the favor

chapter 1

The Beginning

Let me start off by telling you who I am. My name is Michael, and I share a condo with my sister Bonnie. We are very close, and are both single, focusing on work to save up for our own houses. Life is going great, until that day when my sister came home with big news.

"Michael! I was wondering if I can have a word with you?" I turned off the TV, and looked up at her. "What's wrong? You sound very serious?" and I sat up giving her my full attention. "Well, my friends Ethan and Jane, well they have been trying to conceive for a while with no luck. I met up with them one day for lunch and they both asked if I could be a surrogate for them. They would handle all the medical bills, and I would deliver for them. I said yes Michael, without skipping a beat, as I really want to help them out. The thing is, I was wondering if I could ask you a favor?" I smiled, "Sure, what is it?" and she blushed, "Well since I will be putting on the pounds, I was wondering if, you know, you may join in the growth? I really don't want to be alone for this." I looked at her a bit surprised, and thought about it for a moment. "It will only be nine months! Then you can drop the weight and get back to how you were." and I continued to think it over. "Ok, sure why not. I will be glad to grow along side you!" and she smiled. "Good, as the procedure is scheduled for this Friday. I better get things stocked up for you! Oh, this is going to be great!" She came over and gave me a big hug, and then went over to the desk to get out a pen and paper, to write down items to buy, as she wanted me to have my favorite snacks on hand. I figured, the nine months would go by quick, and then I would get back on track. Give me a chance to really indulge, and let go without a care in the world. At most I would put on about twenty to twenty five pounds, which could easily be lost. It would be helping Bonnie out, and she would feel good. Little did I know, what would be in store for me and my waistline.

A few days later, Bonnie had come back from the appointment smiling and with a two containers of cupcakes. "Well, it worked! I am pregnant so I figured we could celebrate!" I just looked at her, "Uh, don't think you we should wait a bit?" I laughed and she just looked at me seriously. "I want to get a start on this now! Want to get my body ready for the growth, and remember. You would join in this!" and she gave me a tray of cupcakes. "Now dig in!" and she poked my stomach, and I sat down and opened the tray and picked up a cupcake. It was moist, and very delicious, and I wasted no time eating it as I wanted another one. I was about half way through when I felt like a hit a wall, as I never really gorged myself until today. "Hey Mister, do not let those go to waste!" and Bonnie sat down next to me and picked up a cupcake and brought it to my mouth, "open wide!" I just looked at her like she was crazy, "I am super full, I do not know if I can handle any more" and Bonnie did not move the cupcake. "Oh come on Mike! This is a chance for us to really be gluttons! Nine months, and you can get back you body. Please!" and with that I opened my mouth and took a bite of the cupcake, and Bonnie fed me the rest of my tray.

*BURP* "Excuse me." after I had let the cupcakes settle. Bonnie was then eating one from her tray, and after she finished, she took one of hers and again brought it up to my mouth. "Whoa, I don't think I can. No free space left in there" as I pointed to my stomach. Bonnie gave it a hard poke causing me to burp again, "Hmm, my finger was able to push in a bit, you still have room buster, now open!" I just looked at her, "What about you? I thought you were going to keep eating?" and she shrugged, "Well, once I start to expand, so will my appetite, but for now this is only the start, so let us keep going." I rolled my eyes, gave another loud burp out, and let Bonnie feed me one cupcake after another from her tray.

*BURP* "Oh, my stomach. I am throwing in the towel!" *BURP* and Bonnie just giggled and poked my stomach. "Ah, you are right, I cannot push in. You did good though, but I have a feeling you are going to be able to handle a lot more!" and I just rolled my eyes and rubbed my extended middle. "Ok Mike, how about you sleep off all that sugar! Will have to get ideas going for dinner!" and she gave me another poke and I burped again. All of those cupcakes had weighed me down and I shifted my body so I could lay out on the couch, and sleep came quick as I rubbed my extended middle. I do not know how long I was out, but a hard poke to my stomach jostled me away, "Ok, time for dinner Mike! I hope you are ready!" and in truth my stomach was still sticking out, but I felt hungry. I got up and made my way to the kitchen where there was a two liter of soda and a massive deli sandwich. "Uh, what on earth is all this?" as I just started what was in front of me on the table.

