the fattigorical imparitive

chapter 1

Alice was alone, the 19 year old girl lived with her parents in rural Nevada, her parents went out for the night to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, Alice hated living with her parents. they were the super uptight hypocritical religious types. Always lecturing her on who her friends should be, who her boyfriends should be, what type of clothes she should wear what type of food she should eat and especially her weight.
It’s not that she was fat. Not even a little bit. She was 5’2 and 120 pounds. Maybe a little chubby but nothing close to what her dad was and mon used to be.
Alice never really seemed to fit in. She was an awkward introvert who had very little hobbies While everyone else in high school were going out and living their lives going to parties, hanging out with friends. She stayed home playing video games she did have a boyfriend through out high school but he treated her more like a booty call than anything else. Not that she minded she was highly sexual herself but he obviously wasn’t trying to make anything super serious and official.
Being that she was alone, and her parents prying judging eyes were occupied for the night she decided Taco Bell would be the perfect dinner. Alice loved food ever since she was little, her mom used to always tell embarrassing stories about her eating cold hot dogs out of the fridge, which Alice never found amusing. She never understood why people made such a big deal about her fascination with food it seemed a reasonable thing to enjoy and not to mention you have to consume it to stay alive. most of her favorite foods were made to be enjoyed what with all the sugar fat and salt. She loved fast food. why not enjoy them she always thought, what’s the harm.
She got up from the couch where she had been sitting all day and went to grab her keys and drop e to Taco Bell. I’m going all out tonight she thought to her self I’m getting the taco family pad just for my self and a Mexican pizza. She drove excitedly to the drive through gave her order and pulled up to the window to pay. The Cashier was someone mew. A man older than her but not too old. He was cute she though right away he opened the window and smiled 35.00 he said. She just then realized and suddenly became self conscious of the fact that she was ordering all this food and she was by her self what if he judged her she would have to see him multiple times a week !! Oh no she thought !!
35.00 he said again smiling she handed him the money, he took it gave her her change all the while staring at her periodically . When he came back to the car with a large Mountain Dew he said unexpectedly is all this for you ?
She gasped In horror she didn’t know what to say or do she buried her face in the steering wheel . And looked back up to him still calmly looking expectantly
It’s ok if it is he said
What ?
“It’s ok if it is all for you, your not the only person who goes hard on some fast food.
I see it all day long and I see you here almost everyday so ... I was just asking cause I was curious. “
She paused and starred at him, his confidence was very off putting and her not being the only one who enforced themselves with fast food for fun made her feel better. She had always tried to hide it which she found really inconvenient and obnoxious having to constantly think up reasons and excuses to explain why she was eating what she was eating ...
yes . She said yes it is all for me” she said sheepishly bracing for his response feeling that somehow this attractive confident man was going to judge and lecture her.
Silence again he just starred and said
“I thought so .. I put in an extra Mexican pizza for you and 4 tacos .. “
she smiled instantly relived but in shock at his response WHAT !! She thought
What does that mean is he fucking with me ??
“I also put my phone number in there I think your really cute and you should definitely text me sometime we could have a lot of fun together. “
She smiled big her body tingled for. Head to toe she was so overwhelmed with excitement she almost forgot to thank him for the extra free food and his number
“Thank you “she said
“I love Mexican pizzas and I hear they are going away soon . “
“Yes they are “He said “you better get as many as you can before they are gone forever “
“Have a great day” he said smiling
See you tomorrow” and sent her on her way .
She drove off thinking
“What in the actual fuck just happened” Alice said out loud . She didn’t quite no how to take him or his oddly confident demeanor
But she was totally into him and extremely turned on at the thought that he knew she loved to eat and not only that he seemed to encourage it ...equal parts confused and curious she drove home

More to come soon. this is my first story ever
Please be kind
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Jazzman 2 years
I like the plot and characters. But the run on sentences are really detracting from the reading experience. Chapter 3 in particular. Please try breaking up the thoughts into complete sentences.
Gigantortheg... 2 years
Thank you very much for the encouragement !!!
Karenjenk 2 years
For a first try... this is a really good start.
for a second try it is too.
ha ha
i hope you keep going with this style