the formula

Chapter 1 - meeting

The day it happened, Harry's boss had tried to cut corners, sending him out on his own to fix the industrial heating system of a large hotel in the city. The job was too big for one person and Harry began to feel overwhelmed as he started following heating pipes all around the huge hotel, looking for the cause of the problem. It was nearing the end of the day when he had finally tracked it down to a small pipe in a conference room that was already laid out for some sort of function. Seats prepared in rows looking towards a stage area where the conference would be delivered. It was one of the larger conference rooms and must have been ready for at least two hundred people. Harry sat there, crouched in the corner to the side of the stage, fiddling with a mess of interconnected pipes that had been hidden by a screen due to their unsightliness. He sighed, feeling grateful that it was nearly home time.

As Harry was nearly done, the noise of an excited babble of people became louder and louder when all of a sudden, a huge crowd of women burst into the room. They scrambled and nudged each other to get to the seats at the front and filled up the entire room within less than a minute, each with their eyes firmly fixed to the front stage where a power point was prepared.

Looking between the material of the screen, Harry could see that all of the women were incredibly attractive, every last one of them. Maybe he had accidentally walked in on a modelling convention, but that seemed unlikely somehow. Harry didn't have that sort of luck!

Not one of the women saw Harry was there, all of them seemingly breathless with anticipation, grinning and giggling to each other. One of the women turned around and gasped, causing the others to turn as well. Suddenly the whole room of women were looking behind them, rising to their feet as another women walked in through the double doors slowly and authoritatively, looking straight ahead towards the stage and not making eye contact with any of the other women in the room as they cheered and applauded her arrival.
Harry had forgotten all about his work now, as he sat on his knees behind the screen, watching the lady walk up towards the stage. He had never seen anyone so attractive in his life, even in this room of beautiful women. She was dark haired, with a perfect body, dressed in a figure hugging black dress that accentuated her large breasts and shapely hips. Harry could have packed up his tools and left with plenty of time to get out of the door before they started, but he didn't. He had no intention of leaving so soon.

Harry noticed that the other women seemed just as in love with her, clapping and fawning at the lady on stage. It was then that Harry noticed one of the other beautiful women excitedly lock the only door out of the window-less room, before turning back to clap and cheer at the woman now stood on the stage. Was he really locked in with them? He didn't know how to feel about that. He'd never been in this sort of position before. At twenty five years old, he'd had plenty of girls in the past, but he was slim and lanky; not filling out his work overalls with bulging muscles in the way that the women in here probably expected of their men. Still, he could dream.

The lady on the stage gazed at the room of women, oozing with hypnotic attractiveness and confidence. Then, with a single wave of her hand, she silently commanded the women to sit down and prepare to listen. Each woman did so immediately and had their eyes fixed on her, almost as if they were equally afraid of annoying her as they were in love with her.

The woman surveyed the entire room with a scowl before finally speaking in an irritated voice, pausing before each word. 'You are disgraceful,' she spat, catching Harry off-guard. The women cowered and now couldn't look at her. 'You are good for nothing!' she shouted. 'Everywhere I look, I see slim, scrawny and repulsive men'. She paused and looked across at them all before bellowing, 'Fattening a man one lb a week is no good to me!'

One of the women looked up and shouted ~We will do better. We really promise madam!'

The woman on stage laughed a cruel mocking laugh and stared down at the woman menacingly; 'Better is no good either. I demand maximum results!'

Harry's heartbeat increased. What was this? What was she on about? Fattening up men? For the first time, he felt frightened about getting up and leaving the room and crouched back slightly to be better hidden, even trying to silence his breathing.

'It is time to give up on appetite stimulant brews. No more of them!' shouted the lady.

The women in the room looked around at each other in shock, their mouths open. Harry was just as confused as the rest of them. But, like the other women, he could not stop listening to the woman on the stage.

'For I have created my greatest - magic - formula'. She paused, enjoying the moment and all the women in the room looking up at her in confusion. 'The formula, is the greatest the world has ever seen.' She looked up to the ceiling, seemingly marvelling at her own ingenuity. 'Pure genius', she smiled, contentedly.

The lady lifted a small bottle from her bag and held it out for the other women to see in awe. It was very small and would probably only hold a tablespoon of liquid, appearing to contain an ink blue mixture. 'In this bottle is enough for 1000 doses, with a delay mechanism that prevents it from working until two hours after the victim has taken it.'

She allowed herself a small chuckle at how clever she was and the other women relaxed a little and smiled back at her, excited to learn more. Her sudden change of mood also inspired one of the braver women below to stand up and timidly ask:

'Madam - what does it do?'
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Giantjay 5 years
While I am not usually into magic stories, this one is grounded so well that I am totally entranced! I hope you continue and we get to see what happens to this fellow, and the effect on his life!
Feeder862 5 years
Yeah, it's a re-imagining of that scenario.
Theswordsman 5 years
You got this idea from Roald Dahl's the witches didnt you.