the greatest pig

chapter 1

I was never a type of thin girls, who always wanted a muscled, soccer team captian. I wanted chubby, big bellied pigs, who can eat all of the food, what I give them.
Today, I've diceded to get out, and go to McDonald's, so I get in the car, and drive to the nearest restaurant. Exceptionally, I went in.
When I was waiting in the line, someone tossed my shoulder. I turned back.
- Hello Angela, long time no see.
It was Roger, my classmate from elementary school. He was always handsome, but time made him more sexy. He got a little, soft belly.
- Oh hi, yeah. How you doing?
I can't take off my eyes from his belly.
- I working here, I'm the head of the team. I just came out, to say hello, and tell you, you look good today, and ask you, how are You?
I think, here I blushed.
- Thank you. Currently, I don't work, I lost my job a few months ago, and...
- I have an empty place for you. Don't you want to work for me? I'm a good boss. And, you can eat what you want, you're my guest, but now I need to go. Here's my number, call me anytime. Bye!
I've couldn't say anything, he left, but he signaled to the seller, that we're acquaintances.
I ordered two cheesbuger menus, and 20 piece McNuggets, but they were not allowed to pay, so I went home.
I ate it all, but I was still hungry a little bit. I thinking about Roger's job offer, so I dialed his number.
He asked me, if I leisure now, could he come over to me? I said yes, of course.
I began to cook as a crazy speed. I made Mac&Chees, and a hole chocolate cake.
I freshened up myself, and I slipped into my favourit dress, but it wasn't fit to me. I didn't belive, I gained! I was disappointed, but turned on from this thought.
I changed to a bigger size dress. The dress is tense on my belly, but I see it sexy.
Someones knocking on the door, so I opened it. It's Roger. He looks amazing: he wear a tight shirt with a black suit, and they're strained on him. There's a huge McDonald's bag in his hand - oh no! I shouldn't have to cook!
- Hey. - he says, and step in my flat, gives me two kisses to my face. - You looks beautiful. I like your belly. - and he stroked it.
- Roger, you looks hungry. I made some Mac&Cheese.
- Alas! I bring you food too. But, I use to eat a lot, so at least, no one will stay hungry.
We went into the kitchen, and I give him a big plate of pasta.
- That's all? Okay than. - and he ate it all in a second.
- Could I have more? - he asked with full of mouth.
I smiled, because I loved that hole thing.
- Yep.
I picked up the pot, I tooked his fork. I put it on the table, and I turned his chair, opposite to mine. I sit close to him.
- Open you mouth. You'll eat it all.
I stroked his tummy. He smiled, and opened it.
It was the way he promised: he ate it all.
- Wow Rog, you can eat a lot. Good job! - and I winked at him.
- You're next. - he said, and he wanted to stood up from the table, but his shirt were so tightly stretched from the growing belly, so it shot down one of the buttons.
- You're a very good feeder, Angie.
- A what?
- Feeder, sweetheart. I thought, you had this fat love, like me. I remember, in school, you hat a boyfriend, called George. First, he wasn't that fat guy, but after he met you, he started to growing. He was about 400 lbs, when you broke up. He became huge, and he was my idol in that case.
- That's true but... I don't know, I always loved to see, how men get bigger and bigger.
- I can be bigger for you. But you need to gain too.
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