkshake. But before he could ask any questions the brownie blocked his mouth so he had to chew and eat it, it was the same procedure with the next two ones but then Marcus tried to reuse the next brownie and closed his mouth.,,I know you want it my baby, here smell it...soooo well tasting and fattening, and even if you would eat only salad you would gain hefty because she gave you too much of my mother's special ingredient and the effects are now irreversible.", Madeleine said. Marcus submitted his fate and could already imagine his body: laying on the king-size bed, his pudgy arms so heavy that they would only work to shove food in his mouth, each of his legs would lay there like a stranded whale barely able to move them with his enormous belly covering his upper legs making it even harder to move. This imagination made him thoughtful, submitting completely to his desires and having someone to serve him, while he ate anything he was told, or denying this part of him. Marcus decided he wanted the first thing and welcomed the brownie in his mouth. Madeleine fed him the last ten and said:,,Because you have eaten like a good fatty, I give you a belly rub. She touched his tummy with her soft, warm hands and grabbed his rolls. Her fine fingers went through his rolls and Madeleine tickled him a little bit the whole time. Marcus began to giggle. She went to his legs and kneaded them vigorously.,,Why so hefty?", he asked.,,Because you got so much of the ingredient in your body that I can 'form' your body. This means the heftier I knead and rub the more fat you gain in this regions. I chose your legs as the first priority region because when they get as big as tree trunks we can ashure you never leave mommy's house anymore, big boy." She ended the rub after half an hour and slapped his legs a few times.,,And tomorrow your arms are on my programm, but now take a nap. You will need the energy."
Madeleine poked in Marcus flabby belly to wake him up. Slowly he opened the eyes and said:,,Food?",,Better, a shake! Now let me put the tube into your greedy mouth." Marcus opened his mouth and Madeleine shoved in the tube. He closed his lips around it, in excitement ofthe thick mass. She took a bucket and filled the funnel so much that a bit of the shake overflew the edge and dripped on Marcus belly. Madeleine put the bucket away, got close to his belly and licked the drips lustfully from his fat.,,Don't worry, I got enough to keep you chugging the next 8 hours. Do you want to hear the exact way my ingredient works, I mean it's the reasons you will get super fat? If you want, then empty this funnel in the next five minutes and I will tell you." Madeleine said. Marcus gulped it empty in time and she looked amazed at him, but not without filling the funnel again.,,So... the true name of my ingredient is E-17-AR-2. I know it sounds weird, but my mother invented it. Originally my mom was chemistry doctor and worked in an institute. She had the task to invent a gain enhancer for beef cattle, but it had too many side effects. The programm was cancelled, but my mother took some.samples home to analyze and enhance it. As she made it half stable, my mother added every time she cooked for my father a bit in his food. With that she could make her wish come true...making my father a supersize fatty. The serum changes normal fat cells to superpotent fat cells, that means the person will get super food greedy and gain pretty fast, in your case incredibly fast. When pressure is done to the changed fat, more of the weight will settle on this areas. Julia gave you so much that you will never be able to lose even one pound."
As he emptied the second load she immediatetly pulled in the third. That went on until Marcus was half unconscious.,,Sleep my baby, you won't regret it." Madeleine released him from the tube and rubbed his thighs again as he fell asleep slowly. When waking up he noticed immediatetly he gained some she said his thighs had gotten bigger.,,I already weighed you, you packed on 18 pounds in just one day! We only have left 29 days together but you will be a human whale when I go.", Madeleine said excited.,,Food?", was the only thing Marcus said to her. He wanted to ask how fat she wanted him, and he tried to ask it again but only,, FOOD!!" came out.,,Oh piggy unlearned how to say his opinion, I never experienced such effects, that is awesome and sooo hillarious.", Madeleine said and laughed manically. Marcus looked over to the table, she had gotten four bags of fast food, it smell indicated it were big macs.,,Burger, burger, feed me, feed me!" She took the first one out and unpacked it slowly in front of his mouth. Madeleine could see he barely went crazy because she did so extra slow. She held it in front of his mouth, only two inches away. The desparation and unsatiable hunger were visible in his eyes. He opened his lips and she stuffed it halfway into his mouth and although Marcus had problems swallowing it he chewed like a champion and got it. The second one followed and soon the first bag was empty. Madeleine never let him have a break even as she felt his belly swollen and him moaning in pain. That made her only to put the burgers away and put him to the to the tube.,,You have to chug three liters to make room for more burgers!" Marcus agreed with a happy grunt. Meanwhile she squeezed his legs again, but today mostly his knees. She imagined him with rolls on his legs and fat on the inside of his knees to make him less mobile. Marcus noticed his belly bloating more from the shake, but he got pretty tired and everything went far away, so he finished quickly and gave Madeleine the signal he wanted to comment something. She released his mouth and he said:,,Food strange..piggie very tired, why so tired?",,Well, I put some sedatives into the shake, the state in which you are now indicates that in the next 10 minutes won't ask anymore and simply eat. I didn't know how much I gave you so it is possible that you are in this mind fog for a week. Don't mind, you got 24 hour care." She continued stuffing big macs into his mouth, and the rest of Marcus mind descended into the deep fog but his body was wide awake. Madeleine grinned over her whole face. Now he was completely in her hands...
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Wisconfa 8 years
Nice, but could use some introduction. In the 2nd sentence he already has a feeding tube in his mouth. What is mother's secret ingredient and what does it do?