the greatest king

Chapter 1

In a distant land far away, ruled King Eustace, beloved by his people and presiding over a prosperous and safe country. The king, once a handsome and muscular man in his youth, had now grown older and his girth had expanded to become a symbol of status. With his seemingly limitless wealth, he indulged in a lavish lifestyle filled with extravagant parties sumpt, rich food, and exquisite wines in his grand castle.

Having lost his wife during childbirth, King Eustace was left with only one heir, his son Reginald. The crown prince, now a handsome young man of eighteen, had spent his formative years exploring the outskirts of the kingdom, honing his physique and training with the armies. Like his father, Reginald possessed a kind and honest heart, endearing him to both the soldiers and the common folk.

By the time Reginald reached the age of twenty-five, news reached the castle of an invasion along the borders. A letter from a loyal servant urged the prince to take action, to defend their land against the impending threat. Concern filled the hearts of all, including the king who wished for his son to remain safe within the castle walls. However, heedless of his father's worries, Reginald left for the borders to face the enemy.

Miraculously, Reginald's skills on the battlefield brought about a victorious outcome. The enemy was vanquished, and the kingdom expanded as its borders grew. In order to maintain peace and prevent further conflict, Reginald pursued unconventional methods. He ensured that the soldiers were kept content with lavish parties, decadent foods, and plentiful wine. Reunions with their families were organized, and training was gradually abandoned. The soldiers grew sluggish and lazy, their once lean and agile bodies slowly succumbing to weight gain. Many opted to leave the army behind. They got a som of money if they would never return to the army.

The defeated king of the infiltrating country approached Reginald with an offer: to marry his daughter and rule alongside her as a united force. King Eustace, mulling over the proposal, ultimately agreed to ally through marriage, unaware of the brewing discontent among certain factions within the kingdom.

Those who opposed the union sought to eliminate the threat posed by the new queen and her influence over King Eustace. Poisoned by these dissenters, the beloved king met his untimely demise. The mantle of rulership fell upon Reginald, who found himself consumed by paranoia. Fearful of falling victim to the same fate, he appointed one of his servants as a royal tester. This young man, burdened with the responsibility of ensuring the king's meals were safe, gradually gained from weight the excessive and constant feasting. Week after week, he required new clothes to accommodate his expanding size.

Reginald himself did not escape the consequences of his sedentary lifestyle. Lacking the time for physical exercise and consumed by the demands of ruling, he too, experienced a steady increase in weight. The court, reveling in the pleasures of extravagant feasts, encouraged this newfound heftiness. Above all, the new queen found solace and delight in the presence of a corpulent king.

As the years passed, Reginald indulged himself to the point of excess. The people adored him more with each passing day, praising his greatness as he continued to grow in size. His wife, ever attentive to his needs, surrounded him with devoted servants who urged him to consume his meals.

After years of uninhibited indulgence, Reginald truly became the greatest king the land had ever known, both in stature and in the love he received from his subjects. The kingdom prospered, its people relishing in the reign of a benevolent, albeit obese, ruler.

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