the growing kingdom

Chapter 1

The Big Kingdom
An idea grows

The year was 2025 and the political landscape in Germany had changed significantly. In Lower Saxony, the Freedom Party had a surprisingly high number in the last elections and received 85 percent approval. The government had failed to respond to the needs of the people of Lower Saxony and the Freedom Party had taken advantage of this.
When the Freedom Party took over the government, everything changed. They began making their own laws and distancing themselves from the federal government. They managed to establish Lower Saxony as its own independent kingdom and named it after the first king: Kingdom Woodwell
The new king was a mannamed Friedrich, who was passionate about research. One day, he and his researchers discovered a breakthrough technology that allowed people to synthesize things using their imagination. This technology was so advanced that it was even able to cure diseases like cancer and neutralize the effects of diseases like obesity.
This meant that obesity no longer had a negative impact on health. In fact, the king himself was a good example - King Friedrich of Woodwell was the fattest man in Germany, but he was proud of it. He wore noble robes that hugged his stomach and presented his immeasurable abundance as a symbol of the prosperity of his people. He was comfortable in his own skin and enjoyed life to the fullest. He had 20 chefs preparing the most delicious dishes for him and he enjoyed eating and drinking for hours. He was the face of plenty in the kingdom and embodied the prosperity that technology had brought.
The people of the Kingdom of Woodwell ate and drank as much as they wanted, and many of them developed very large bellies. Having an abundance of body fat has become a status symbol and a sign of wealth, luck and well-being. People lived life to the fullest and celebrated their abundance. Just like their king.
The Kingdom of Woodwell had become a place of innovation and progress,and the people of the kingdom were happy and healthy. King Friedrich envisioned a world where all people would be happy, healthy, prosperous and affluent. With his technology and generosity, he had realized that vision and led his people to a life of sheer luxury and prosperity.

Soon, the people wanted to immortalize the king with their technology, and after King Friedrich of Woodwell became immortal, the people began to worship him as a kind of god. They saw him as the savior and protector of the kingdom who had bestowed upon them everlasting life and prosperity. Although the king was initially reluctant to accept the gift of immortality, the love and admiration of his people eventually convinced him that it was for the best of all. Nobody wanted to become immortal themselves, since the people could appreciate life in this way. However, the king should stay because the people already loved him too much to let him go.
Although the king was now immortal, he remained true to his duties as king. He gave regular speeches to the people to share his vision and plans for the kingdom and to make the citizens feel heard. His immortal nature gave him the ability to have a long-term vision for the kingdom that extended beyond his own lifetime.

One of his biggest projects was the establishment of educational camps across the kingdom. Volunteer educators were recruited to teach and educate all children from infancy to age 18. The children received a comprehensive education ranging from basic reading and writing to complex economic theory.
Parents visited their children weekly and took them on monthly trips from the age of 5. The king believed that a good education was the key to creating a better society. He wanted to make sureall citizens of his kingdom had a chance to reach their full potential and enjoy the benefits of the endless prosperity he had created.

Thanks to the king's technology, there were no longer any diseases in the kingdom that could cause which could shorten or impair people's lives. Everyone had access to countless spare machines and there was no longer a need to schedule doctor visits or hospital stays. Life in the kingdom was an endless parade of luxury, opulence and abundance.
So the people of the kingdom of Woodwell lived happily ever after, with no money, no exports or imports, but with an immortal king and unlimited wealth. The king was their proud leader who, with his prosperity and abundance, shaped the image of the kingdom and ensured that it would continue to prosper.
The rule of the kingdom of Woodwell grew steadily and eventually King Friedrich of Woodwell conquered all of Germany. The surrounding states rebelled and overthrew their governments to become part of the kingdom. Eventually, the entire country came under the sole rule of King Friedrich.
Despite his power, the king swore to his people that he would always make decisions together with experts and listen to their advice. In front of the camera, he announced that he would never make decisions that would go against the will of the people. But even if he would always listen to the people and the experts, he always retained the sole and supreme decision-making power due to the will of the people.
King Friedrich of Woodwell finally decided that any country that would join him and cede to him their landmass and legal and factual powers should also enjoy the technology. As a result, more and more countries became part of the kingdom and King Friedrich' influence continued to grow.
Despite his unimaginable wealth and immortality, King Friedrich remained loyal to the people and always had the good of the land and its people in mind. He realized that his power and influence would only last as long as he listened to the needs and desires of the people and listened to their advice and expertise. In this way he became one of the greatest and wisest rulers that Germany had ever seen.