"I am not allowed to have deli meat, and so instead of having it in the fridge where I may be tempted, I made you a sandwich! Don't want it to go to waste either, so sit down and dig in!" and pulled the chair out for me to sit. I picked up the sandwich and it felt pretty loaded, and I could see, turkey, ham, and roast beef. I took a bite and the food tasted amazing! I then twisted off the cap to the two liter and started to drink from it, gulping it down. Bite after bite and soon the sandwich was gone, and not long the soda was as well. I was full again, with the sandwich and drink, I needed a little break. "Good job there Mike! You ready for dessert now?" and I just gave Bonnie a look as if she were crazy. "I think I am done for the rest of the evening." and Bonnie was going to have none of that. "You poor thing, let me help you make some room!" and she put her hand on my stomach and started to rub it, *BURRRRRRRRRRP* and I blushed. "That is the ticket, you are just full with carbonation, and let's help you get more out!" and she continued to rub and more burps followed. Bonnie gave my stomach a hard poke, "Perfect! My finger was able to push inwards, so you have room for more food!" and she went to the freezer and got out two quarts of ice cream, with one being my favorite flavor of rocky road. Letting myself eat whatever I wanted, I licked my lips and picked up a spoon that was given to me, and I did not even think twice.

After the last bite, I was done and felt it. I leaned back in my chair and rubbed my stomach to help with the digestion and let out another burp. Honestly it felt nice to take a break from working out, and not letting myself have food I really wanted, and so I could get back to shape after the nine months easily. "You did good Mike! You are really giving into your hunger. This is what your body has really be craving, and when my cravings kick in, think of all the delicious food we will be able to have!" and I was all ready thinking about it, in fact my mouth was watering and my stomach gave out a loud growl. "WHOA! Seems someone want some more food!" and Bonnie gave me a poke in the stomach, "I think I know what can satisfy it!" and she went to the pantry and got out a huge bag of chips. "Ice cream was sweet, and now this is salty!" and she opened the bag. "There is no way I can put more into me." and Bonnie laughed, "Never know until you try!" and my hand reached into the bag to get the first chip. I was wrong again, as the first chip tasted great, and so Bonnie and I had chip after chips, and before we knew it, the bag was empty.

I was done, and my stomach was hard as a rock, which Bonnie had to point out. "My finger cannot push in Mike! You did a good job!" and and rubbed my stomach. I could feel the heaviness of all the food, and I could see many more days of feeling like this. I just sat there rubbing my stomach, as trying to get up would not be happening soon, as I really gave in and just ate. Nine months of this and it would look like I was carrying a child. After a few minutes I was able to stand up and make my way to my bedroom, and as I stripped down and went into the bathroom, I got to see myself in the mirror and I just looked on in shock. My stomach was pushed out and I could not believe just how much food was packed in there. I rubbed my stomach and I felt a sensation flow through me, and I was getting turned out. Surprising myself but the feeling I was experiencing, I tried to shake it off and got myself a glass of water. I sat down on the bed, still aroused and so I laid down and started to take care of myself, while also rubbing my stomach.

Nine months of anything I wanted to eat, and drink and not have to worry, was going to be the best part. Thinking about that got me even more aroused and I started to breathe faster and finally exploded. This was such a great feeling that I was experiencing and a little worried, as this was something I had never thought I would be doing, let alone getting turned on by it. I got myself cleaned up and got to bed was starting to drift off when my stomach growled, which woke me up. "There is no way you are hungry!" and my stomach growled again and so I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. I turned on the stove light and got bread and peanut butter from the pantry, and grape jelly. I made a sandwich and dug in, and it was delicious. Went back to the fridge and got the gallon of milk, poured myself a glass and made another sandwich. Another sandwich in my stomach and then I was making another, and another glass of milk. I was starting to feel full and had to put my sandwich down, which was half gone. After rubbing my stomach for a bit, I picked up the sandwich and finally finished. My stomach was packed tight and there was no way more would go in, at least for now. My capacity would increase a lot in the months to come. I let out a big burp, and started to make my way back to my room, slowly, as I fell back to sleep
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The way he’s gaining I could see him going past 350lbs by the end of her pregnancy
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