the feedee test

Chapter 1 - The rules

You wake up in a cage in the middle of a kind of store house. As soon as you move spotlights are coming to life, shining on you. While you are still observing your unnerving situation a speaker nearby starts:

"Welcome, new toy!

Are you a good eater? Do you have the guts to weigh yourself out of this cage? Or will your stay be permanent? It's your choice. I will provide you with as much food as you like before you step onto the scale spot, marked red in one corner of your cage.

Many sponsors are watching you online. Sometimes they will offer you challenges for some goodies like a bed, hygiene things. You can also loose goodies by failing in challenges.

Meals will be delivered by the food elevator when you push the button next to it and have finished your last meal completely. If the sponsors like your behaviour you will be able to have a saying in the food you get. Watch the screen under the speaker closely for food news and challenges.

You can end this game anytime by stepping on the scale. If you weigh enough, all doors are standing open for you and you can proceed with your life. If you are under the needed weight to open the cage you will enter slavery for a lifetime to one or more people with special interests and be played with to their liking.

If you decide to starve yourself for more than 6 hours you will be punished with a removal of all collected goodies and be forcefed under pain til the sponsors are satisfied.

If you start your stay by giving up your clothes completely you get a big reward. If you keep your underwear and give up the rest you still get a reward. If you keep everything on for now, fine. Make your decision before your first meal by putting your clothes into the elevator.

Do you already no Exit Games? If you have questions while you are staying, share them with us by speaking to the cameras and we can choose to help you out.

I wish you a nice stay. And remember: It's your choice only that decides your fate. So choose wisely and enjoy the food."
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