People all over Germany were getting fatter because they were inspired by the king and also ate excessively. the citye were expanded to create larger houses and streets so that the fat people could move around better. But that wasn't enough. The people wanted their king to be even bigger and fatter to better represent their needs.
They asked the king to gain 100 kg to reach a weight of 350 kg. The king was enthusiastic about the idea and immediately started to enlarge his castle. He made room for 30 new chefs and more servants to help him grow even more, eat and gain weight. Its existing 20 3 Michelin star chefs were delighted to help and pamper their king.
Thanks to technology, the castle has been enlarged, and the houses and possessions of the citizens have been carefully lined up further back to make room. Technology has made nature healthier and greener, and climate change has decreased. The cooks flocked to help fatten the king, as everyone adored the king.
The technology was also used to make the king's body more stable, making it more beautiful and thick, while maintaining the round shape loved by the people. At the request of the people, a petting day was introduced once every two weeks, on which the people could stroke the king's stomach and be cuddled by him.
The throne room was enlarged to allow a few hundred citizens to dine with the king daily. The king was also filmed live eating and televised. It was also introduced a meal times app so everyone could dine with the king morning, noon and night. The king made a speech every morning at breakfast for those who wanted to indulge in their excessive gluttony with him.
The people were happy and content as they watched the king devour vast amounts every day. The king was on his way to getting bigger and fatter, and the people loved it. Nothing stood in the way of getting the king to his desire to bring greatness.

The kingdom under King Friedrich grows and prospers. The people are getting fatter and wealthier and the king is getting fatter and rounder. The day on which the king reaches the 350 kg mark is celebrated as "Holy Round Belly Night" and goes down in history.

Friedrich carries out his plan to seduce France and it succeeds. The government of France abdicates and renounces its independence to become part of the kingdom. German and English become the national languages of France. The people of France are getting fatter and fatter, but also happier and wealthier. Due to high demand the kingdom introduces an additional device which made people only understand the language they wished thus removing the need for a set language.

Switzerland and Austria also request the Kingdom to join and become part of it. Spain also becomes part of the kingdom. More and more EU countries are leaving the EU and join the Kingdom. By 2050, Norway also joins the kingdom as the last missing state in Europe.

The people celebrate and eat in excess. The average weight increases from 120 kg to 160 kg. The day is registered as an official holiday "Day of Feasting" in honor of the kingdom. The king is idolatrously loved and highly revered throughout Europe. Average weight is becoming a prosperity indicator across the EU.

The people soon begin to ask the king to weigh 500 kg in order to adequately reflect in his figure the land of milk and honey that Europe has now become. Friedrich recalls his own gain from 100kg to 350kg and is excited at the idea of gaining another 150kg. He begins to pull the appropriate strings and make all the preparations to become even fatter and bring even more joy to his people. The kingdom of King Friedrich has become a veritable paradise for those who enjoy food and plenty.

The people of the kingdom of Woodwell now lived in peace and prosperity while the king continued to push his weight limits. The people watched him eat and eat throughout the year in preparation for the next bulbous night. The king finally reached his new target weight of 500 kg and the people were proud of him.

To secure the peace and theStability in Europe, the king erected a weapon indestructible shield that made the kingdom immune to any kind of attack. Europe was now safe and the contented fat people with their contented fat king sat back to eat and drink copiously.

Friedrich severed all import and export ties with other countries as the kingdom of Woodwell functioned without money and all resources could be endlessly created. But that decision had consequences. The US threatened nuclear weapons and Korea attacked directly to secure the shield's technology.

Friedrich reassured his people, declaring that the shield would protect them. Korea launched masses of nuclear weapons to take out Woodwell and secure the technology, but the nuclear missiles were reflected by the smart shield. Korea perished in the explosions of its own nuclear devices.

