the gluttony of indulgence

Chapter 1

She was in the gym, a 24-year-old super attractive, fit blonde. She's been coming to this gym for years and knows the layout like the back of her hand. She's always been in great shape and prides herself on her discipline and dedication to her workouts.
But today, something is different. She feels a restlessness in her bones, a gnawing hunger that she can’t seem to shake. She brushes it off and starts her usual workout routine, focusing on her form and pushing herself to lift heavier weights.
As she finishes up her final set, she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her eyes linger on her toned abs and sculpted arms, but something else catches her attention. She notices a faint bulge in her stomach, a slight rounding that she’s never seen before.
A wave of panic washes over her as she realizes what’s happening. She’s been overeating lately, indulging in all her favorite foods without any regard for her usual strict diet. It started small, just a few extra bites here and there, but now it’s become a habit that she can’t seem to break.
She tries to push the thought out of her mind and heads to the locker room to change, but as she strips down, she can’t help but notice how her clothes seem to fit a little bit tighter than they used to. Her shorts hug her hips a little more snugly, and her sports bra feels constricting around her chest.
She takes a deep breath and tries to shake off the feeling, but it lingers, growing stronger with each passing moment. She knows she needs to get a handle on this before it spirals out of control, but at the same time, there’s a part of her that’s intrigued by the idea of indulging even more, of letting go and giving into her cravings.
As she drives home, she feels a sense of satisfaction from her workout. But as she gets closer to home, she starts to think about food. She's feeling a bit hungry after her workout, and her mind starts to wander to what she could eat.
But as she drives past her favorite fast food restaurant, her resolve starts to waver. The smell of greasy burgers and fries fills her car, and her stomach growls with hunger. She starts to rationalize that she can just have one burger and a small order of fries. It won't hurt, right?
Before she knows it, she’s in the drive-thru line, ordering a burger, fries, and a soda. As she eats her meal, she feels a sense of comfort and pleasure. The guilt and shame start to fade away, replaced by a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.
She tells herself that she'll start fresh tomorrow, that this was just a one-time slip-up. But deep down, she knows that she'll struggle with this temptation again and again. The pleasure of food is just too strong to resist, and she fears that it will eventually consume her.
The next day, she wakes up feeling a little sore but energized from her workout yesterday. As she goes about her morning routine, she notices subtle changes in her body. Her muscles feel more toned and defined, and she has a little more bounce in her step.
As the day goes on, she starts to feel more and more hungry. She tries to ignore it, but by mid-afternoon, she can't resist the urge to snack. She heads to the break room and grabs a bag of chips, telling herself she'll only eat a few. But as she starts munching away, she finds it hard to stop. Before she knows it, the entire bag is empty.
She feels guilty and ashamed of her lack of self-control, but at the same time, there's a part of her that feels a strange sense of satisfaction. She's always been in control of her body and her cravings, but now it feels like something else is taking over.
As the days go by, she continues to struggle with these conflicting feelings. She finds herself craving more and more food, and she starts to notice subtle changes in her body. Her clothes feel a little tighter, and her stomach feels fuller and rounder.
At first, she tries to resist these changes, but eventually, she starts to give in to her cravings. She starts eating larger portions and indulging in her favorite foods more often. She can feel herself gaining weight, but at the same time, there's a part of her that's enjoying it.
As she continues to indulge in her cravings and give in to her desire for food, she starts to notice some physical changes in her body. Her clothes are starting to feel tighter, and she can see her belly bulging out slightly over her waistband. At first, she tries to resist these changes and push herself to work out harder and eat healthier, but it's like an insatiable hunger is taking over her mind and body.
One day, as she's getting dressed for work, she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and she can't help but feel turned on by what she sees. Her clothes are stretched tight over her softening curves, and her once-flat stomach now protrudes out slightly. She can feel her thighs rubbing together with every step, and the sensation is electric.
As she goes about her day, she finds herself constantly thinking about food and how good it would feel to give in to her cravings. The more she resists, the more turned on she becomes, and she can feel her wetness growing with each passing moment.
Finally, she can't take it anymore. She gives in to her desires and orders an extra-large pizza with all the toppings, along with a side of garlic bread and a pint of ice cream. As she devours the food, she can feel her body expanding and her clothes becoming even tighter.
As she continues to indulge in her cravings, she starts to notice some significant changes happening in her body. Her once-toned stomach is now soft and round, protruding out slightly over her waistband. Her thighs, which used to be lean and muscular, are now thicker and softer to the touch, and she can feel them rub together as she walks. Her butt has also grown larger, and she can feel the weight of it as she sits down.
At first, she feels uncomfortable in her new body, constantly tugging at her clothes and trying to hide her expanding belly. But as the days go by, she begins to feel more confident and even starts to embrace her new curves.
Her appetite also continues to grow, and she finds herself eating larger portions and more frequently. She no longer feels guilty about indulging in her favorite foods, and instead, she savors every bite, enjoying the way the flavors and textures fill her up.
As she continues to gain weight, she notices changes in her personality as well. She feels more confident and empowered, unafraid to take up space and be noticed. She becomes more assertive and self-assured, and her friends and coworkers take notice.
Even her sex life is affected by her newfound gluttony. She finds that she's more turned on by the idea of indulging in food and giving in to her cravings, and the sensation of being full and stuffed is incredibly arousing to her. She notices herself becoming wetter and more aroused as she eats, and she starts to explore this new aspect of her sexuality more and more.
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Z97xud5h 5 months
While it's not bad in concept, it definitely reads like an AI wrote it or at least parts of it.
Fanedfox 5 months
Very well written I really enjoyed it. Her struggle with working out or overeating was a great plot.

Well done!