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Chapter 1 - Excerpt from The Collaborateurs

Seeing Micah so accepting of his size, so happy with Rory, had only stoked Dean's motivation to break Savannah.

He hated them for their intimacy, envied them for their honesty. The fact that he didn't even know Savannah's favorite food while Rory had Micah's committed to memory made him sick with rage.

Why couldn't he have that?

He would have that.

Sooner, rather than later, Savannah would give up resisting her new life.

He would make her so fat, even she wouldn't be able to believe she'd ever been skinny.

He would make her so fat, she had no choice but to accept and look forward to the rest of her days as a fatty.

And then, she would finally let him love her.

He knocked at Rory's door, setting down the four plastic sacks he was holding in each hand, each one containing two gallon jugs full of gainer shake, with a grunt of effort. It had taken him the greater part of the hour to make it across campus with his haul: the persisting weakness and dizzy spells meant taking frequent breaks. But he was sure it would be worth it.

"What is it now, Dean?" groaned Rory as she pulled the door open.

"I get the sense you're getting impatient with me."

"That could have something to do with the fact it's four in the goddamn morning! And what if my roommate had been in?"

"Couldn't sleep," said Dean a little breathlessly. "Don't want to. Gotta make her fatter. I just need an extra set of hands." He bent over and pulled a large beer bong out of one of his bags.

"Oh, Dean…she's already so fat. Fuck's sake, if I had to take a guess, she's almost four hundred pounds!" Despite her words, she took the funnel from him and helped him move all of his gainer shake inside.

"If you object so much, why are you still helping me?"

"Because of the nature of the spell we performed," explained Rory with a sigh. "Since I'm the one who bound your will to Savannah's body, I'm bound to you in servitude. I have to execute your intentions because I have no choice."

Dean blinked. His eyes, nowadays hollow and listless over prominent cheekbones, lit up at the news. "That's brilliant! Why didn't you tell me I had a slave?"

She stared him straight in the eye, deadpan. "That's why."

"Chop chop! Let's get to work," he said, helping himself to a seat on her cheap assemble-it-yourself armchair.

Sighing, she placed the funnel in his mouth. He held it in place while she unscrewed the top off the first jug of gainer shake and dumped it down the funnel.

She asked him a question, but he didn't quite catch it, lost as he was in the desperate race to gulp the liquid down, the feeling of expansion and tightness in his stomach, the mental picture of Savannah's body fattening at timelapse speed, her breasts inflating, her arse widening, her belly softening and drooping until it hung well past her knees. She'd be so nice to cuddle with then, soft and pillow-like from her flabby arms and chubby hands to tree-trunk thighs, cankle rolls, and stubby toes.

And she'd have no choice. At that immense size, what other man would have her?

He panted as Rory removed the hose from his mouth with the first gallon done.

"Dean? Are you even listening to me?"

"Huh? Wha?"

"I said, this is heavy. What even is this?"

"Lots of heavy cream, some gainer shake powder, sugar, butter, probably a whole container of chocolate sauce, and some bacon grease for good measure," he listed off between labored breaths. "Oh…" His hand drifted to his taut, firm belly, sloshing with liquid like a one-gallon water balloon but already starting to deflate as the calories began to trickle into Savannah.

"Gross," said Rory. Then, "Are you okay, mate?"

He nodded vigorously. "Hit me with another?"

"Even with magic, I'm not sure you've the capacity."

"C'mon, Rory! The faster this is over, the faster I'll get out of your hair and let you get back to sleep."

"Well, when you put it that way…" She hefted up the next bottle of shake and dumped it obligingly into the funnel. Before it was all the way gone, she was opening another, then another…

Dean sucked down each gulp eagerly. At first, he thought only of Savannah's ballooning body, but sip by sip, he began to stuff himself for the simple pleasure of being stuffed, fleeting as it was due to the nature of the spell.

His eyes fluttered shut as he tried to hold onto the sensation of tightness in his gut. Without fully realizing it, he took himself out of his pants and began to stroke himself off, slowing down whenever he felt himself start to empty out, saving his load for the moment when he reached peak fullness…

With a guttural grunt, he came, and Rory screamed. His eyes shot open, and to his horror, he realized he'd shot her right in the stomach with his seed, leaving a white splatter on her black pyjama top.

"Watch your aim, would you, you swine?!" She threw the empty jug angrily to the floor, where it bounced off the faux hardwood with a hollow thunk before clattering to a rest.
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