The people broke out in tumults of happiness and celebrated this happiness."The Day of Mirror Rain" was instituted as a holiday honoring the kingdom's unfettered freedom and security, and was known as the day Korea blew itself up. The king of Woodwell continued to idolize throughout Europe loved and highly revered, and obesity was now fully accepted and valued as an indicator of wealth across the EU. Soon the people began asking the king to gain even more weight in order to weigh 1000 kg. Friedrich recalled his weight gain from 350kg to 500kg and was once again excited by the idea of gaining more. But he had a better one. From now on, he would weigh himself on +Bulge Night and make public how much he had gained weight. Everyone would weigh themselves and would be able to see how much higher the average weight is now. First you weigh yourself in the morning, then the day is spent in gluttony, and finally it ends with the announcement of the annual king weight and annual hive average weight. The people were infinitely delighted with the idea and agreed.

After the Day of the Mirror Rain was declared a holiday, the people of Woodwell continued to live in peace and contentment. Every year in the Round belly night the king measured his weight, and the people did the same to calculate the increase in average weight.

But meanwhile, many people from USA, Australia, Asia and Africa started wanting to go to Woodwell to live in this paradise. The king, however, denied them immigration because he did not want to cut down his people to make room for immigrants.

Military conflicts followed, but Woodwell remained unharmed, since all the military in the world fired on it and suffered heavy losses due to the reflection of projectiles of all kinds. The governments found they could do nothing against King Friedrich. Eventually, all the governments of the world surrendered without Woodwell firing a single shot.

But the continents began to war with each other, and China repeatedly attacked Woodwell. Eventually, China became the first state to be attacked and disarmed by Woodwell.

A global wave of requests for accession to the kingdom followed, and Woodwell expanded exponentially. It now consisted of Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America. The Balkan states remained a threat and were eventually overrun. Peoples resisted the kingdom, and civil wars followed disarmaments. Eventually, these civil wars wiped out many states that refused to join, including the Balkans, China, and surrounding areas and parts of Russia.

Empty cities became remodeled with new technology so as not to commemorate the tragedies. The world population was reduced to five billion and a year of mourning ensued. Despite everything, the people of Woodwell continued to live in peace and contentment, proud that their kingdom was the only invincible nation in the world. Yet still the sting of the lost souls remained with the king crying countless times publicly and apologizing for not knowing how he could’ve safer everyone.

Deserved enjoyment
In the years that followed, the culture of abundance and gluttony spread to the newly joined continents. The world was now protected by a powerful shield that protected it from any threat. And yet there was one person greater and more powerful than anything else in the world - King Friedrich.

On the plump night of the year 2100, Friedrich reached an unbelievable weight of 1000kg. The entire world was proud of the now 99-year-old immortal king, who had managed to establish obesity as an indicator of prosperity. Every adult in the world was now plump and healthy, and King Friedrich of Woodwell was that most idolized human.

There were some people who saw him as a king appointed by God or descended to earth directly from God. Various major religious minds were convinced of Friedrich as a god incarnate and thought that he was so gigantic in size and thickness because he was so powerful as a god.

Scientists considered King Friedrich to be a scientific anomaly, since he built his empire neither by megalomania, nor by coercion, nor by war, but purelybuilt by conviction. They didn't blame him for the victims, since those victims were solely the result of projectile reflections. He himself never initiated an attack that caused physical harm to a human being. Machines and drones which were used always only reflected projectiles.

The kingdom flourished and prospered more and more every day. Friedrich was happy and wanted to stay in office forever and take care of his people.

In his throne room, he leaned back alone in his huge throne, caressing himself his unbelievably powerful beard and his gigantic 1000kg belly, flattered and wonderfully emphasized in noble silk. Stuffed to the limit, Friedrich folded his hands over his fat belly and fell asleep, completely satisfied.full of anticipation for the next day as world ruler.

During his restful sleep, marked by dreams of eating, drinking, and playing video games with his people, the servants acted. They carried their beloved king to his bedem on his royal bed, ready to pamper, mother and coddle their holy, idolized and adored king to immeasurable proportions the next morning. Friedrich knew that for all eternity he would live in heaven on earth and created his own personal paradise for feasting and eating.
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