the food company delivers

chapter 2 - getting ready!

'Beep, Beep, Beep' 7:00 AM Monday 21st August 2022 read the clock

Completely unlike the day before Hayley was full of energy. She leapt up from her bed, her body jiggling franticly. She stood still and took a deep breath, put her hand on her chest as her heart pounded "I am either really nervous or all those years of indulgence is finally catching up" she joked to herself. Her panties were slightly harder than usual to put on today as her stomach was still slightly bloated from her 3 microwave burritos she had for dinner yesterday. She tried rubbing in a different way that she learned on a feeder forum to try and coax out a burp, she felt something bubbling up inside her belly. A 'Prrrrft' sound escaped from her rotund rear which helped relieve some of the pressure in there but still overall her stomach was still slightly distended and poked out under her vest even more than usual . She always secretly loved how tight her belly was sometimes after her little indulgences, patting it, feeling how hard it was and just loving the feeling of being bloated. She has previously dabbled in stuffing herself but felt too shameful and embarrassed even when alone. She blushes every time anyone mentioned if they felt bloated or full as deep down she wants its to be her instead, the piggy inside her was there... it just needs the right encouragement.

While doing her morning duties in order to get ready she turned the TV on and had the news on in the background moving back and forth between her bathroom and her wardrobe something could her attention.
"Yesterday the president of The Food Company Sigrun Hamer has come under scrutiny regarding the massive increase in obesity of the general public and even their own staff since they signed on to be the QA testers for the world's biggest food brands and had this to say" Said the newscaster
" Ve take ze health of our castumers very seriously here at Ze Food Company, we have alveys worked vith our clients to create ze best taste experience in ze healthiest possible vay. Ve are a easy target for criticisms however people forget is ze government who have been cutting ze funding for..." She was cut off by the broadcaster
"Sigrun Hamer, deflecting blame as per usual" Said the female newcaster
"Thats right Jen, from the recent expose about her employees health she really cant play the innocent card, more on that at 10" Replied her male co host
Both went on to laugh in forced manner.

"Hmm, well i expect a food testing companies' employees to perhaps have a few health problems but it's surely not the companies fault, they can exercise in their free time" Hayley thought to herself as she continued to squeeze into a pair of jeans shifty her hefty hips side to side.She went for a smart casual approach as no dress code was established and she was told that she would be given work clothes, jeans and a black top which was stretched enough to still show a little cleavage Now fully clothed she went and turned off the TV. Her belly grumbled,"I can't feed you yet, I don't want to be too full for my first day".She joked. Keys in hand she left her apartment.

In the corridor Hayley whipped out her phone and opened Oggle Maps just so she knew where she was going "14 Kingsford Road, that's just around the corner right next to the bank" she zoomed in on the map and brought up the street viewer option to get a better look "huh that's quite a small building for such as large organisation".
A door creaked open and out popped a slim figure, it was Leah, Hayley next door neighbour.Hayley looked up from her phone "Strange seeing actually outside and not in your onsie putting pizza boxes in the skip... must be a real special occasion" Joked Leah.
"Got a new job... said Hayley while making a small jazz hands gesture.
"Where's that, Victoria's' not so secret model?" Leah replied jokingly (a little jab at Hayleys size most likely)
"The Food Company ACTUALLY" Snapped Hayley
"You their new secretary then?" Leah asked inquisitively
" Uhhh yeaaah sure..."Lied Hayley
"Oh how exciting good luck, would love to say and chat but i've left the stove on" Leah said as she entered back into her apartment.
"Skinny bitch..." thought Hayley.

Walking through London's streets is carnage at this time in the morning, hundreds of people flowing in either direction and being a larger than average women, you are quite the road block. She eventually managed to get to her destination she stood still and examined the building. It consisted of dull grey bricks, a few windows and one extremely wide door leading in, not exactly much of a visual spectacle.
"Steps.. My only weakness" she said, already out of breath from the commute. She lugged herself up the stairs, her jeans straining with each stride. She got to the doors and entered. They lead into a metal box, the a metal door slammed shut behind her and a robot voice boomed throughout the room "REASON FOR VISIT". Hayley dropped to the floor terrified screamed "I'm her for my new job please let me go..." The robotic voice became softer "Why didnt you say so, come on in" it said as the door leading inside swung open. Petrified Hayley sat there in silence, still too afraid to move...

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Thanks for reading, I do also have a DA account where I will be posting this story as well as on FF and i do have plans for future stories. /

Feedback is greatly appreciated
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Looking forward to more! Great stuff so far!
Theswordsman 5 years
I wonder if Sigrun will start stress eating or not
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I’m liking where this is going, looks like a serious weight gain is in store for Harley, hope they pump her full of a fattening serum.
Theswordsman 5 years
Are Samantha and Ben married or just dating because their relationship seems serious
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More please
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