the godess of gluttony: harold binnger's diary

Chapter 1 - page one

the following annotations are part of the diary found in the house of Professor Harold Binnger, the diary was found in poor condition but with the pages intact, the content of the same are things that border on the fantastic and even unreal, attributed to the madness of the professor, the police have made them public to see if anyone can explain what happened to the professor and if he is kidnapped, that there is a possibility that someone will report his whereabouts.


The content of the diary goes from the normal to the extremely grotesque and abnormal, discretion is recommended when reading, not suitable for sensitive people.

April 4th:

This afternoon an old friend of mine came to the university, he is Dylan, a former student and friend who was in my biology class in college, he is a very smart guy and had the same hobby as me for ufology and when there is time I invite him to play D&D with some friends, but today I noticed him very nervous, we talked for a while and he brought me in two test tubes two strange liquids, one pink and the other yellow, tomorrow I'll do the first analysis, but I'm still worried about Dylan's attitude, he got even more nervous when I asked him about his family, I hope everything is ok at home, although knowing Dylan I'm not so worried about him.

April 5th

I have done the first analysis and it has been something extraordinary, to begin with the two liquids that Dylan brought me are out of the ordinary, when I saw them under the microscope, it was impossible for me to know what I was seeing, it was totally unknown, neither the machines nor anything else in the laboratory showed results, it was as if these substances were not from this world, tomorrow is Saturday, Monday I will test the effect of these liquids on animals, they seem not to be toxic because of the minimum analysis obtained.

April 8th:

This is amazing, I first tested the test tube with the pink liquid that has a consistency similar to liquid butter, I served some to Chuck (my lab rat) and I saw how in seconds the rat increased twice its weight in less than a minute, and this only by putting two drops of this liquid on its food, the poor thing can barely walk now, dragging its belly, and his appetite has grown enormously more than before, as well as his thirst, today I had to change his food and water more than 8 times, I will put a camera on all night, to film Chuck at night and see if there are any adverse effects, now I know why Dylan was nervous, I think some fattening formula for animals, it seems strange that he did not tell me the truth, even so I will let that pass, because this is starting to interest me a lot.
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