the grower.

Chapter 1 - the grower

I was tempted to plug my unpleasant, uncomfortable earphones in just to escape the screeching of the city buzz. All I could do was stand impassively, remain stationary, going nowhere, while the rest of the city bustled with at least some sort of movement in the enshrouding heat of the sun.
My face was nearly stuck in a squint against the sun, nearly set solid; the glare was directly in my eyes. I dug into my pocket and withdrew my phone before sparing it but the briefest glance to glimpse the time of day. Half past five. Five minutes for the bus. Not too bad, so I may as well sit down.
As I unstuck myself from the side panel of the bus stop that I was resting against and turned to move under the shade, amongst the mass of bodies I paid no heed to, a girl that caught my eye emerged. The sunlight caught her eyes at an angle that reflected itself in an azure ring, set in beautiful white eyes, bordered by the longest natural eye lashes I have ever seen. Her golden, tumbling hair was pulled back into a loose pony tail. Her fringe fell round her petite face that housed a delicate nose and a soft, pouting set of lips. As she neared, she met my gaze and regarded me briefly before sitting down, a hint of amusement in her eyes. Did she know I was caught unawares by her sudden beauty, snared like a rabbit?
I thought about diverting my gaze lest she catch me staring, but if she had any intention of looking at me, she didn't show it. I decided against sitting down and resigned to leading on the side panel of the bus stop again to get a better view of this her.
Without her noticing, I watched her. She looked down to rustle in her handbag and beneath her mousy chin, a sliver of double chin formed. I loved a girl with a layer on her. She not-so-subtly readjusted her bra which held, what looked like, two perky B cup breasts inside a designer tight, black shirt. With her legs out and crossed over each other, I could see that they had the curvature that matched that of a sculptor's care. Her upper thighs thickened more, soft as babies skin in the light. This girl seemed to have labored breaths as I watched her sit quietly by herself. I frowned.
The roar of the bus entered my hearing and I straightened to step aboard. I'm not sure if I imagined it or not, but she seemed to bear a hint of amusement in her complexion as I moved past her.
A seat at the rear of the bus - the coolest - met my needs and I let myself drop, un-slinging my bag and forcing a gust of air from my mouth, comfortable at last.
Of all seats in the half-full bus, this girl chose to sit across from me. Un-desiring of awkward stares, I kept my gaze to my phone, dallying around on it, trying to find something to occupy me.
As I was about to insert my earphones, I heard her exhale loudly and settle into her seat more, but I kept my gaze averted.
When I was happy she was fooled that I wasn't interested in looking at her, I chanced a look. I double took, startled.
Eyes closed, she lay half reclined on the seat with her feet on the head rest of the seat in front of her, her hands crossed, resting on her stomach... her stomach which was, more suitably, a pooch. How did I miss it? How did I not see her belly button ring that punctuated her small belly button on her midriff, wrapped in a soft layer of fat, exposed by the shirt that had slid up her belly.
By no means was she fat, but that didn't stop the her small gut from shimmering and jiggling sideways when she drew her hand back to lay on the seat, pulling the shirt further back, exposing more flesh.
A heat flared to life in my core and I felt myself instantly grow hard at the site. I fumbled to cover up the bulge which drew her eyes open. For a split second our gazes met before I quickly shied away. Shit, what a stupid move I made.
The rest of the ride consisted of me fighting to keep my urge to steal glances contained. It was hard, and I was fighting my very will and lust.
I wished I could have lingered, but I needed to get out of sight before any further embarrassment ensued. I filed off the bus and strode down the street.
Before I went far, I felt a small but firm hand grip my arm, ceasing my stride.
I swung around to meet her big eyes and she smirked at my surprise. She bit her lip. "You like it don't you?"
" what?" I stammered, regaining myself.
"This," she gestured to the sliver of her small pot belly that was visible, pinching a pit and absently rolling it in her fingers as she spoke. "Don't lie. I saw you stealing hungry glances ever since you first saw me."
I couldn't reply.
She gazed at me, biting her lip, cocking an eyebrow, "Got spare time?"
"Why do you think? Do I really need to spoon feed you?"
I looked at her underbelly which she still held, pinched in her hands. She nodded briskly, "Yep, that's exactly why."
With loss for any words, she took my by the hand and wordlessly led me two streets to a house.
Once inside, she threw herself onto the couch and said, "Go."
My sexual desires taking over, I ran to her, my member stiff as anything and pulled her shirt off. I swear to God, her belly literally expanded before me, into a more predominant pooch, growing louder and louder in its jiggling as I nearly blew my load there and then. How was I supposed to contain myself?!
I took her gut in my hands, which now had enough depth to sink a whole hand into. I reached behind her and literally ripped the bra off, revealing tits that now rolled off to her sides as she lay there, waiting for me to do something.
I didn't have protection so I had a quick idea. "So you can grow instantly then?"
In response her body grew and then shrunk again.
"Good," I growled. "I'm going to *** your belly button then."
She laughed and pulled me close, rearing open my pants, letting my member fly out. She grabbed it and put the tip up to her belly button and expanded. I felt cool flesh entrap my penis and work its way up my shaft, until her belly was as deep as my penis, her breasts now melons and her ass pillows of un-blemished fat.
Un-able to control myself, I grabbed hold of her soft, flabby sides and proceeded to pound her huge, shaking gut. Before long, the trembling energy in my core lapsed, exploded inwards and then let itself out. I remember nothing else after that.
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Kamina 10 years
This use of magic I approve of. . . highly.
Nok 10 years
lol. its awesome. the last several lines threw me though--I'd forgotten the title portended magic