the gym-rat

Chapter 1

Caleb had just finished his work out routine when he was struck by an insanely handsome man. He was the new guy at the gym, had a very regular body, with the tiniest pot belly, but he was incredibly beautiful. Caleb himself was also a beginner, he had just started to try to get in shape after losing a bunch of weight and he was somewhat beautiful, he was very pale, had green eyes and dark ginger hair. He immediately ran to the man and started to make small talk to him:

- Hey man! -Said Caleb nervously. - How are you doing?
- Hello there! I’m doing great. My name is George. George Norfolk.
- Caleb Byners! Nice to meet you! I saw you just started working out today, so if you need any help or… - Caled stared at the man’s eye- Literally anything else. - He winked
- Oh - George blushed. - I could use a gym pal. You could encourage me to exercise so I lose this stupid belly!
- Can’t see any mistakes in this plan! Maybe I can swing by your house tomorrow and we can work out together! What’s your number?
- Here, let me give it you.

The pair exchanged messages all night long, they had so much to talk about and it was an instant connection. They couldn’t stop talking ever since the day the met and finally, after two weeks, Caleb asked George on a date, they would go watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on Saturday and then go to a nice Italian restaurant at the mall.

Saturday came and Caleb was feeling extremely anxious, George was the most perfect human being he had ever met and he couldn’t afford losing someone like him, specially because he was already 28, and his clock was ticking. To his surprise, everything went really pleasantly, he picked up George at his house, which was a nice suburban house in McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX. They drove to the mall singing and talking about how bad Marvel movies have been since Avangers Endgame and how much excited they were to finally see each other in nice clothes, rather then gym outfits! The movie was incredible, George couldn’t stop talking about how nice the plot was and how beautiful the animation was!

When they got to their table at the Italian restaurant, Caleb was already salivating and imagining how nice it would be to just eat anything from the menu, but he couldn’t, he had to order the salad. The newly fit man assumed his date would also go for the salad, so when the waitress came and asked for their orders, he simply said:

- We are gonna have two Mediterranean salads with steak! - Caled was trying to impress his date by ordering something fancy and healthy!
- Oh… not for me! - George bluntly said - I will have the cappelletti with pesto sauce, the rolled beef with bacon and some garlic bread!
- Gotcha! - The waitress smiled - I’m gonna bring your food in a few minutes!

Caleb was mesmerized, that is exactly what he would have ordered if not having to be in a restrictive diet to lose weight.

- Man, what you order is like, my to go meal here. I wish I could order it, but I need to lose weight
- Ha! Weekend’s calories doesn’t count! Eat to your heart desires!
- Hahaha I wish I could! But not everyone has your mindset!
- That is true! I guess that’s what made me gain this stupid belly in the first place… maybe I shouldn’t have ordered that
- Oh no! Don’t worry handsome, we will burn it off on Monday! But it’s nice to see you are so chill about eating, I always get overwhelmed with the possibility of gaining weight again.
- That’s the difference between us, you used to be a really big guy, I used to be a jock until my last semester of college. My mindset still hasn’t adapted to my new life as a engineer, I’m not a volleyball player anymore.
- Still, I think it’s healthy to not go through so many diets and methods to lose weight only to keep failing.
- How did you lose so much weight?
- I starved myself a lot, I used to eat only 1.5 thousand calories a day and work out like a mad man. Today I’m back to a healthy amount, but I can’t stay out of my diet for a single meal, otherwise I start sweating and getting anxious.
- That sucks man, hopefully I can help you with this.

As soon as George said that, the food arrived. He stopped talking and immediately started devouring his cappelletti with pesto sauce. The smell went straight to Caleb’s nostrils and he could feel all the flavors. The food looked delicious and watching George eat that fearlessly made Caleb want his date to eat even more so he could smell all the flavors he wished he could have been eating. It was a strange sensation, and to make things worst, as soon as George was done eating all of his food, Caleb felt relaxed, like he had eaten a big and hearty meal. He absolutely loved that.

- Did you enjoy the meal? - Caled asked with sparkles in his eyes?
- I really did, it tasted delicious! I could have something sweet to be honest, but we will have more opportunities to get something sweet!
- Oh no! Not at all! - Caleb realized he had been craving brownies for quite a few times, and since he couldn’t eat them, he thought it would be good if someone could - Maybe you can come back to my place and I can bake you some brownies! Does that sound great?
- It absolutely does *buuurp* - George blushed - Caleb I am so sorry, this was such a terrible behavior, I promise you I’m not like this!
- Don’t worry man, it’s totally okay. - Little did George know Caleb’s dick was now absurdly hard and he was almost leaking precum. - Shall we go?
- Yes!

After dinner, they went to Caleb’s apartment and George sat on a stool while Caleb started baking the brownies, they talked about everything imaginable and couldn’t stop laughing. Caleb was enjoying himself so much he didn’t pay attention to the portions, and instead of reducing the portion to only one serving, he made enough brownies for a family of four. When they were done baking, he laid them on a nice tray and brought it to the living room, where George was setting up Disney +, for them to watch Avangers Endgame.

- Caleb… There’s no way I can eat all of this? - George looked scared.
- This is your fault! You shouldn’t have distracted me so much by your beauty while I was baking!
- Oh please forgive me for committing such a crime against humanity! Can I see my family before being arrested?
- You are so silly - Their eyes meet with passion and the pair kissed passionately, caressing each other’s body and burning with desire.

Once the movie started, George started eating the brownies while Caleb leaned over his shoulder, gently caressing his date’s belly. Not even thirty minutes later, the entire tray was gone, and George looked surprisingly proud while Caleb was so excited to smell the freshly baked brownies again.

- Will there be another date? - Asked Caleb eagerly waiting for this response.
- Of course there will be! You are lucky I just don’t sell my house and go live with you!
- I wouldn’t be opposed to that….
- Don’t tease me, I will do it. Well, I better be going….
- Ha, that was the greatest joke you told me all night.

Caleb turned into a wild animal and jumped on George’s lap, kissing him so fearlessly George couldn’t do much but rub his almost boyfriend’s butt. They fucked until sunrise.
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