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chapter 1




This was the sound of the front door of a lovely suburban neighborhood house being opened as a real estate agent would have the honor of being the very first to introduce the even lovelier recently wed couple to their brand new home.

"Ahh, here we are, Mr. and Mrs. Maheswaran, I'd like to welcome you, to your perfect dream home!" The peppy sounding real estate agent would announce in a very grandiose fashion stepping into the front hallway of such a refined and lavish looking house interior, much to the husband's impressed and approving whistle, but to the wife's somewhat skeptical gaze.

"Well, as lovely as the house looks, is it a bit too early to call it our 'perfect dream home' so soon? This is only our first time looking inside." Priya would say sounding as unconvinced as ever, her thin, dainty fingers running through her curly, wavy dark brown hair deep in thought.

"As opposed to this being our 10th time looking at it from the outside, around the neighborhood, and the town around the neighborhood." Her husband, Jashin, would offer back as a rather smart remark, earning the much taller man a good swift jab against the side of his ribs from his wife's swift elbow which only made him laugh even more at her utter embarrassment.

"Yeah, but we still don't know everything about this neighborhood, and the last thing I want to do is pour all our savings in this house when complete total weirdos and potentially dangerous strangers could be prowling about. That's why I was hoping, as an expert of the area, you could tell us anything we should be weary about? Anything at all?" Priya would ask, shifting her gaze back at the agent as if actually hoping her hunch was correct and there was at least one thing hidden just underneath the surface underneath this seemingly perfect neighborhood.

"Oh! No, no, no, trust me m'am. I can assure you, there is nothing to worry about, I chose this neighborhood specifically just for nice couples like you. It has everything you could ask for, friendly family having folks, a police officer who lives right down the street, even a neighborhood watch program to promote extra security for the area. In my opinion, this place is second to Fort Knox, top notch!"

"Yeah Priya, the lady knows what she's talking about this place looks absolutely perfect for us." Jashin would soon interject, wanting to put his own thoughts on the table by consulting with his wife for a moment more, taking the time to place and rub his hands against her shoulders to really connect on an emotional level which was something the usually happy go lucky man would only do when he was being serious about an important subject. "Besides, aren't you tired of bouncing from place to place? You know it isn't healthy, especially for the baby."

With that stated, the married couple would share a gaze with Priya's belly, a taut and round orb just underneath her baby blue material blouse greatly contrasting her otherwise tall and lanky frame and build, as if all her body fat had been condensed around her belly like a perfectly smooth skin tight bubble. With a soft smirk Priya would let both her hands rest and rub against the sides of her pregnant belly, able to feel the soft yet distinct movements of their unborn child growing inside. And like a therapeutic stress ball Jashin would almost always find Priya rubbing her hands constantly rubbing against it whenever her thoughts started to race as if whenever there was the smallest amount of tension or uncertainty in the air, having been engraved as part of her personality at this point.

"Mm, maybe you're right. All this extra stress I'm putting myself through, and I'm not even considering the baby. I'm sorry, I'll try to be more positive from now on." Priya would finally say, lifting her gaze up so she could meet his.

"I'm really happy to hear that," Jashin would say with a breathless sigh, ecstatic the long awaited end to their house hunting journey has finally come. "And hey, you wanna know something?"

"Mm, what would that be?"

"...I really lucked out when I met you~"

With those sweet, tender words alone Priya was seduced into pulling him closer and planting her lips hard against his in a loving embrace. Frankly, with the influx of hormonal urges from her progressing pregnancy, lately it has become rather easy to make her extra frisky with him with just a push of the right button, sending her fingers running up the back of his neck and through his short jet black hair as their tongues did a divine dance in front of the agent, who had to clear her throat aloud to get their attention.

"Okay, okay, let's reel it back in you love birds~" the agent would chirp, waving her hand to confirm she has their attention once again. "You can get started on the happy nest building once we get all this boring, old paperwork out of the way. Sound good?"

"Right, no problem, in fact leave the paperwork to me." Jashin would say, walking over to accept the required paperwork from the agent and making his way towards the living room area, but not without his voice calling out to his wife." Priya, why don't you go stretch your legs around the place and unwind, honey."

"Oh, that actually sounds like a good idea, that four hour car ride across state has got my back aching way more than usual. Also, I can see where I can put my future gardening, oh and maybe a nice patio set too..." Priya would answer back, practically getting a flood of decorative designing ideas in her mind already.
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